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  1. Hello Gentlemen, Another idea...sorry. As usual thoughts, opinions and tweaks are encouraged. Yet again, my target is to remove the single ship spam, which is, 25 1st rates vs 25 1st rates or 25 Agamemnons v 25 Agamemnons. The game needs battles with ship diversity, which unforunately is not happening as people are recognising the best ships and building large amounts of those. In such games as Rocket League or Guild wars 2, when crafting or obtaining new items, there is a certain amount of luck involved. In guild wars 2 for example, you have the mystic well (or
  2. It's fair to say there are very few commodores / flag captains who would take their 1st rate in a port battle right? I'm saying that EVERY current Rear admiral, as well as new ones would be subject to a demotion if their efficiency points drop below a certain point. Historically a schooner, even a frigate would never EVER, go anywhere near a battle of line ships, they would get absolutely obliterated just from one broadside. As you say later in your reply, the smaller ships need to be utilised differently, either harrassing some of the SOLs from a distance, engaging
  3. Gentlemen, glad to see the ship still floats, I've been peeking in from time to time on the status of Naval Action. I've been silently willing certain patches and changes to take effect, which sadly have not, despite the really nice work/patches the devs have implemented thus far. One of the primary reasons I'm delaying any sort of return to the game is a problem that has existed since we made the transition from sea trials into open world Naval Action. 1st rates, and the non existance of squadron diversity. The game has been a 1st rate clustertruck since the beginning and I canno
  4. Agreed, Nash is definitely the best Fleet commander the dutch nation has.
  5. Great post Ragor. Hit the nail on the head. Similar situation. I told him directly It wasn't even that I was angry at him, I just felt sorry, and pity for him being the way he is. He of course, retorted with screaming, cursing, swearing and general QQing. So the teamspeak banhammer came down. Pellasgos. Above is the most productive, constructive post we've seen so far. If that isn't a wake up call then I dunno what is. (Beware the THE PELLA-PUTDOWN #4)
  6. It happened gents: THE PELLA-PUTDOWN #3 So just to clarify, and i'm only stating facts here: Two people thus far, in this single thread, have likened Pellasgos to the greatest tyrant and deluded psycopath of all time? And he tries to laugh it off? There's a hint somewhere buddy.
  7. What can I say. Close to home, is close to heart
  8. Here we go gents: THE PELLA-PUTDOWN #2 I'm glad so many people hating you is an achievement! 150 years? Whoa whoa whoa. As tyrants go, you have some competition buddy. I know one other hated individual you may get on with, and he's only made it 71 years! ---------------------------------------------- I'm just...I can't I'm coming back daily to about 6 likes per post. You have 0. is that not, the simplest way of judging whether you're winning an argument or not? Let me just requote two people who hopefulyl will wake you up: Nash - Btw pell, you have fall pretty deep since
  9. That screenshot. Oh dear haha THE PELLA-PUTDOWNS #1 Now. Because I'm not longer playing the game, but have decided to help out the dutch council as much as possible. I'm just gonna have some fun updating the Pella-Wiki. I have quoted multiple people from this very topic in the interests of education, i hope they don't mind: Bubbles - we in DAS were wondering what substance you used to inflate your ego. Air or nitrogen? I personally think it is nitrogen, cus your kinda toxic. Stephan_Decanteur - Pellasgos, I don't care if you are our ally or not, you are better than this... Don't
  10. Could have used this being the 1st reply of this thread
  11. I can't handle this Just to summarise this thread: Pellsagos tries to bait people into expressing their dislike for him. About 30 people do so, most from his own nation He claims the moral victory What? Usually if 2 people have a problem with me, I take a step back and look in the mirror. But 30?! I'm dead.. :lol:xD
  12. Buddy, my remark wasn't a joke or intended insult. I've met many characters, and dealt with a online friend for example who has autism. It's not fair to judge someone by the same standards if they do indeed suffer from some sort of disability. I've spent enough time with Pellasgos to know his behaviour isn't what you'd class as normal, and it was intended as a completely serious question. If he doesn't wish to disclose that, it's perfectly acceptable. Perhaps my slightly annoyed opening of that post gave you the wrong perception, apologies. PS. To Pellsagos. Whilst you're insults ar
  13. I'd advise taking everything Pellasgos says with a colossal pinch of salt. One example. Both he and I lead battles a month or two back, he ends up losing about 8 1st rates. I sink 14 1st rates and lose only 4. He then proceeds by blaming me for HIM...well...sucking. I kid you not, i timed 35 minutes of him swearing, cussing, calling me a F**king noob, a C**T. ALL the swear words I ended up banning him from the public Teamspeak after several warnings to calm down. He then continued his rant for another 20 minutes or so in nation chat. Pellasgos, i dunno whether you suffer from som
  14. Looking at this, obviously there is a grudge or two between you, and i'd suggest what was exchanged in game chat would have something to do with that. They have their community and you have yours like you say. His problem is that your community is much larger, and will probably end up making off the table, teamspeak made alliances or non aggression pacts which he, and some others don't agree to. I'd suggest mending broken bridges because hate only breeds revolt, and we all saw how difficult the swedes were to talk to when their nation was expericing a civil war.
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