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  1. The moment where economy really matters also first line means something...
  2. All fine but this ? Really ? Admin please read it again and again and again. Maybe you will understand why this is wrong ... More popluated nation will have less crew and less populated nation will have more crew ? More populated nation should have more crew and should be not problem with this. I know your idea. You tries push people to switch nation and join to nation where is a less people, but this is not fair for the players. We spend on this game a lot of time and thanks to people like me nations become stronger and stronger. Why becouse of this new mechanic which is trying make a
  3. Nice improvements. About many of them i talked a few times and said that exactly something like you propose need to be done Keep your work on this direction !
  4. Please think about it again. In my opinion if you do something like this, in port battle will be a lot of random players which don't play with team, don't follow orders or stop being part of line. People start focus on doing dmg in battle because everyone wanna become a Lord Protector. Probably it kills a team play, and team strategy. Probably it will be the moment when i stop play this game. In my opinion when the battle will be over, should be a possibility (only for the players which participate in this battle) to put vote on one of them. Person who gather most points is chosen to becom
  5. Really bad news You don't have to lose time to read national news and other not important sub forums. Just let moderator do theirs job and keep discuss on good way. Focus on " suggestion" and others more important subforum. Lock "national news" subforum is not an option. This game live, because of this part of forum. Without this people could felt like playing in hmm boring game... But is just my opinion. I think, that like always you chose a best option for all
  6. This is not true. After situation with France, we are much more experienced and much, much more organized as nation like we were before it happened. So don't worry
  7. Really nice to hear it from You! I know that our fights are not everytime best, but always in battle and after battle i see just a good words from the most of our and your players Keep fight in that way and have a fun tomorrow. Cheers !
  8. Yea i wana replay to Abuu, but it could be also to you. When we bring French clans to push you back ? We didn't even talk with them about you... And about outnumber you 10:1 You know that befeore decide to come here. So now please do not use this as argument. Thanks for the good game and see you in next battle
  9. @eklipz I said "some of our ports" - It doesn't mean that all of them. You are trying tell to everyone, that we have all our ports back, because was without defenders. This is not true. The truth is that we have most of them, but not all. We have our ports back, because our people work very hard and keeps attacking you every time. By the way, you captured Fort Zoutman, because your attack was when most of people in our nation sleep. You as the Swedish also should sleep. But you bring here your biggest ships and attack with much higher battle rating. The same things was with many our port
  10. Abuu You know very well how you did it, so please stop lying. You had some our ports, because was without defenders. If was different, please show me a screenshots or stop cheat others people on forum...
  11. @eklipz This screenshots only confirmed that in port battle as defender better is avoid the fight and keep battle rating than take a fight. You running away all time and won this battle. It's only a prove, that this game need a lot of improvements.
  12. In my opinion should be something like "War Zones" like on screenshot. War Zones bring more people to defend and attack, because they can gather honour points which can be exchanged in Admiralty Port. For example - special pvp ranks, better upgrades or even additional life on ships. At this moment defenders are losing time and got nothing from participating in a port battle. My idea works only if port battle system will be changed. Attackers should buy a flag one day before events starts (can sails with a flag only when timers are opened). Thanks to this improvements people can do a import
  13. But you said that You are better in PB than We are. Like you see on the screenshot you are not better. I know that one week ago we lose one or two port battle in same way. But like i said our nation as nation was really broken, and we were not ready for fight because on west and east was our alliance. Your attack on us was totally incalculable. We respect You as a good PvP players, so please do not trying change our opinion about You Btw You have some our ports, because yours attack on Us was prepared and You come here on much better ships than we had at this time. Many port you got
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