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  1. did you attack normal NPC or Elite NPC ? Elite NPC can be very hard to board if you have less crew than it or just have slighty more crew than it
  2. Higher insurance when you lose a ship in combat, like not that high again, but just a bit more. Maybe something like 500k for a 1st rate, 400 for second rate, 300 for 3rd rate, 200 for a 4th rate and 100 k for a 5th rate and 50k for a 6th rate and and maybe 10k for a 7th rate. It doesnt have to be like my numbers but it would be nice to get a bit more back, but 500k for a 1st rate with 5 upgrades on and 5 port bonuses and then go down if it doesn't have upgrades on.
  3. My proposal: Rockets, Like the congreve rockets that was used to bombard Copenhagen in 1807. It could either be used for a new type of Tower/fort. This type of weapon get's ships and sails. There is a ship that could carry this type of weapons, The HMS Erebus, so it could also be used for a ship, so there is a counterpart to the Mortar Brig.
  4. We are hereby Recruiting Danish sailors and sailors from Danish Allied countries to regain strength to secure our Waters and do trading VGK is a Clan that has been around since 2016 and has been gaining members rather Quick before and after Havoc left the Danish nation. If you play casual, am a pvp'er or hardcore naval action player you will find VGK being a good place for you to be. We are a active Clan and do alot of Clan stuff for those Who wants that. Newcomers/newstarters are also more than welcome to join our ranks and get the needed help to get good at the
  5. HI all who are reading this topic. I want to tell you all, how a day from my point of view is during a day online in the Denmark-Norway nation There are 3 big clans that is ''friends'' and think they are the rulers of the nation (Denmark-Norway). If I or any other that is not following their treaties and so on they wont even show us a little bit of respect and give us a reply that is friendly. They wont tell any besides their clans about port battles they are planing or are going to do. They don't want the support from the rest of the nation as they see us as ''newbies or noobs
  6. it's hard to even write pm to people if they wont listen anyway. I know what fox2run is going through, that happened to my mentor Eirik Raude. they didn't like his ideas too. The bigger clans have to accept that smaller clans that is run and fighting independented also want to know about the diplomacy and so on. But as long as they just don't listen and making fun of us it's not gonna happen. And he has the right to write about this topic here and what he is experiencing in-game, because it's the same I experience
  7. Danmark-Norge (Denmark-Norway) North Atlantic Treaty Organizti [NATO] Admiral Gerding Admiral Gerding languages: danish, english, a little bit of german and norwegian
  8. Hi fellow sailors that sails under the danish flag. My name is ingame and on the forum Admiral Gerding and I want to tell you about a clan that is not like a regular one My mentor in the game Eirik raude created a clan that based on that we are a independent clan. If you want to know what we have to offer as a clan here are some excamples: -we are free to do what we will, other clans want be that much in control of us, but we respect what the other clans make of deals with other nations -NATO is a defensive clan, but joins port battles if requested, with that said other major c
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