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  1. Why is the Wreker unknown and why is the status not confirmed, because u said in the plans for 2020 that it would be a crafted ship
  2. She is one Look at the big VoC (R) at the stern the R in this context is for the city were the ship is sailing for which is Rotterdam. VOC had multiple seats across the coast
  3. Wait what 2 Dutchies, i got 2 questions about it. 1: Which variation of the Wreker will be in game the pre-refit 80 gun or the refitted 90 gun? 2: Could you explain the Rotterdam indiaman refit? What does this package contain? Bigger hold, Shallow water travel, more guns?
  4. Well i left it running the whole night and it just finished downloading
  5. Well as the topic states the game doens't want to download for some reason and this is the only thing i have this is what i got later
  6. @admin is there an ETA on a Dutch warship/merchantman?
  7. Sorry, can i get proper acquistation for the this case. Because i have a hard time understanding what the problem is with diplomacy and saying completly opposite things. Also people are allowed to player with alts, but not farming them....
  8. yeah those are conquearble ports...... so don't complain and deal with it Greetz a Dutchie
  9. I think so long your crafting guns and upgrade. You should also get Xp for getting crafting repairs.
  10. Well delivery missions are fine but the profit on trading goods are at best around 10 to 20% profit in a short to medium range and only with very long like half a day of sailing you get around 50% profit
  11. @admin How about The Wreker haven't heard that ship in a while
  12. *Cough* Oh look the 7 Provinciën near Chatham and look at the bonfire a little bit upstream
  13. Well done on making the map imbalanced...... Slow clap Welcome to the Russian zerg and Russian Cancer. By making nations stick to a certain area you forgot one VERY BIG mistake. THE NON CAPITAL NATIONS........ They can spread like hello kittying Cancer. Same goes for the other Non-capital nations
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