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  1. @admin How about The Wreker haven't heard that ship in a while
  2. *Cough* Oh look the 7 Provinciën near Chatham and look at the bonfire a little bit upstream
  3. Well done on making the map imbalanced...... Slow clap Welcome to the Russian zerg and Russian Cancer. By making nations stick to a certain area you forgot one VERY BIG mistake. THE NON CAPITAL NATIONS........ They can spread like hello kittying Cancer. Same goes for the other Non-capital nations
  4. I still have a few more fishing ship maybe in time i will be doing a part 2
  5. And there are more good dutch 24-36 onedeck fregates with 9 pounders
  6. Would also love to see the 2 stripe Dutch and also some of the admirality flags like of Zeeland or Amsterdam. Since the 3 stripe is mainly used for the Admiral
  7. Blue for sure it is more light and also doesn't look that bad or anything apocalyptic
  8. Double flips laugh my ass of that, being triple or quadrupple flipped is even more fun so don't cry and be happy with your fights you get then we talk later
  9. The impossible screening fight, video will follow by the infamous Tacticus Total loss 15 Russian ships and 8 Swedish were lost in this battle. Good game and well played in the battle nice and clean see you next time Russians
  10. This is weatherreporter Piet J. Noob from the Swedish northern weatheroberservationship the Troposphere. We are here in the sunny Caribean mainly on in Hispaniola in the town Higuey. Current weatherforcast has been revised thanks to new information from my Swedish collegeaus. The weather will be a very gentle 24° celcius with a warm late summer breeze on the Beaufort of 3 to 4. The nights can be a bit chiller but still a very comfortable 15° celcius. And the rest of the week seems to be a bit of the same but i will keep you updated Sorry for the wrong information earlier about the Winter it seems that somebody accidental or intentional gave pickle the Against the Wind the wrong letters which were destined for Sundsvall instead of Higuey. Again sorry for the misinformation Keep in mind the weather has a mind of its own
  11. Btw @Captain Reverse just rewatched your stream the best moment of the PB at Baní i find was this: 225de85c2d9895ddd6f0920162ab9b3a.mp4 on the stream 3:55.00
  12. For some reason is ee a quite a lot of American or Brittish ships, why not some 68 gun Dutch merchantman or a very good 64 Venetian ships
  13. That ship has been proposed but won't come in for a simple reason the too late in service and lying up in ordinary aka in reserve is not good enough since when they are in those states they tend to have small guns from reserve or no guns at all including proper ballasting and such. Yes they are made all on the 1815 mark but they all went in service way beyond the timeline otherwise we could better get in some moniters and armored ships and such and be done
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