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  1. No i dont use that workspace. I am currently a Windows 10 CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Gpu : AMD RX 5700 Challenger 8gb 16 gb of ram, Ripjaws i have tried to run in Windowed lowest in both normal and admin mode it still doesnt work. Also in windows 7 compatibility
  2. I am trying to start up the game via the launcher its seems to auto crash on me and only allows me to see 1 second of ingame screen even in windowed mode it does the same
  3. you are already the most overused thing in this thread! so therefor most irrelevant
  4. not only that some ships even bigger guns whilst historicly they didn't have them The Wreker has a converted to british pound 39.5/34/13.5 pound
  5. @admin why does the ingame Ruyter have 9pdr whilst the original design was with dutch 12pdr?
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