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  1. May I share with you my thoughts on this idea? As a filthy casual player who left after the mega patch on may 2017 (or something like that), I just came back a month ago with one of my friends to give this beautiful game a second chance. During that month, we grinded in order to be able to craft ourselves SoL. In fact, we are about to craft our firsts Santissima and L'Ocean this weekend. My point is that it took us more than a month to be able to get there, even after buying the DLC that grants more building slots... For us, casual players, SoL still are something unique that we don't want to lose! If the idea is to make SoL rare even for hardcore players who can play countless hours a day, it then means that the idea is indirectly to make it impossible for casual players to sail those ships. And please, don't tell me I can just join a big clan, simply because I don't want to involve myself too much in the game. I don't want to have to log in at a specified time to do a PB. I mean, for me, it's a video game, not an alternate life. I respect those who play a lot, making the community of this game awesome, but for me, it's just not what I want. Making SoL harder to get, by making them more expensive or by raising their maintenance cost, isn't what I would call a good idea for the casual players on the verge of giving up. I mean, I don't have the time and energy to grind (let say 5 hours) to be able to sail my ship once in a while. I get the idea that the majority of you wants to reduce their numbers in OW and RVR to make the game more realistic. You're actually right! On the other hand, I don't think this game is intended to be realistic. I mean, what the f*** is Russia or Poland (and many other) nations doing in the Carribeans anyway? If you want to make the game realistic, make it realistic all the way. If, by reading this, you are telling yourself "P*** off, you sh***! Leave the game and stop crying, we don't care!", then you're not helping the game keeping it's population high enough so that some PVP can happen. I mean, there's other options. Some good ones have been shared, like buffing upgrades, etc. Thank you, and sorry for my bad toungue.
  2. Is this table still up to date? Thank you,
  3. That's exactly the situation for me and 3 friends of mine. We gave up on OW. The only reason why I'm still wandering on the forum is to get some infos on NA Legends. I truly believe in the potential of NA Legends, but if my (not that high) expectations aren't met, I fear I will just give up NA completely. I fear that day might come soon enough.
  4. I agree with you. Maybe we can implement something that would give xp based on damage done to sails, masts, crew, etc. to take into account each class roles?
  5. Howdy! Regarding this : I know it might be too soon to start talking about new ideas for game modes since the game isn't released yet, but I want to propose a mode where you have to escort and protect a merchant fleet (controlled by NPC or players?). I truly am sorry if this idea is already proposed, but it came to my mind while reading about the Glorious First of June (See : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glorious_First_of_June). Essentially, this battle opposed Britain and France where France did a "suicide" mission to protect a convoy of grains heading to french ports. Even though the French lost 7 ships, they managed to give enough time for the merchants to reach french ports. Consequently, both Britain and France considered it as a victory, a tactical one for the British since they sanked and captured 7 ships and a strategic one for the French since they secure by ending the famine on land. What I find interesting on this subject for Naval Action Legend is to see players fighting over that kind of objective. This kind of game mode would give every ship class a use. For example, 6th and 5th rates could have a strategic use for chasing the merchants while the 1st and 2nd rates would be left behind fighting each other in the back. This would leave room for tactical choice for both sides before the battle having to choose who will play in 6th or 1st rates. Like I said, it's just a proposition and I know you guys have many other things to consider for NA Legends, but I just wanted to share this idea with you ! Good day, Fritz Hermann
  6. The truth has been spoken! Please devs, I beg you to take the time to actually listen to your respected veterans like Sir Tiedemann and Liquicity. If even the hardcore players say the game is at the moment too much, I fear you will lose the few veterans players who actually try to make other players stay on the game. If they lose hope, I truly believe others will as well. Try to keep in mind the words of Helen Keller : "Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope [...].". For instance, the unrewarding PVP system and the high cost of harvesting resources are enough to undermine our optimism.
  7. I'm all sympathy with you. Even veterans players left the game. About your point 3, the first thing that comes to my mind is the use of alts. I don't remember if it was tested before, but giving immunity to low levels might be abused by alts account.
  8. Totally agree with you on that! Totally disagree with you on that one though! Why making people pay for in-game features when your game is already 40 USD in alpha stage? If you add microtransactions to this game, I'm sure you will make many people angry. In psychology and economics, the "prospect theory" states that when you remove something from somebody, you make them angry. You already took the paints away from us (for testing and developpement issues and I understand that) which is subject to making us angry, but if you reintroduce them in a "microtransaction way", you might loose the respect we have for you (if any left after patch 10).
  9. What about reinforcements for the defender? If the defender get dragged into combat and the BR is matched out, his friends won't be able to get in to help?
  10. Howdy! I would like to have more informations about this project. I truly believe in the potential of this game and I am more than excited to see it done! So, here are few questions I have: Do you have any idea when it could be available? What about the closed beta, have you guys started yet? If so, can we have a glance of what it looks like? Matchmaking : What can we expect? 2vs2 up to 25vs25? Nations with specific ships, or every ships available for every nations? Battle rating based? Rate restrictions? For example, can we see a team with 1 2nd rate and 3 4th rate, or will it be a battle of 1000 BR with the possibilities to take any ships of any rates as long as the BR is respected? I have many more questions, but I can't remembre them right now. Please, let me know if you have any more informations. Thank you, Fritz Hermann
  11. I kind of like your idea. Pros : I think it could enhance PVP since hunters from different nations might want to camp outside those areas. Seeing each others might lead them to PVP against each other. Cons : On the other hand, it can become a huge ganking contest. Traders might not even use those teleports. The system could then be totally useless. But I don't know. It's just my impressions.
  12. Hey all, I just wanted to know if there's a topic somewhere on the forum explaining in details what "sea trials" or "legends" is about. Is it a lobby you join from your capital port or is it a place on the map you have to go to participate in pvp? I mean, I have no idea what are the features of this game mode. Thank you and keep up the good work! Hermann
  13. That's exactly what happened to my friends and I. We used to be in love with that game. Spent countless hours playing and enjoying it. But, after the mega patch, something bad happened : It became a grinding fest and for us, casual players, it was no good news. We then tried to stick around and revive the love we used to feel about the game. The therapy we went true did some good, but it couldn't help. We had to face the changes and do the once unthinkable : To leave it there on our steam inventory. We are still keeping in touch though, taking news from time to time by taking a look at the forum. Yet, we know it's just a formality. The love is dead for good. The good news for us is that we found another another game to love! The bad news in that is that we are probably not the only players who left, and sooner or later, there might be more to leave.
  14. I like your idea. It makes me think of the redeemables (ships and paintings) we had after participating in PBs. I don't know if the same mechanics could be used in PVPs though. As for the 10 % drop, I don't think it will actually do what it is intended to do. Those farming alts account would probably continue doing so, while those doing real PVP will get bored if they know they only have 1 out of 10 chance to gain something from their PVP battles.
  15. Ok. I think we got it. You are good, and we suck. New players suck too. But, if we suck and it takes us many hours to even get another ship after sinking, we will never have the patience to practice our skills in battle. We'll just give up and go play another game, like EVE (even though I don't know what is that game...). We will also tell our friends not to buy that game. They might tell that to other friends, and so on... The point is : Yeah, there's multiple ways to make money and all, we know that. But the way the game is going makes new players and casual players leave. With less people on board, PVP can only go lower...
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