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  1. She is a beauty. I haven't been around much, but seeing those screenshots made me feel a bit of temptation to play NA again.
  2. Do we know which Rotterdam we're getting? Threedecks.org lists like 21 ships with that name, including quite a few which sound like they'd be about the size I'd expect a "combat Indiaman" to be.
  3. Right, I've updated the thread for the upcoming HMS Leopard, Le Redoubtable, and HMS Implacable (which I've listed as a French ship, because it was originally French). It's always nice to see that more ships are coming.
  4. I wasn't expecting our Temeraire to be flush-decked, myself. But hey, whatever works. It's a cool-looking model.
  5. Ah, just like the 'Pray' feature, then. Will we get chat bans for speculating about what it does?
  6. So far, I guess I've been listing ships by who built them. I'm content to keep it that way, at least for now.
  7. Updated, thanks! Are the Constitution and United States both in the game now? And are we getting a reworked Surprise, then? I haven't kept up with everything that's been announced. Also, whatever happened to the Santa Cecilia?
  8. So much for not having to sail far from a friendly port to find something to fight. As someone who hates spending much time fruitlessly sailing around the open world, waiting for my ship to get from A to B or for an enemy ship to appear, it looks like missions, and maybe the areas around free towns, could be the only reliable options left, unless I get lucky and find a spot were lots of AI frigates tend to hang out... In other words, this sounds like one more reason for me to not play this game, because now I'll be even less likely to find something to fight than before.
  9. Oh wow, that's amazing. I'm so looking forward to seeing that ship ingame.
  10. Being able to attack merchant convoys (trader + escort traders, and perhaps a frigate or two to guard them) would be cool, for sure.
  11. The Shipyard is the place for discussing individual ships in detail: Come on down, it could use some discussion to liven the place up a bit.
  12. Wait, is this a new ship in development?
  13. I doubt they'll stop adding new ships once the game releases. In fact, didn't they say a while ago that they weren't sure about adding any new ships before release?
  14. Good to know it's not just me that has trouble with them. They seem to be a pain in the neck. Great images, though. And great posts. I've been reading a few of your posts in this thread; they're very well made.
  15. Wait, are you the same Wind who used to post lots of blueprints on here, like a couple of years ago?
  16. That could really piss people off, though. The people who keep getting set on fire by the rockets, I mean. I'm reminded of artillery in WoT, only with these you'd have the extra torment of seeing all those rockets coming for you.
  17. Which country built the Hercules? I've looked at the Wikipedia page for "Hercules (ship)", and the only ships listed there that fit the bill are a French 38-gunner from the mid-1600s and an Argentinian "frigate that served as flagship of the second Argentine squadron during the Independence War". I'm assuming this is the Argentinian one? Was she originally a Spanish ship, then?
  18. I forgot about that picture. Seeing it again, though... wow.
  19. This. Also, don't forget Diana (1792, Spanish 32-gun frigate). Also, the Patch 23 Announcement thread revealed the Hercules frigate as well. There was a xebec seen in the background of a WIP screenshot that the devs posted ages ago, but AFAIK we haven't heard much, if anything, about it since then.
  20. Well, on second thought, buying a 3rd rate for real money would be easier than trying to find a crafted one for sale, so maybe a premium 3rd rate wouldn't be so bad.
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