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  1. No sorry, this is a realistic game, if you want unrealistic buffs or nerfs to make cruisers or destroyers at the same level of a battleship you should play at World of Warships, in real life a cruiser or a destroyer are inferior to a battleship, the game is called "UA: Dreadnought" for a reason, the other types of ships are secondary, moreover, a WW2 battleship has a superior accuracy than an old Dreadnought thanks to the radar and the modern Fire Control System, which is correct and this must not change.
  2. No it is the opposite, it is a nerf for secondary guns to buff the main guns, the Japanese opted for the biggest guns available for the Yamato, it is not a question of perspective
  3. Sorry but why is there a nerf for small guns? We want realistic rates of fire for both big and small guns, not a "rebalance", we don't want unrealistic balances in this game, I don't understand the need for artificial balancing in this game, it's not even a multiplayer
  4. The purpose of this game is to create warships, it is not an historical game, if it is technically possible to create 18 inch quadruple turrets why not
  5. Just because you are comparing 2 different projectiles, this is not a fair comparison, in reality the British 15 inch has more explosive than the 16 inch Mk 8 super heavy but has much less penetration, in this game the design of the projectiles is standardized, the 16 inch Mk 8 super heavy has more explosive and more penetration than the lighter predecessor 16 inch Mk 5 (15.2 kg vs 18.55 kg of explosive), this is a fair comparison The British 15 inch Mark XXIIb APC looks more like a semi-armor piercing than an armor piercing, it has too much explosive
  6. I don't think so, because in the "The modern battleship" mission all the technologies are unlocked and the triple turrets are still less accurate and have slower reload than the single turrets
  7. Single gun turrets have the same accuracy as multiple gun turrets because the multiple gun turrets have a delayed firing mechanism for each gun to ensure that the recoil of each gun does not interfere with the other.
  8. I think that this game should aim to be as realistic as possible, there are too many unrealistic arcade aspects, such as the long reload times of the guns, reduced accuracy/range by using enhanced/automatic reload, single gun turrets that are more accurate and have faster reload than triple turrets etc.etc., this game has the potential to become a great game and the realism is the way, this is my suggestion and I believe many people think the same thing, I hope the developers will follow this suggestion, thanks.
  9. The Des Moines was the first warship to have autoloaders for its guns, before that there were no autoloaders
  10. I've just discovered that in reality all the autoloaders for warships can reload at any angle, for example the 8"/55 (20.3 cm) RF Mark 16 of the Des Moines class has always a fire rate of 10 rounds per minute (6 seconds) indipendently from the angle
  11. Even manual loading requires barrels to be lowered, because the breech must be aligned with the loading mechanism to reload the guns, anyway the maximum range depends by the maximum gun elevation and it is the same for both manual and automatic loading systems in reality, an autoloader is simply better than a manual mechanism, except that it costs more and is heavier than a manual system. 16"/50 caliber Mark 7 gun
  12. It is not ok even for multiplayer because the reload of the cannons is very slow even with the autoloader, it is not real, not even in WOWS is like that, however the multiplayer is considered but it isn't a confirmed feature
  13. Why does the enhanced/automatic gun reload reduce accuracy and range? In real life only the weight and the cost increase with an autoloader, accuracy and range are not reduced, I think that this game should be more realistic rather than arcade, avoiding situations like this.
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