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  1. Hey ragnar, are you still alive? :D

  2. thank you sir...... as I said before the decision to build this ship was mine and only because she is my favourite 32 gun frigate... but her name is HMS Hermione ..... I suppose she should be called "the black ship" rather than "the bloody Hermione" though
  3. The decision to build this ship was entirely mine! it has nothing to do with pleasing anyone except me, she is my favourite 12 pdr 32 gun frigate and has an interesting history! She did serve in both Spanish and British navies and I for one fail to see what is wrong with the introduction of such a ship as this. In Spanish service she carried more guns and crew than she had done in British service . As for not calling her Hermione so people do not confuse her with the French L'hermione one starts with a H and the other with an L, and there were many ships with similar names to one anothe
  4. I shall send you the full plans in HD on the moderators tavern if you like Mr Wind
  5. And Mr Wind should you need any plans please dont hesitate to ask!!! I am more than happy to help. I have many hundreds of ship plans... many of them very good quality
  6. part of the plans i have... had to shrink them they are 19mb a page lol
  7. Mr wind sir i do have the plans for this vessel... I also have a half finished 3d model of the ship
  8. Inkompetent, on 25 May 2016 - 03:58 AM, said: that is not a boarder!!!! this is a sailor "in the chains swinging the lead" he is taking soundings with a lead line!!!!...... however you are right that boarding actions were conducted by the sailors themselves... all naval vessels carried marines... ( i think marines mod should go the way of the dodo) a portion of your ships company should always be comprised of a party of marines,who should be firing their muskets from the bullwarks and tops at enemy vessels... also why should marines give a gunnery penalty in the royal navy certain guns wer
  9. Good luck in your new role as pirates gentlemen!! I have been away from the game for some weeks so and am still catching up on the inter clan politics that have caused your shift to the black flag... Im sure you would not have taken such a decision lightly! I wish you fair winds lads!
  10. the new damage model is great... its the boarding system that is broken... boarding mods are op
  11. I am British and very proud of Britain's History!!!!
  12. i like that.... very much like a British Seppings stern... gonna have to find out more about this ship
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