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  1. Hey ragnar, are you still alive? :D

  2. I shall send you the full plans in HD on the moderators tavern if you like Mr Wind
  3. And Mr Wind should you need any plans please dont hesitate to ask!!! I am more than happy to help. I have many hundreds of ship plans... many of them very good quality
  4. part of the plans i have... had to shrink them they are 19mb a page lol
  5. Mr wind sir i do have the plans for this vessel... I also have a half finished 3d model of the ship
  6. the hull of this ship is identical to that of the farquharson ( which i have built and has been posted to the forum) the only difference is the stern galleries http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9565-farquharson-largest-most-well-armed-and-very-fast-merchant-ship-3d-model/
  7. this ship has a name.... "three sisters" she is English and part of a small class of merchant ships built for trade in the west indies .... one of her sisters was converted to a whaler..... i for one would love to see this westindia trader in game
  8. For a vessel such as this the tris count would be 40k max... 26k max for a "small vessel" like the cutter or navy brig. p.s looks very nice stephan.. please keep us updated sir?
  9. ahhhhhh yes sorry Mr Mirones! Yes Farquharson and Glatton were both" regular ships", the only difference being that Farquharson is larger with slightly more guns. Simple answer would be to put it in game as "regular ship" and allow you to fit her with an all carronade armament like the glatton, since several "regular ships" were bought from "the east india company " by the royal navy
  10. Sorry mr mirones but i do think this would be an unsatisfactory answer! would it not be better to build a 3 deck 90... I believe that such a thing as trying to convert a merchant ship to look or act like a 2nd rate would spoil the look and feel of the game far better to build something like this to my mind
  11. Indeed but not all of chapmans plans are of Swedish vessels... he toured Europe collecting ship designs
  12. the talks of a ceasefire were infact started by the dutch!! i was approached by a pfk member who wanted to talk ... it was not a ruse on our part we were willing to talk... but it seemed Das wanted nothing to do with such a deal!!! so please do not spread such lies and rumors gentlemen... i find these lies very offensive indeed... especially since it was me who was asked by the pfk member to talk. this is a personal attack against my honor!! I am not a liar or cheat!! If you want to attack me then do it with your guns!!!
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