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  1. I must be becoming emotionally dead. The ship I voted for, and believed long overdue for implementation into the game, the Temeraire, made it after all, despite getting clobbered in the polls. What's more, I've long considered 3rd rates to be one of the most under-represented rates in the game, and now we have not one, but three new 3rd rates in development. And yet all I made was one little post the other day. Here, here's a proper response: Pop that champagne!
  2. Right, I've updated the OP to include the results of the 2017 poll, despite almost effing the whole thing up somehow. That could've been bad, lol.
  3. Wow! Three ships got chosen after all. That's really great.
  4. Apologies if this is a stupid question, but why do we need another superfrigate? We have a number of heavy frigates already...
  5. Wilhelmina? The Wilhelmina has 6 votes lol. Even third place (the Temeraire) has 52...
  6. I see the Temeraire's basically doomed at this point. Dammit.
  7. If the devs have said a ship's in development, I have no reason to doubt that it'll (eventually) be added to the game. However, it has generally taken them ages to add each ship. The ships themselves take time to make and implement into the game, and there have been a lot of other aspects of the game that have also required the devs' attention as well. I don't know the exact amount of time that most ships spend in development, but from what I've seen, over a year between a ship's announcement and its implementation into the game doesn't sound out of the ordinary.
  8. Maybe people figure the Temeraire's bound to be added by the devs eventually, so their votes are better spent on getting a less well-known ship into the game.
  9. *Arvenski breaks out his "List of ships ingame" thread* Counting 5th and 6th rates, there are 20 frigates in the game now. We know the Diana's in development, and there's still that Xebec and Kepler from ages ago that may or may not get ingame someday. Compare that to just two 3rd rates, one of which is a generic, less-decorated version of the other. The Bucentuare and Pavel are similar enough to 3rd rates that we may as well count them, too, just for the heck of it, but that's still only 4 ships. Two years ago, we heard that there were two more 3rd rates and two more 2nd rates in develop
  10. Bloody hell. Look at Montanes go. (Sorry, couldn't get get the computer to type the tilde.) Wreker, too. Looks like the Temeraire's in trouble already...
  11. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310 The 2016 poll thread was closed in April of that year. According to Steam Charts, the average number of people ingame during that month was 1359. In the last 30 days, the average has been 455. While you don't need to be active ingame to be active on the forums, I'd guess that we'll have fewer voters this time around.
  12. 1861 is way out of the game's timeline, I'm afraid, unless things have changed while I've been away.
  13. We're really, really short on 3rd rates, if you ask me. I pretty quickly narrowed it down to the Temeraire and the Montañes classes for me, but it wasn't totally easy for me to choose between the two. The Montañes-class is the sort of lovely underdog ship that people should vote for to help it get ingame, IMO, but the Temeraire-class was a very influential design which I feel has been noticeably absent from the game. If the devs were to come out and say that they were already working on a Temeraire, I'd switch my vote to the Montañes. As things are, though, my vote's for the Temeraire: it's ti
  14. Chuliki, maybe edit (as in, slim down) that quote a bit? It's kinda annoying to have to scroll through all that again, when I've already seen it at the beginning of the topic. Also, galleons (and probably race-built galleons, too; I don't know much about them), the Mary Rose, and Sovereign of the Seas are all too old for this game. I believe the oldest ship currently in the game is the Ingermanland, from 1715. I don't remember the exact cutoff date that the devs have said, but I don't think they want to go much earlier than that.
  15. I haven't been around enough to hear much of anything. If anybody else has seen some news lately, I'd like to hear about it, too.
  16. Updated for Indefatigable and Endymion. You can repay me by providing screenshots of the new ships; I've waited for ages to see the Indefatigable in-game.
  17. I know of absolutely no details being mentioned about them. Maybe someone else has read something that I haven't, but you'd think if that was the case, people would be talking about it. All I know is Admin said that one time that there were two 3rd rates in development.
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