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  1. That really blunt bow takes away from her appearance, though, if you ask me...
  2. I'm with Otto Kohl here. I see where you're coming from, OP, but let's not do that.
  3. Kickstarters for ships now? Could this be a hint of some financial difficulties the devs are having? Also, please don't remove missions. They and "small battles" are really the only things that keeps me coming back to this game.
  4. Disable all the guns on one side. Then the gunners will go to the remaining guns.
  5. I haven't been around enough to hear much of anything. If anybody else has seen some news lately, I'd like to hear about it, too.
  6. Updated for Indefatigable and Endymion. You can repay me by providing screenshots of the new ships; I've waited for ages to see the Indefatigable in-game.
  7. Just sticking my head in here to shamelessly promote my thread on upcoming ships, the link for which is below in my signature. Now, I'll leave again before the galleon/fluyt debate starts again.
  8. The devs will probably release her... for 200 Facebook likes.
  9. Not really. I've never gotten into trading or crafting, delivery quests will at least give people more to do but aren't very exciting in and of themselves, I don't know enough of how rookie zones will affect non-rookies to really have an opinion there, and RoE and combat mechanics get changed all the time. On the other hand, people probably already consider me to be a jaded, no-fun bastard, so you should probably just ignore me.
  10. When I only used Steam for a couple of games, it was annoying to have that extra program to deal with. Now, I have a bunch of games on Steam, and I like it. Not only does it keep a bunch of my games organized, but I can buy games through the same program, easily install mods, chat with friends, etc. I only get the verification crap when I try to log in through my browser, which is annoying, but I don't do that very often.
  11. I know of absolutely no details being mentioned about them. Maybe someone else has read something that I haven't, but you'd think if that was the case, people would be talking about it. All I know is Admin said that one time that there were two 3rd rates in development.
  12. You gotta learn how to use manual sails and tack (turn through a headwind). Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it.
  13. While I can understand why you don't want people returning fire when they're attacked by a friendly (because if both players report each other, how will you know who fired first?), I think some solution or loophole needs to be made in order to allow people to defend themselves. This is for two reasons: 1.) It's an instinctive reaction to fight back when you're attacked. People are going to do it, especially if they haven't been on the forum and haven't read this rule, or even if they have and just forgot in the heat of the moment. I don't believe these people should be punished for a situation
  14. Just grow a thicker skin, and welcome to the internet. You can find things to be offended about all over the place, but only if you choose to let them offend you. It's not like he called you the N-word or something blatantly racist like that. He didn't even curse at you. In fact, you cursed at him, and then got upset that the moderators didn't punish him for it. Ugh.
  15. Huh. In one of my Darthmod Empire: Total War campaigns,playing as Venice, Fama was the name of a 3rd Rate that was the flagship for my longest-serving admiral. I got pretty fond of her, to be honest.
  16. What the hell? Hmm. I think I'm going to wait until we hear more about the Christian VII before I change how she's listed.
  17. What do I want to see with the September update? The devs not making themselves looks like Gaijin Entertainment wannabes again when it comes to PR and forum/game moderation...
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