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  1. We're really, really short on 3rd rates, if you ask me. I pretty quickly narrowed it down to the Temeraire and the Montañes classes for me, but it wasn't totally easy for me to choose between the two. The Montañes-class is the sort of lovely underdog ship that people should vote for to help it get ingame, IMO, but the Temeraire-class was a very influential design which I feel has been noticeably absent from the game. If the devs were to come out and say that they were already working on a Temeraire, I'd switch my vote to the Montañes. As things are, though, my vote's for the Temeraire: it's time we had one of them ingame. I'll be happy to see either one of them win, though.
  2. Chuliki, maybe edit (as in, slim down) that quote a bit? It's kinda annoying to have to scroll through all that again, when I've already seen it at the beginning of the topic. Also, galleons (and probably race-built galleons, too; I don't know much about them), the Mary Rose, and Sovereign of the Seas are all too old for this game. I believe the oldest ship currently in the game is the Ingermanland, from 1715. I don't remember the exact cutoff date that the devs have said, but I don't think they want to go much earlier than that.
  3. That's assuming that anyone speaks your language in your nation's chat, or that any of your few remaining active clanmates are online at the same times as you....
  4. Admittedly, that's what a lot of us thought about regular Naval Action a couple of years ago, isn't it?
  5. Wait, this is a thing? Holy shit Okay, you've got me looking forward to playing some Naval Action again, which is a feeling I wasn't expecting to feel again anytime soon. This seems like a great idea.
  6. @Topic: I'm not saying for sure that this is how it'll be, but the phrase "dead on arrival" comes to mind, doesn't it?
  7. Any plans for more varied weather in battles?
  8. That really blunt bow takes away from her appearance, though, if you ask me...
  9. I'm with Otto Kohl here. I see where you're coming from, OP, but let's not do that.
  10. Kickstarters for ships now? Could this be a hint of some financial difficulties the devs are having? Also, please don't remove missions. They and "small battles" are really the only things that keeps me coming back to this game.
  11. Disable all the guns on one side. Then the gunners will go to the remaining guns.
  12. I haven't been around enough to hear much of anything. If anybody else has seen some news lately, I'd like to hear about it, too.
  13. Updated for Indefatigable and Endymion. You can repay me by providing screenshots of the new ships; I've waited for ages to see the Indefatigable in-game.
  14. Just sticking my head in here to shamelessly promote my thread on upcoming ships, the link for which is below in my signature. Now, I'll leave again before the galleon/fluyt debate starts again.
  15. The devs will probably release her... for 200 Facebook likes.
  16. So instead of Naval Action, you'd prefer Naval... Inaction?
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