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Ned Loe

Old buildings, ports and 17-18 century plans...

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Vauban's fortifications - 1685, Belle-Île-en-Mer, South Brittany



Oh man how I love Star Forts.


I can take some good photos this year of Fort Ticonderoga and probably a dozen buildings in Boston and Portsmouth, NH. I do American War for Independence reenacting, so I'm around those places a lot.

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   (Only now I've noticed that I've posted this on the Shipyard by mistake, instead of the History forum, I'm sorry, fell free to move it!)



Not ships but they equivalent on land, some time ago I've visited the Bertioga fort in the SW cost of Brazil, took some pics, so decided to share in here, and some other pictures from the internet of general portuguese forts in Brazil...



  Most of them we're built in the late 16th century, but their modern design is from modifications made in the 18th century:







Sadly, the remaining equipment is not in the best conditions... And these cannons are probably from the 19th century, installed after the independence...









   Forte Do Brum:  








Forte Orange:



A surviving cannon in the Orange:






For me this is the most interesting, it shows the simplicity of those fortifications, going against that general hollywood idea that we have:











These forts we're in general garrisoned by less than 20 men, and all of them turned obsolete around 1840, though the Brazillian army still garrisoned most of them until the early 20th century.


The ones from the NE coast of Brazil were the ones that saw most actions, on the Duch and Portuguese colonial wars.




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I only can see the last link of hole in the ground's post so I don't know what is in the other two.

I am about to visit Portsmouth and the Isle of Wright and I'll take pictures and post them here.

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The legend of the top says:

Campaign Vice Admiral Comte d'Estaing in America, commanding a squadron of 12 ships and 4 frigates, exit Toulon April 13, 1778.


The legend at the bottom says:

Boston United States capital of North America, seen from the harbor named Kings Road.




Map of Boston in 1722



Coast Yorktown in Boston in ???



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Not sure if this has been started previously, i tried to do a search but Forts is spread in various posts. I think it would be cool to have it all in one post.


Christiansværn (exterior):


Fort Frederik (exterior):


Christiansværn (interior):


Fort Frederik (interior):


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