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  1. I personally think you guys should spend some time learning C++ and other gaming programming languages and write your own. :)
  2. That sounds truly wonderful! Looking forward to the patch. Thank you.
  3. Congrats! And Welcome to CWUG!
  4. 64 bit being the latest technology can always read down, or earlier instructions. 32 bit being older cannot read up on instructions that are not defined by its architecture.
  5. You should probably look at lowering those numbers to around 4 - 6 ... as neither army in any theater had more than 300 cannon. 300 may actually be the number of artillerists, but that's not the way the artillery units count numbers.
  6. On Windows 10, right click the speaker icon in the lower right of your task bar. There should be an option to troubleshoot sound issues. The option for playback devices should list all your available sound outputs. Clicking on the device that's checked will allow the "Properties" bar to become available, clicking on that will provide more information regarding your system. Also in the lower right is an up carat (^) left clicking that will provide a box full of icons, you should be able to locate another speaker type icon, mousing over that will display your sound system, (mine
  7. You might want to re-think this. Johnston was wounded in the battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks, day two, (June 1st 1862.) Davis appointed Maj Gen Gustavus Smith, Johnston's second in command, to manage the Army. That lasted a whole day when Smith did a whole lot of nothing to follow up the Fair Oaks/Seven Pines battle. On June 2nd Davis appointed Robert E Lee in command and he immediately took to living in the field. He was a field commander from the first of his appointment. His field headquarters are all plainly indicated in all battles from the day he was given command. Those ba
  8. Refresh the game files from Steam.
  9. Not so much "a lack of interest" as it is, this group was very active during the design phase of the game, but I've now noticed that since it's gone "finished" the activity on this site, and likely with the game, has slowed quite a bit. That said, I have just finished a campaign and didn't want to implement your mods/changes in the middle of what I was doing. I think if you can reply to @Aetius with as much information as requested it would / could help others to understand as well. Frankly, myself, I'm a realism kinda guy, I would love to recreate battles as they happened with
  10. Be careful, do not confuse two different ammunitions as one or the same. Canister did not require an internal charge as Case did. There are limits when it is appropriate to use one or the other. And while there are stories (reports,) out there where in desperate situations, fusing were removed from Case, there are inherent danger in doing so.
  11. Time to go buy a new computer with a new O.S. I run Windows 10 Pro with absolutely no issues. (in game or otherwise.)
  12. OKay so apparently I've been going about this all ass-backwards ... I thought I read that you had to select the "consort" first, then the "elite" second ...
  13. @ariete XP is no longer supported O.S. by Microsoft. I also suspect that the game does not support XP either based on your comments.
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