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TDA Map: Route Planner [NEW], WebApp, & In-Game Version available


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Web Version
Required for use: Google Chrome
Website:  http://tdamap.com Website by Obiquiet.

Inspiration:  West Indies Atlas, 1775  A New General Chart of the West Indies, 1789


Game Version (Replace the default in game map with the TDA map)
Revision 37121 CleanOWProd - June 27, 2017 Patch


Route/time Planner for every ship




Accurate Map of the


Commissioned by THE DECATUR ARMADA


Improved and Engraved






 Lt. JG. Oliver Hazard Perry

LT. JG. Foghorne


Special Thanks to Adm. Northern Wolves, LiC. Young, Cmdr. Tommy Shelby, Cpt. DazednConfused, Vadm. Leviathan, Lt. Cmdr. David Hawkins, Cpt. Raatha, Cmdr. LTCRet, AOTF. Saintduiex, Cpt. Chustler


Thank you to Obiquiet and Oliver Hazard Perry for all the coding and back end work they have done.  Thank you to Tom Pullings for mapping the Eastern Florida Coast and Trinidad. Thank you to Young for "How To" videos.


This map was created prior to there being a map in game and was created from thousands and thousands of f11 coordinates.  The map itself is a fairly accurate land representation of what is actually in game.  I have essentially created my own map projection for Game Lab's Naval Action World.  In many places, the teeny tiny "islands" that are barely the size of your first rate are even represented. Be aware that this is still a WIP.  Some Islands like Cuba, Inagua, Turks and Caicos, and Jamaica need to be redone either because they were the first places I mapped before I had my system down or they were changed by Game Labs.  This is a very time consuming process so it will take me a considerable amount of time to finish.  I have worked on this for 2 years now and put over 250 hours into it and another 50 hours on previous tools and development concerning the map.  Obi and Oliver and others have also spent countless hours on mapping and exploration related projects.  
Size of map:  5000px by 3200px

Preview WIP versions so you can follow our progress
http://tdamap.com (Port Map)  Chrome Only.  See the (i) icon at the upper right for instructions/known issues
http://namap.neocities.org/ (magnifying glass).  Works with Chrome, Firefox, IE.



Update 2/7/16

New style:





Two forms will be present:
Port Map
Designed and Coded by M. CMDT. ObiQuiet, based off of the port data compiled by the Decatur Armada Bureau of Science and Exploration. This map is really cool, Obi has done an amazing job with it.  You can place down navigation lines.

Map with Magnifying glass
Plain Image of my map with a movable magnifying glass.  Press middle mouse button to place down navigation and distance lines (takes a bit to process).  The image of the map is large (25mb) and takes awhile to load because it is hosted by neocities.

 Click below for old images


(Old Poster, recruitment is currently closed) Original image coloring is by Game-Labs of an image found in an old atlas










Southern side of Cuba is not fully accurate yet.


Edited by Prater
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Why so dirty the base texture? I had seen old charts scanned and the paper is pretty clean and near grey-white after 250 years. This map looks like it was been in a fire and stained with wine and cafe.


I see we had choose the same brown colour for the lands.

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Why so dirty the base texture? I had seen old charts scanned and the paper is pretty clean and near grey-white after 250 years. This map looks like it was been in a fire and stained with wine and cafe.


I see we had choose the same brown colour for the lands.



I know that, but that is not how I have chosen to display my map.

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And actually, here is the color inspiration for my map.  However, my photoshop skills are limited:




However, there are plenty of examples that are more like the colors in my map here:



such as this one and many others like it







And my personal favorites:





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Ok, it is a aesthetic choise. All that examples are very old maps and is normal the wear and tear after 250 years, but in the time sure the paper was, not pure white, but very clear. Sorry for the criticism, I only wanted to be constructive with a colleague map maker.



Like our Captains and Crews, our Maps take part in Grand Adventures on the High Seas.   They do NOT sit ashore, never going to sea.


My captains and me go to high seas too, but we only use new and updated maps and take care of this important things like our military and naval traditions require. Not purchased in the first drunken and dirty geographer found in the first seedy tavern. If our captains or crew shows the neglect and abandonment in so important stuff, they will be punished appropiately.

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Well, they load on other broswers, however, my magnifying glass doesn't look right in Firefox for some reason, and I can't get Obi's map to zoom in Firefox.  I may be able to come up with another solution for the magnifying glass.


The main thing is, that you can access these maps through steam while in game.  Hit shift-tab to bring up steam overlay, then click on web browser, and then type in the website name and there you go.  Steam browser is basically like chrome (might even be a version of chrome).

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Here is the interactive map:




For the best view, make sure you zoom in with the scroll wheel, and drag the map around (Chrome required).  As soon as the Chrome zoom/pan is fine-tuned, we'll enable that for Firefox too.


This uses an in-progress version of Prater's Map.  The areas still to be drawn are blacked out, and will be updated when he releases updates.


No doubt there are some issues with the map controls, window sizes, etc., see the (i) icon at the upper right for those that we know of.

Edited by M.Cmdt. ObiQuiet
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Added previews of our project.  Obi's port map is really cool.  For now black "fog of war" to hide areas I haven't completed/aren't presentable yet.





Good bye Mexico:




Also, 1-2 months release time for Gulf of Mexico, US Coast, Bahama's, Greater and Lesser Antilles might be a little too ambitious.  I think it will take me at least 1 month to finish the gulf and at least another month to finish the US Coast, Bahamas, and the Antilles.

Edited by Prater
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Obi and I have made some improvements.


Navigation tools have been added to the magnification glass page (chrome required).  Place down navigation lines anywhere you want.  Distances are shown in increments of 100km.  (Your knots value is km per minute)


I have optimized how I gather my data.  It should allow me to be quicker and gather a lot more points.


This map is the 2nd version of my map (the 1st version was only released to TDA leadership).  The above optimization should allow me to make a 3rd version that is 2-3x larger.  I plan to do this after I finish this version.  This is months and months and months down the road (2016).


TDA has decided that once I finish v2, that we will do a combined effort of mapping port entrances with a high level of detail.  So perhaps we will eventually have it where when you click on one of the ports a detailed map of the port entrance with shallows comes up.


Also, I obviously won't make the estimated release date of September 11 for everything except South America.  Estimated release date is now 2-3 months away.

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Because of the in game map I was able to do away with the Fog of War and put in a place holder for most of the map.  If there is no outline, that area has not been done and it is just a placeholder.  The in game map is not accurate on details.  Siegfried had offered me to use his map as a placeholder but his is on a different scale.  I noticed the in game map was on the same scale as mine and I was able to create a placeholder easily.  Ports have not yet been updated with patch changes.  

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I used the ingame map for placeholder some minor shoals I didn't discover yet in my map. The way I done was capturing a screen of the map ingame, creating a layer with it and 50% transparency and drawing over. For scale you can change the size using selection tool and knowed isles and landmarks to match and you have a good accurate map.

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