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  1. "A bunch". 3?? Out of how many thousands of users? Perhaps you should focus less on your "rights" and more on being respectful to your fellow forumers and the staff/developers.
  2. What are you even talking about? These are Game Labs private forums, not a US government controlled/funded property. There are no free speech rights on private property - these forums. The owner of the property can ask that you stop or be removed at any time. If you want to use the forums, you have to agree to follow the rules.
  3. Cheap is my middle....oh wait, it's Hazard. Never mind.
  4. Ahh, so it's table scraps and bowing and scraping to Master Vicious eh? A sad, sad end to a once proud and defiant people. May your chains rest lightly on your necks and the whips fall softly on your backs.
  5. One might think that riches and progression in rank are isolated to those who run missions, interdicting small vessels off of our shores, but one would be mistaken. Mr. Merrill has the right of it! Defending the poor people of the Bahamas, and indeed our own countrymen on the East Coast is of imperative importance, and in that defense I believe every Captain would be quite pleased with his opportunities for wealth and advancement in rank. The Pirates are strong, but if we hammer them again and again, I firmly believe that we can reduce them to a heap of squabbling, infighting rubble. Set s
  6. I will say that USS Viper did pull a few of those scurrilous dogs out of the water, however, they did not long survive their rescue having been run up the yardarm in short order. The counter tagging at Road Rocks was very prettily done, however Viper and her consorts, upon realizing they could not get to the true battle in time, made short work of two pirate Brigs who had the audacity to get in the way. Free trade and sailors' rights! Long live the Republic.
  7. I was nowhere near Havana harassing new folks yesterday, personally, I deplore such actions and, unless I'm attacked by one or witness them harassing our own mission runners, I leave them alone. So long as Spain calls the correct, normal use of port timers "exploits", there is not much more to say I suppose. Good hunting gentlemen.
  8. So, it's basically pride and martyrdom? That the Developers are going to wipe everything and "fix the timers"? No plans at this time to be frank. You are being offered the ability to play the game. To have a good-sized set of allies to help you hold Cuba and your territories. To have fun. If you don't take it simply to "force the developers to make a change", you're going to be sorely disappointed. I'm not here to represent the American faction and rub sand in your face, I'm simply here to point out that you're being offered a playable game for the immediate future by some folk
  9. I ran into a couple of FTS up at Sunbury today attempting to harass United States mission runners. The first ran from my Privateer after I gave him helluva mauling, and then ran again from myself and Captain Gambi in his Niagara (I utterly failed to execute the tag correctly and he was well out of range at match start). While chasing him down, we came across a friend of his, the dastardly Vanoiress. True to form, when Vanoiress tagged me, his "friend" put his sails down and didn't come to aid his compatriot. I ran him down, chaining his sails to ensure my compatriot could catch up, and
  10. So you're completely unable to defend your assertions? Calling everyone else elitist for daring to demand the developers get their due reward for making such a great game? Threatening to start a negative comment campaign to damage the game's reputation? That's pretty telling sir. Also for your fun? So you're admitting to trolling?
  11. I'll bite. As someone who has, maybe, 2-3 hours a week to play (I'm about as casual as you get), please explain to me how requiring either one character per server, or multiple characters that must all be members of one nation but share a single crafting pool, benefit only hard core gamers. Please also explain how this will drive off players who would have otherwise purchased their own copy of the game. Please explain why you think you are entitled to have more than one player play the game, with all functions independently, without paying the developers, who are relying on this game to put
  12. So let me see, if they don't allow multiple players per account, they're going to lose business? Whose business, those who wouldn't have paid anyways??
  13. I fully support multiple characters as long as they share the crafting resources time pool, and are all the same nation at all times. I think there's still some room (especially via the Delivery system) for exploitative behavior there, but it's limited. I do object to this idea that multiple people want to share an account and have unlimited run of the features.
  14. The software is buy once, play forever. That changes the overall structure of accounts to some degree, as compared to a monthly subscription or F2P setup. Let's look at the two major use cases here: Case 1 - An entire family shares a single Steam account, on a single PC. Dad, brother, sister. It's pretty simple to say - "If you want to share an account, you'll need to set some ground rules. You're all going to share a nation (and if one of you messes up, there's going to be a black flag flying over all of you), you're all going to share crafting time, but at least everyone gets to
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