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TDA Map: Route Planner [NEW], WebApp, & In-Game Version available


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51 minutes ago, Prater said:

I use Beta 3.  Pretty sure my win 7 device is 64 as well.  I just used beta 3 last night and it was working.  I've tried all 3 versions and can't get any of them to work on windows 10.

Found the problem, C-drive was to crowded, after i cleansed it UAE is loading the files correctly again.

Thanks for the feedback! B)


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So Macjimm started messaging me the other day asking questions.  His questions itched the part of my brain that has wanted a relatively accurate trip length estimator.  I've wanted this tool for 2 years now, and so here it is.  I'm sure someone more skillful will come up with an easier to use and more intuitive tool, and maybe Obi will incorporate this or something similar into tdamap.com, but until someone else does it, here is the first route planner and time to arrival estimator for every ship in game that takes into account skills, wood, mods, and cargo weight (it does not take into account fishing).  I hope I have worked out all the bugs.  It is simple and crude, but I'm not a webdesigner.

Choose your ship, plug in the starting wind direction and the top speed you can reach on the Open World, and get an estimated time along with the heading to your destination.

I haven't tested this much in game yet.  But my first results have been promising.  I left Mortimer heading towards Baracoa with a 30 knot top speed Lynx when the wind was out of the NE (45 degrees).  My tool estimated 6.04 minutes (6 minutes 2 seconds).  I arrived in 6 minutes 12 seconds when starting from a dead stop.  I expect the difference of 10 seconds has to do with going from 0 to 20ish knots and my tool only accounts for going the max speed at that point of sail.  Moreover, this isn't meant to give exact times but give a decent estimate based on your ship, cargo weight, mods, and skills (all factored into top speed).  Second route was back to Mortimer town, 30 knot Lynx, 195 starting wind.  Tool estimated 5 minutes 12 seconds.  I arrived in 5 minutes 25 seconds.  3rd route was Mortimer to Jeremie.  30 knot Lynx, 120 starting wind, tool estimated 11 minutes 22 seconds.  I arrived in 11 minutes 38 seconds.  4th trip, Jeremie to Mortimer, wind coming out of the north (0 degrees), tool estimated 11 minutes 20 seconds.  I arrived in 11 minutes 37 seconds.  I have yet to test this long distance.

Route Planner:  https://namap.neocities.org/interactiveMap.html  (does not work in firefox)

Examples for the LGV and Trader Brig.  Same route, same speeds, different ships.  I did not sail this course, this is just an example of what this can do.

LGV - 26 top speed in open world.  Charleston to Cayo Biscayno to La Tortue.  Estimated Total Time:  102.35 minutes
Leg: Distance: 39.2km. Heading: 137. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 1.63m. 
Leg: Distance: 714.1km. Heading: 181. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 120. Time: 0h 38.14m. 
Leg: Distance: 140.0km. Heading: 191. Starting Wind: 120. Ending Wind: 90. Time: 0h 5.72m. 
Leg: Distance: 401.9km. Heading: 152. Starting Wind: 90. Ending Wind: 330. Time: 0h 16.37m. 
Leg: Distance: 658.1km. Heading: 119. Starting Wind: 330. Ending Wind: 75. Time: 0h 35.93m. 
Leg: Distance: 59.0km. Heading: 98. Starting Wind: 75. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 4.56m. 

Trader's Brig - 26 top speed in open world.  Charleston to Cayo Biscayno to La Tortue.  Estimated Total Time:  107.59 minutes.
Leg: Distance: 43.6km. Heading: 139. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 45. Time: 0h 1.85m. 
Leg: Distance: 714.2km. Heading: 182. Starting Wind: 45. Ending Wind: 105. Time: 0h 40.88m. 
Leg: Distance: 139.6km. Heading: 190. Starting Wind: 105. Ending Wind: 75. Time: 0h 5.74m. 
Leg: Distance: 405.6km. Heading: 152. Starting Wind: 75. Ending Wind: 315. Time: 0h 17.14m. 
Leg: Distance: 652.9km. Heading: 119. Starting Wind: 315. Ending Wind: 30. Time: 0h 38.91m. 
Leg: Distance: 60.1km. Heading: 98. Starting Wind: 30. Ending Wind: 15. Time: 0h 3.06m. 

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