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Fake PB to create RvR-cooldown

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2 hours ago, zaba said:

REDS and "being honest" don't fit in the same phrase. Their thing is being more like crying bullies. Nothing new, everybody knows them by now. Someone had to fill the gap left by LV and keep going with the exploits and the toxicity. 

Nobody talking about the fake battles between reds and their Yankee friends, or only other people make abuse of game mechanics? 


2 hours ago, rediii said:

tbh I think it worked quite well on frost. I can imagine his pulse writing that post with all the spaces and stuff lol :D

tbh trolling BASTD ppl and the current danes is pretty enjoyable right now :D 

First off - I'm trying real hard to keep my restraints since this is a hello kittying tribunal and for some reason I'm the only one who more or less sticks to the hello kittying rules.

But; How about we lock down every port the swedes can take from the russians? OR vice versa? Will this in ANY shape or form improve the game?

Get your hello kittying heads out of your own hello kittying asses and firstly: OBEY THE TRIBUNAL RULES! Secondly: Try looking at the wider picture rather than whatever benefits the currents of the day.

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1 hour ago, Teutonic said:

the next time a nation flips a port I want to flip and fails to capture it, I too will complain.

You'll have plenty of time to complain when we ensure that no russian port will be flippable by swedes..

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7 hours ago, rediii said:

if trux would have been legal devs would not have changed the mechanics :) 

Actually devs didn't change the mechanics for the port swaps, they changed the hostility creation.

It wouldn't prevent my swedish alt clan from flipping a danish port, capping it and keeping it.

And this is not a tribunal about Truxillo - that has already been closed. This is about a fake PB at Remedios with the articulated desire to keep it in lockdown. Are you capable of reading the tribunal rules? And are you capable of imagining fx. that we'd keep the russian ports on lockdown so that the russians could fx. cap Plymouth and keep it indefinately simply because no one would be able to do host on it, since we'd be there first, knowing the timers and making sure no other nation could capture it? Would that improve the game in your opinion? Are u able to see past whatever is convenient for you today and look at the health of the game longterm?

I've said it numerous times now: Stick to the subject and I shouldn't even be posting this since: There's tribunal rules and there's the rest of the forum for forum PvP'ing.

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8 hours ago, BoatyMcBoatFace said:

changing the mechanics to address something doesnt make something inherently illegal...

well he simply doesn't use words in their correct meaning. at that point every argument becomes just fruitless sermon. we need a rule on this remedios-mechanics for sure! for havoc's tomb-stone I just think of a nice inscription: too much was not enough! it suits them well I think.

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22 hours ago, rediii said:

You did exploit and I don't know why you went there and thought so long about just a game to get around a mechanic can you explain that to me?

Removing someone from friendslist because you dont want him to defend your port is actually a valid mechanic. That's why the friendslist exists

removing everybody from that list to not defend the port is a beautiful exploit. far from illegal sadly. I admire your narrow-mindedness which ultimately leads you to success. sometimes you're hardly distinguishable from a smart and honorable person.

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Auction system or a combat mark payment system will be implemented in a short time. Clan alliance long cool downs will be estimated and if not long to implement will be added removing any need for general cooldowns.

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