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  1. the allready existing NA groups have a Teamspeak for themself allready no need for it. and you seem very biased from other games. we have no idea what the devs will come up in the end no need to spread hate speches agains people forming themself together. if people are not allowed to band themself together and patroling the boarders to enemy waters or escorting the nations convoys i see no reason to even bother playing NA anymore. acording to your few post you are sugesting the removal of basic social features of any other game. again you are going way over the top just because there w
  2. or go contact him and Sisko on PiratesAhoy.net since Sisko was on of the Decoration and Sculpture masters help kriswood out on some parts. i can without a problem reading the WiP threads of them over and over again seeing how they work.
  3. dont see it as clan see it as an Squadron or flotilla and our open world in the end will be far to big that a single clan can controll large parts of it. and if an ,,clan,, has more than 200 activ players you can call them basicly a new player driven nation.
  4. try PiratesAhoy if you have problems with these games since they extensivly modded these old games and should help you find a non-russian working copy.
  5. i would also like to see capsizing they removed it long time ago because it was to easy to happen we will see what the next year brings just be paitent they have a rough plant in their mind what comes inw hat order.
  6. if signalflags and any other act of comunication fails, a Captain cant do anything wrong if he places his ship next to the ones of the enemy. another quote from Nelson that i like, might not exactly the words i typed but the core massage is the same.
  7. they are working on fire effects shouldnt be so longer before we see ships geting blown apart.
  8. Mirones


    arent we doing this allready here? and the community is from what i heared not really what we want over there
  9. 10x slower reload 2x slower turning + sail management should be enough to make the nay sayers agree to this. and on a wooden ship there should be enough timber to stuff some holes in the hull. or using the tablecover or the Flag as Sail would be another option. another sugestion would be that after repairing the sails with or without rep kits the sails would be smaller and of lesser performance until fixed on the Open sea map or the next habour
  10. Mirones


    game-labs as another game forum to monitor and another NA forum in russian they are busy enough no need for an kiddie infested secondhand forum
  11. so we either can load her with 32x90 or 32x24x18 pounders on the deck still impressiv fire power and if the sails then so well like the consti i will be more afraid of her than the victory or trinidad. put her in and the USN is good to go
  12. wont happen every smart soc leader will notic that for 1 first or Second rate you could built: 2x74guns 4x44gun super frigate 5-6x38gun 6-7x32gun now think about it what would giv you more sleepless night? your neighboor having a single wooden iceberg he is to afraid to loose because of the cost. OR a fleet of fast and heavy hitting frigates that will blockade your habour and ruin your trading routs?
  13. any information what the leviathan is based of? kinda want an big hauler i readed the thread of the one who made her modell but thats long time ago.
  14. ´the british system is the most common thats why
  15. anyone can help me find out what the classical music is? The first piece is the second movement of Dvorak's String Quartet No. 12 - the "American" quartet.
  16. yes how could we completly forgot her yes the good old poseidon from potbs a nice filler for the 4th rate gape
  17. still looking for plans another thing would be HMS Wolf a 10gun sloop of war, Snow rigged for the once who dislike fore and aft rigging Santa Leocadia 1777 Spanish 5th rate 34 guns
  18. maybe another less ,,ugly,, danish ship of the line?
  19. well time to browse the ship plans and resources thread again! i rather take the Sophia Amalia over her still a danish ship
  20. i hope for something Dutch or Danish with an high Stern for a change. or some bigger Merchant ships for a change since openworld will come sooner or later
  21. dont worry they will come they try to bring as many nation ships ingame as possible but there are so many wonderfull ships that its hard to deside where to start i cant blame the devs. you can still look for plans in the archiev or other places to help the devs.
  22. thats the L'orient the krona exploded after she capsized
  23. was sugested before but finding acurate plans for the hullshape is the problem. some are cross refering dekoration and shape with the ,,Sovereign of the Seas,, and as allways in the time it would take for the devs to finish her we would have atleast 2 new frigates or 74gunners but i still like her http://www.seaborne-fartygsmagasinet.com/bilder/smitheman_kronan/The%20Swedish%20royal%20ship%20KRONAN,%20May%2026%201676/
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