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  1. Another solution from which I have found works is this. Start Ultimate General Gettysburg in Single Player mode. From Single player mode click Multiplayer tab. This will restart your game and start the Multiplayer server. For some reason Steam will work and Alt + Tab will work. This is my troubleshoot and it works for me, it may need some more testing to see if it works for others as well.
  2. The great bonus to night battle is the enemy cannot see you till yo are right on top of them. Use this to your advantage. Mass your troops on one side or the other. Leaving only 1 or 2 brigades on the other side. Overwhelm the enemy before he can react. Target all your troops on one enemy rout them faster. Target the next keep the pressure and move forward.
  3. This is something you have to figure out through experience. Usually troops with 3 stars will have greater load/reload speeds. The Load/Reload is reflective to troops that have superior Manual of Arms and Training. Kinda like boot camp. Some Brigades were thrown together in haste and did not receive the training they should of. Other Brigades have fought many battles and gained experience through battle. The only way to truly figure this out is to test the different maps. Watch the different brigades and notice their advantages and disadvantages. I do not think its fair to create a cheat g
  4. Morale is really tricky, Some key tactics I suggest are this. 1) Place units next to other units. Units fight better when fighting next to other units. 2) Fall back when units get below 15. if you stay and fight any longer you risk having your Brigade rout and you will have hard pressed time getting that brigade to fight worth anything if they rout. Your number one goal is to NEVER let a Brigade rout. Fall back even if you lose a VP. 3) Never attack long distances, press forward in short spurts. Rest your Brigade then press forward again in short marches. When you do move forward b
  5. The key to being a decent multi-player general is knowing about your enemy and the tactics you use to face them down. Each brigade is different than the other. Some brigades have larger numbers this comes in handy when you fire your volleys against weaker Brigades sending shock into their lines, Some have stronger morale this means they will stand under fire longer and fight better in hand to hand combat, still others can load and reload faster the benefits of that is obvious. Knowing which units do what is key to the tactics you use to fight against and utilize when facing other units. Units
  6. 11th Mississippi Company G Lamar Rifles. Civil War Re-enactor

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