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  1. I would say yes, I am not sure though. I do know I try and keep my troops on the roads as long as possible. I avoid marching in woods and up hills as much as possible cause those do effect your condition.
  2. I think it is now safe to say the top three elements which would be advantageous to future Ultimate General Titles. The Ultimate General Forum has spoken. 1) Dig in and Build Barracades 2) Unit Formation Line, Double Line, Skirmish, Column 3) Surrendering Units
  3. I was just wondering if there was a way those of us with the financial capability can donate to the Ultimate General team?
  4. I dont think this move was sanctioned by the devs. This move was not discovered until recently. What was decided, was to leave the edges of the maps open so that troops could still be moved if out of bounds. But it adds to the usual predictability that this game has. The unknown element that lacks when we memorize the maps by playing them 100's of times. Who wants to play the same thing over and over? Having troops appear from different areas. Hidden units appear for ambush or assault. It adds another element to the game.
  5. This is a game about the civil war right? Were these tactics ever used in the civil war? Did the confederates ever march around the flank of the enemy unseen and appear in the rear? One word Chancellorsville So as to being realistic I would say yes 100% realistic. Now the issue of the limits of the maps were discussed in the early stages of development of the game. The problem. You have a 2D map that does not move and units that interact as if it were 3D. It was Darths idea to open up the edges of the map. I distinctly remember this conversation. It did happen and it was a community discussion many people voiced their opinions and that is the solution Darth and his developers came upon. Tell me if I was mistaken. When this moved first happened to me it was Hammurobby that used it against me. Surprised the hell out of me. I thought the move to be genius. I still think the move is genius. I give him full props of discovering it and I wish I had discovered it. In real civil war battles the key was to maneuver. When the enemy anchored his army to a static location. The first thing a general would do would be to extend his line if practicable around the flanks of the static line. Having a fixed map with edges that allow no maneuvering around is in fact the issue that is 100% un realistic. This is the point that I argue. What Koro said I should do is I should dig in and wait for him. But That is against my gamestyle. I am reckless, I attack and I am not sorry. I never said I was the best person at this game. I wouldnt even say Im in the top 10. Many of you including Koro is better at this game than myself. The clan rules as Wizard said who runs the clan battles. The rules did not specifically say you could not do what I did in battle. The rules in the clan battles now DO say that. But there were no such rules before the battle. Even though, had I known that any such rules were even remotely close to what I did I would not of done that. I just never actually read the clan rules. And as a side note. You seemed to counter it just fine. Hence throwing away your argument that a cheating move would be something "that leaves the other player in a state of not being able to counter it."
  6. Like this. As you can see Anderson, Texas Brigade and Benning simply walked around the map and came out behind the enemy. I had this tactic used against me in multiplayer and I thought it was genius. Since then I have used it against people who like to camp on multiplayer and get a big kick out of it. I did not see no harm in it as it is a way to get around the limits of the map and those who camp on the edge . From what I have found it is 50/50 on my friends list of people who find the tactic ok and those who say it is cheating. Just wanted to get the forums opinion.
  7. Its very simple to recreate. Draw a circle around a group of Brigades. Take the furthest brigade from the edge of the map and drag them into the edge of the map and down and around the enemy swinging in a circle you bring the Brigades back into the map. Only the one one brigade you move with your cursor will not cross into the edge. All the other brigades will. You can press halt on the one brigade that will not cross into the map as to not give your position away.
  8. Is walking out around the enemys troops by exiting the edge of the map and re-entering at a different location cheating or fair?
  9. No he was correct That was not the Corp Commander I had highlighted it was Pettigrew he single handed got over 10,000 kills. It happened cause the enemy massed an entire Corps to the south of him and attacked one brigade at a time up the steep hill. Which allowed Pettigrew to Fire down into the enemy and murder one brigade after another. He was situated right on the hill so that the Union Cannons could not hit him he was in perfect position.
  10. Pettigrew single handed whoops the crap out of the entire Union Army, Multiplayer game. Check out his Kills!!!
  11. I had been hearing rumors about Multi Player Map (Union Attack Benners Hill) Where the VPs could not be captured. I have recreated it. It seems the rumors are true. The Map seems to be broken. I have added a few pictures to show the bug. Hope this could be fixed.
  12. Another solution from which I have found works is this. Start Ultimate General Gettysburg in Single Player mode. From Single player mode click Multiplayer tab. This will restart your game and start the Multiplayer server. For some reason Steam will work and Alt + Tab will work. This is my troubleshoot and it works for me, it may need some more testing to see if it works for others as well.
  13. I am starting to wonder if Liberalism is not a form of mental retardation...
  14. Second match was a massacre. Poor guy never saw it coming. Reb Blunt 2 Trial by Fire 0
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