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    Can't explain this without sounding like a nutter!? but i'll try,i have this real burning affinity towards the CSA, while traveling in the states way back in 80 i bummed around the shenandoah valley and various other parts of USA but it was there in the hills and valley that i felt something close to an epiphany it's just stingy eye and choked emotional gut wrenching the same way i feel for my family when i work away from home, it maybe the Scots/Irish heritage thing can't reason this don't think i want to reason it! anyways thats Me a southern bhoy in my GUT. Yeeeeaaaahhhh.

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  1. Hi Bowzer74, Look to joining the UGG groups that are available here's were you'll be able to find the opportunity to learn & hopefully have fun. WAR group or UGG community group, TRY group.
  2. Can the Devs please address this bug/problem were troops can be directed to maneuver off-board then reappear behind opponents front line. http://steamcommunit...s/?id=564949348 This is nothing more than deliberate cheating!
  3. Can the Devs please address this bug/problem were troops can be directed to maneuver off-board then reappear behind opponents front line. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=564949348 This is nothing more than deliberate cheating!
  4. Well done! Now the raw recruits have fighting chance to play out the battle rather than quit after the first 5 mins. This should encourage rookies to progress in game/battle and swell the games ranks with new generals that have been given a wee boost/leg-up. Nothing worse than to witness a real massacre of potentially new grunts/generals that need to be cut some slack so game can fill the ranks we need to nurture not discourage.
  5. Who would have figured that by playing in close Beta testing this Off Board maneuver was sanctioned by the Devs and not made for public consumption, why...why ...why were we the playing members not advised of this new 'solution'. Just cause the rules don't state a certain clause does not mean it's right and proper to exploit said maneuver, try and justify/slice it any way you like REB it's still cheating in my book.
  6. I back up Koro's statement by eating his boots if he don't decimate your Zombie Reb charge. Collectors Showcase. My number one suggestion would be to have Rebs that lose half strength become a spun out run off unit. Not zombie killers that rise from the grave time and time again. Its probably that simple.
  7. REB the way i see this Flank thing is simple when battling on map you should able to see enemy units/flags if unit exits from map then they stay off! Don't know how they can go off map but not fair game-wise as this smacks of sliding a hidden ace card down sleeve! PPL look and see what's set up arrayed before 'em and play the game accordingly. Total agreement regards David Fair strategic movement of units but not in this game as we know it!!! I have long suspected other ppl/opponents have done this tactic on me not nice feeling know ur opponent has to resort to extra curricular activities
  8. Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them Volley'd and thunder'd; Storm'd at with shot and shell, Boldly they marched and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell Marched the Pettigrew brigade.
  9. Brilliant reads like a dime novel of the period all very intense. Would love to hear from the boys in the front line comment now and then related to the General's comments as action unfolds just so we don't forget the blood sweat and tears the troopers shed to 'hang onto that dang hill' Now where can i buy the next instalment
  10. Awesome reading!! Couldn't wait to read the next line! Zwerty99 i think u've missed ur link with the Reb side i wanna hear what Stuart's boys had to say during this engagement. Would it have been summit like this "what youse all runnin from!"
  11. Cheers for the support and backup REB
  12. War is Hell!....are you lookin for some then go to the WAR group (Steam page) and enlist or are you Buttermilk rangers! Or add me Steam name same..No Pasaran
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