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  1. Political situation PVP 2 US (Inter Clan) Information is from players (Inter clan), updated weekly and daily if needed. This is the same sort of format as the EU political Situation thread. The Diplomacy part presents the attitude of the nation's major clans towards other nations. Verenigde Provinciën: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major clans: DWIC1-6 - Dutch West Indische Compagnie NPV- Nederlandse Protectoraat Vloot SMS - Reichsflotte Danmark-Norge: Espana: Neutral France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: CCCP - CN - SORT - Pirates: Espana: Neutral France: Neutral Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Neutral Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: CBP - BLACK - Black Flag BLANC - French PvP1 players BLOOD - Blood of Black HYDRA - SOB - Sons of Black TFG - Great Britain: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major Clans: AGW - CKA -Canadian Kicks Ass- Cordova BCS - British Commonwealth Sailors BRA - ELITE - ?- Norfolk nChance MINE - Sweden: Espana: Alliance France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: RISE - ISN - SS - USA: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Major clans: ACDC - ASP - BSR - DD - Detroit Demolition IGG - NPG - No Pants Guys MARS - France: Espana: Alliance France: Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: SD - SINK - Sink or Swim Spain: Espana: France: Alliance Great Britain: Neutral Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: note: If anything is wrong please reply or PM! Major clan= edit* no restrictions* *** Mods can we have this replace the current sticky post of the same topic. It's out dated and the old player that started it is no longer active so it's not getting updated. With that and I know Blackthorn/Decken had a clan one like this he was doing, if folks can post there clan info I'll go through this list and update the info. For clan info please send me a PM instead of posting it with your clan info that you want to post. Numbers can be optional but if you want to give current active numbers it might help with new players that want to join one clan over another. The main thing is to let folks know who the players and makers are for each nation.***
  2. Global Server US Nation meeting (PvP1 & PvP2) All players in the PvP 1 and PvP 2 US Nation that will be playing on the Global Server are cordially invited to a “US Nation meeting” to be held on Saturday, April 29th at 00:00 server time/8pm EST/7PM CST/5pm PST. The meeting will be held on the Tattered Flags TS. Such a meeting will be a good opportunity to “meet and greet” those from the US Nation that have played on the different servers Potential topics of discussion may include (but are not limited to): · To gauge the potential player numbers in the new Global Server US Nation · Discuss potential US nation strategies (at a very high level of course) · Discuss the possibility of a US nation governing/organizing structure · Discuss potential communication platforms (TeamSpeak, DISCORD, US Nation website, etc) If there are other topics that you would like to discuss post them in this thread or PM me here on the NA Forum and I can add them to the agenda. Any questions or observations, please post them here. Please PM if you need the TS info. Please pass this around to your respective clans for exposure. (Those who are non-clan affiliated are also welcome to attend). Thank you and we look forward to meeting you all. Chijohnaok Edit: Bumping this for this evening's meeting. Also, the Tattered Flags Team Speak information for the meeting is: Address: tatteredflags.teamspeak3.com Password: ironsides (That is a lower case "i").
  3. When the Global server is established, the members of OMG, BORK and PURGE clans are moving to France to join the SINK clan in establishing France as a mighty republic. Vive la France! With these combines clans, and all the individual players committed to France, we will have 30-40 regular players or more. We may not be as big as GB or the USA, but we will be better... come join a nation dedicated to fighting for the just cause. Contact myself, Bach or Teutonic to make the move.
  4. Given the recent announcements over the past week by @admin I think it'd be a good idea to try and get as many of the clans/nation representatives who plan on either staying on the PVP Global server or merging into it together to try and hash out some alliance and balancing issues. It appears that there is going to be an asset wipe and with the PVE zone changes there has to be a map wipe. If the devs are going to go through with the Alliance changes, it's even more imperative we make sure the nations are about as equal as we can make it. No one likes a zerg. With the announcement that there might be chances to nation switching, this would be the time to do it. Figure by next Saturday we should HOPEFULLY have more answers from the dev team explaining a bit more about whats coming down the pipe. So....... The US Nation on PVP1-EU cordially invites all clans/nations that plan on either staying on the PVP Global server or who will be merging into the new Global Server to a Summit Meeting on US TS on April 1st at 21:00 GMT or 5pm EST. No this isn't an April Fools Joke. Meeting Agenda: Alliance balancing / Nation balancing Washing away any old salt General airing of grievances Feats of strength Dev complaining Discussing Trump's imminent impeachment Addendum - Agenda is of course subject to change pending anymore bombshells by the admin in the coming days. Addendum - 2 person per clan limit set. Please be advised this meeting will not be a history less on on who did what. Keep to the point or be removed. Clan leaders/Officers only. Preferably 2 each. If we have a large enough turn out it could prove hectic with that many reps. Any questions or observations, please post them here. Please PM if you need our TS info. Please pass this around you respective nations/clans for exposure. @Jeheil Will of course be invited to stream and/or moderate again if he is willing and still interested. @Tiargo Will be the official doorman of our TS and will kick out any Barbies trying to sneak in.
  5. Well, the impending ship total resource wipe and server changes is going to cause players to consider what nation they plan on playing for on the PvP2/Global server. I am already hearing rumblings and rumors of players switching - and that is good. Providing we can balance the nations a little. Currently on PvP2 we have the following approximate split of players. Mega alliance (55%) USA 30% GB 20% Dutch 5% Independent (20%) Pirate 20% Small Nations who typically ally (25%) Dane 10% Spain 5% France 5% Swede 5% Many of the players on PvP1 who are going to switch to PvP2/Global are currently playing USA, and some are GB or Pirate. From what I am reading (and hearing), most of the French and Dane PvP1 players are going to the Euro server. If the players coming from PvP1 don't join the smaller nations, there will be a huge imbalance of players across the nations. I know a few of the PvP2 players are considering nation changes too - but what I am hearing is fairly small scale moves that will help, but not really address the overall imbalance. Selfishly I would like to see many more players come to France, but the key is to get as many players move to the small nations during this switch. We all want PvP (except for a few care bears). I would like to get a feel for who is going where. If you are willing to publicly declare... let's hear. I will post the combined information here. If you don't want to post publicly, send me a message and I will just use numbers, no names.
  6. A New clan for Spain on PvP2. We want to "Make Spain great again." If you want to join a small (low player count) Nation looking to expand it's empire from it's original region then you have come to the right place. We want to focus on "Fun." It's about sinking and getting sunk, we don't get mad if you lose, and we don't care how good or bad you are. This game is meant to be enjoyed no matter the outcome. What we offer: - Group "play" - PvP together, trade together, help each other out. - Focused on PvP - we aim to sink our enemies - A Teamspeak server - Ask and you shall receive, non-clan Spain players are allowed as well - Offer a couple other games to enjoy on downtime, or when we need to take a break We are a casual group focused on PvP and Port Battles, and we hope to gradually grow to become more self sufficient. All decisions made within the clan are up for discussion and a vote, you will not be moved around by a "King," your opinion matters. You are joining a Nation on the Server that fights the larger population nations consistently, so come join us and enjoy fighting the good fight together. EDIT: Words and a little extra EDIT 2: Clan Leader and point of contact: PolarBearStink Forum Politics: Teutonic
  7. Some Swedish Selfies for you all to enjoy, especially Cordova http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078725701/A5205653F9FCB5500EB5001BF8DA7F133427C8BB/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/92725562078724318/D3F80642DF6F937F80ECBD7D16BBC2562D6D5CF1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88221962452413980/9D26D221643FC429AC25D309E16A15C59F948255/
  8. Hi Everyone, This is just a short thread to notify people that the Colonial Times Newspaper is now available for public viewing! Whenever an update is ready I will post a note here with the relevant gallery links. Gallery: Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any errors etc. or if you have any suggestions Furthermore any people who wish to give me some insight regarding the politics of the power-blocs can contact me via PM on this forum or In game, your anonymity will be respected and so forth. Lastly whilst I am I pirate on PvP2 I have no intention of spurring propaganda, I wish this to be as unbiased and correct as possible. Thanks for reading and any suggestions! Juan Alfonso de Castella - BLACK PvP2
  9. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  10. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  11. From the album: Colonial Times

    A small bulletin regarding the major pvp events that are currently occurring on the PvP2 USA server.
  12. This Proclamation was Given by King George III, to His Forces in the West Indies on PvP Server 2.
  13. BLACK clan needs no introduction. Here some pics from our battles on pvp2 server http://na-black.enjin.com/gallery/m/40809368/album/281622 Make no mistake, this is the BLACK clan that is recruiting and you will be a member of BLACK. You will be using same TS and communicate with the same people from BLACK. [BLOOD] as Blood of BLACK clan was formed to accept and train new players. If you like the idea of being pvp forged and sail under the black flag, we will happily assist you with the following: 1. Starting cash 2. Ships 3. Mods 4. Information 5. Manual sailing 6. Training in basic and advance pvp 7. Training in fleet pvp 8. Crafting When you get to rank of Devil and become an active member of our community you will be able to join BLACK clan of our hardcore PVPers. Must have TeamSpeak PM in game or on forum for the invite. [BLACK] Koltes pvp2, Pirate faction
  14. I'd like to see a list of active clans on the PvP2 server. The intent is to show activity on the PvP2 server in hopes of preventing the "possible" server merge. This is also an attempt to provide new players direct links to clan recruitment pages. Hopefully, this forum will create server and nation specific boards in the near future. Until then, I thought I'd make this nation categorized list. Props to www.navalactioncraft.com for their map work and getting all the ports updated. (Last updated: 1/1/17) Please respond in the following format and I will keep this updated on this OP (the other posts haven't been updated since Jan): Nation: [Clan Tag] - Clan Name: Clan website or game-labs recruitment thread: Active Member Count: (If you don't have a recruitment thread or clan signature banner, msg me and I can make one...for a price ) Denmark [CN] - Celestial Navy - 20 Dutch [AD] - ? - ? [AVAST] - Boer You to Death - 11 [DEIF] - Dutch East Indies Fleet - ? [DFHS] - Dutch Forlorn Hope Squadron - ? [DUTCH] - Dutch - ? [DWIC] - Dutch West Indies Company - ? [EEN] - ? - ? [GI] - ? - ? [HDZ] - ? - ? [iPS] - ? - ? [OJ] - Oranje Flotilla - ? [SEGA] - ? - ? [TOVNM] - Total Oblivion - The Flying Dutchmen - 4 [VPAS] - ? - ? France [ACS] - ? - ? [DSSC] - Drunk Sailors Social Club - 21 [FTC] - French Trade Conglomerate - 3 [KRABS] - Le Marine de Bikini Bas - 8 Defunct [LBORK] - LeBork - 13 Changed to Sweden [bORK] [LEDR] - ? - ? [LFF] - ? - ? [LN]- ? - ? [LOS] - ? - ? Defunct / moved to [DSSC] Great Britain [11ACR] - ? - ? [AFG] - The Academy for Fine Gentlemen - 12 [AGW] - Alt Games Warbirds - 11 [AIE] - ? - ? [AUS] - ? - ? [BCS] - ? - ? [BLUE] - ? - ? [BRRTS] - Barrett's Privateers - ? [CKA] - Canada Kicks Ass - 34? [EIC] - ? - ? [EITC] - ? - ? [FUN] - ? - ? [HA] - ? - ? [IPC] - Indies Privateer Consortium - ? [JANFU] - JANFU Tactical - ? Defunct? [JS] - ? - ? [KF] - Kraken Fleet - 10 Defunct [MT6] - ? - ? Defunct? [MYTY] - Mighty Men of Valour - ? [NSWCF] - ? - ? [RCF] - ? - ? [RED] - ? - ? [SI] - ? - ? [SMS] - Reichflotte - ? [SOB] - Sons of Britain - 80 Moved to PvP1 as [KIN] King's Imperial Navy [SOH] - ? - ? Defunct? [SPN] - Soggy Potato Navy - 12 [STERN] - ? - ? [TOM] - Tides of March - 4 [TWP] - ? - ? [UK] - ? - ? [VOLT] - ? - ? [WBK] - Waffle Brigade - ? Moved to PvP1? [WHB] - West Indies Hano Badgers - 3 [WIP] - ? - ? Pirate [1B] - One Blood - 10 [BD] - Black Death - 3 Changed to [DP] [BEARD] - ? - ? [BLACK] - Black Flag - 48 [BLKS] - Black Sails - ? [BLOOD] - Blood of BLACK - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 [BOOTY] - ? - ? [BOTC] - ? - ? [CBP] - ? - ? [CDOGS] - ? - ? [COM] - ? - ? [CURSE] - ? - ? [DC] - Disorderly Conduct - ? [DOW] - ? - ? [DP] - Dread Pirates - ? [DREAD] - ? - 1 [FLIBS] - ? - ? [GUN] - ? - ? [HYDRA] - ? - ? [JUL] - Just Us League - ? [NASTY] - No Allegiance Save To Yourself - 10 [NO] - No Quarter - ? [PINKY] - ? - ? [SKULL] - ? - ? [SOB] - ? - ? [SSU] - Salty Sailor Union - 3 [THUG] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 11 [ZILCH] - ? - ? Spain [ARF] - ? - ? [LDM] - ? - ? [NAVY] - ? - ? [USE] - United Shipwrights Espana - ? Sweden [BORK] - 3th Swedish Flotilla - 13 [ISN] - ? - ? [SSF] - ? - ? [TSM] - The Swedish Meatballs - 2 United States [AN] - American Navy - ? Changed to Pirates [SKULL] [ASP] - Atlantic Society of Pioneers - 8 [BCS] - ? - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 Changed to Pirate [DMDF] [BORG] - ? - ? [BRRB]- Broken Rebels - 7 [CBR] - Chum Bucket Raiders - 11 [CDOGS] - ? - ? [CSS] - Crusty Squidly Squad - ? [DD] - Detroit Demolition - 8 [FEAR] - Face Everything And Rise - 15 [FFN] - ? - ? [FLB] - Furry Lovable Bunnies - 6 [GT] - ? - ? [JR] - Jolly Rodgers - 2 [JUL] - Just Us League - ? Changed to Pirates [JUL] [MHS] - ? - ? [MOGN] - Massive Online Gaming Nation - 10 [MTC] - ? - ? [NPG] - No Pants Guys - 80 [NSJR] - ? - ? [PA] - ? - ? [PXP] - ? - ? [OPR8] - ? - ? [SCS] - Secondhand Cannonball Salesmen - ? [SKY] - Clear Skies - ? [SOG] - ? - ? [TOTC] - Total Oblivion Trading Company - 8 [TZ] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 40 Changed to Pirates [UNKN] [USCCG] - United States Continental Coast Guard - 24 [USN] - United States Navy - ? [USS] - United States Ships - 4 [UW] - Unknown Warriors - ? [VCO] - Voodoo Shipping Company - ? [WATCH] - The Bay's Watch - 9 Majority changed to Pirates [WBK] - ? - ?
  15. The C.B.P. is a fairly resent clan with some member's in game the clan's leader is Captian Lord Tridax and C.B.P. stands for Caribbean Blue Privateer's i am not in his clan however i am his friend he is looking to help the pirate nation grow to fight the coming battles so if you see him on and are interested give him a shout.
  16. as the title and tags suggest, server is down, got booted out of a battle in my vic. hopefully we come back to her still sailing.
  17. The French nation in PVP2 are looking for players to help bring up our active player numbers. We are an extremely friendly bunch who are always willing to help a fellow country mate out. We'd appreciate anyone who would like to join the French ranks, doesn't matter what clan you join, there are some good ones, and we all help each other out.
  18. I would like an open discussion to see where Individuals, Clans, and Nations are as far as diplomacy goes for after the port wipe. There has been a lot of bad blood and alot of personal attacks and it has created a lot of poison and made the game toxic (at times). While there are other nations with their own diplomacy stuff to consider, I will start with my own (personal) stance. US, GB, VP, and Pirates. Its a vicious war and I have no qualms with continuing it. BUT not to the point where pirates take a capital or the pirates capital is taken (no nation will be able to resist Pirate Immunity, it will be a bum rush). This is because that will force the pirates into an alliance thus breaking what it means to be a pirate. Whether they cap or are capped the end result is the same. Additionally, the loser can also abuse their alliance to join battles and take up spaces and troll etc. I am on the fence on what to do, I back GB's US alliance 100% and would not support any peace if it meant they fight alone, but I also do not want to see Pirate nation ruined by a bad mechanic. (Thank you devs, we all know you work hard and that this is not the final product and was the lesser of several evils given your constraints o7) War or Peace among nations, that's what this thread is for. Please post your thoughts for your nation and your allies/enemies. This is not a thread to formally agree to anything, just a way for us to brainstorm and get what we're always saying and thinking written formally down.
  19. Fellow captains, I wanted to share the tale of an excellent battle I participated in tonight. First, I want to heartily commend and thank my fellow American captains who joined me: Flag Captain Abraham Knight and Commodore Pug Henry. I also want to recognize the pirates we fought: Werwolf, Locked on, and especially Yooper Loon. I regret not having any screenshots, as for the majority of the battle I was focused only on one thing: survival. Others joined us in the chase, and I thank them as well and my apologies if I overlook anyone's contributions in that time. Now, allow me to report the battle from my perspective. Upon arriving at the local naval office in Charleston, I was informed that there were reports of a large pirate raiding force just offshore. Unfortunately, all I had at my disposal were two ships: a brand new Surprise-class frigate, outfitted for trade interdiction, and an aged Bellona-class 74 - slated to be sold out of the service to a particular friend of mine, who was on the cusp of achieving flag captain rank and it was my desire to present him this elderly line ship as a gift. She was built of live oak, outfitted with additional crew quarters and modifications for speed. I'd added mastercraft level copper plating and extra planking - but as she was to be removed from active service, the had only common level other upgrades: rum rations for the men, survival handbooks, toolboxes, and powder monkeys. But, with the nearby threat, I decided to take her out. Upon leaving Charleston, I immediately fell in with Flag Captain Abraham Knight saliing a Constitution-class frigate; he was well ahead of me, so I alerted him to my presence. After hastily assembling what forces we had, mostly light ships such as snows and brigs, but with a handful of frigates such as the Constitution, an Essex under Commodore Pug Henry, and lighter frigates. As we moved to engage the pirate fleet, which had previously outgunned us significantly (at least one Constitution, several Renommes, and several frigates), our swelling fleet - now with another standard 74 and an Ingermanland-class 4th rate - proved more than they wished to battle...so the pirate force ran south. As the senior-most officer in the heaviest ship, I took command of the American forces and led us south in chase. As we chased, they gradually pulled away in their lighter and faster ships, leading us toward Sunbury. The opinion was soon voiced, by experienced officers, that we were being led into a trap. Our force dissipated as quickly as it had grown, and soon there were only four of us off Sunbury, with a fifth inside the port. At various times, pirates Werwolf in a Belle Poule, or Yooper Loon in a Constitution, sat just outside Sunbury, eyeing us at a distance. Within our own fleet, we discussed what to do. Some continued to believe we were being baited, but we all wanted a fight. I finally told my fellow captains we had only two choices: withdraw, or stay and force an engagement, no matter the odds. Within moments, Locked On sped out of Sunbury in a Renomme with another Renomme in escort. As we moved to intercept, Werwolf passed by me in a Bucentaure-class 2nd rate. When it appeared we were to be engaged regardless, I moved to put my ship in an advantageous position and initiate combat myself. One of our fleet members felt the odds too great, and was able to escape. Two other Americans, the noble Abraham Knight and the intrepid Pug Henry, followed me into the battle. The pirates who joined were those above, so the contest was a pirate Bucentaure, Constitution, and Renomme (with a Renomme escort) against an American Bellona, Constitution, and Essex; a BR of 1150 vs 1050. The odds were against us, but I felt we had a fighting chance. The battle proved chaotic. I am not sure at times how Knight and Henry fared - they dueled mostly with the two Renommes, but at various times we all were entangled. As the heaviest ship in the fleet, despite being outgunned and out armored by the enemy Bucentaure, I knew I was the only one with even a remote chance to take it on. With that aged Bellona - headed for private service, veteran of countless victories and a few defeats - I bore down on the Werwolf's Bucentaure. By using the relative maneuverability of that old ship, I delivered rake after rake to the 2nd rate, killing a hundred men or more. When necessary, we went broadside to broadside. As Werwolf sustained more and more damage, and I sustained comparatively much less, he no doubt called for aid. At one point, I found myself with Werwolf on one side or the other, while Yooper Loon's Constitution tried to rake my stern, and Locked On's Renomme escort shooting chain at my sails. Still, I fought on - at one point delivering a devastating heeled broadside to the Buc inflicting 14 leaks. Not all was roses, of course: an early collision with the Buc destroyed my bowsprit as I was already nearly faced into the wind. I had no choice but to repair my sails far earlier than I otherwise would have. But despite the efforts of the pirate ships, we gradually gained the upper hand. First, Locked On ordered his escort to withdraw. Despite our damage, this made the numerical odds even. By this time, Werwolf's Buc was down to less than 25% on his starboard side, with his stern totally destroyed and perhaps 250 men killed, owing to my decision to switch to grape for a handful of rakes. I had lost 100 or more. With him a (relatively) lesser threat, I tried to turn some attention to Locked On, who piloted his Renomme with uncommon skill. I knew one or two good broadsides could put him out of the fight and allow Knight and Henry to come to my aid. Due to his speed, I never landed the knockout broadside I wanted, but in this short lull, Werwolf - who I believe I would otherwise have sunk - was able to escape. I was very disappointed, but knew at that point that the battle was now won. Unfortunately, Locked On, continuing to demonstrate his mastery of his ship, was able to swing around my stern rapidly and after firing a harmful broadside, turn through the wind in a way my battered ship could not follow. My companions were still further ahead and could not re-engage him. He too escaped. That left Yooper Loon, who was attempting to maneuver into a more favorable position where he might be able to flee, nonetheless continued to fight despite the hopeless odds. His ship, which I had the honor to officially receive credit for destroying, went down with sails unfurled and guns still blazing. In the end, we could only credit a single ship sunk, but that was far ahead of what some others believed would be the outcome. What began as a contest that was surely weighted in favor of the Black Flag, had turned into a decisive, if incomplete, victory for the Stars and Stripes. It was my honor to lead such fine fighting captains as Abraham Knight and Pug Henry in this battle, and without their aid it surely could not have been a victory. I only hope my words here can do justice to the exhilaration and thrill of the fight - first as we approached a daunting task, and through the increasing joy and exultation as I delivered such damage to a superior ship, causing it to flee, and finally in triumph as I joined my fellows in hunting down the last enemy ship. And I did it all in that old battleship, which I was going to give away because of its age and infirmities...the old girl still had some fight left! Once again, I wish to thank Captains Knight and Henry - I will sail with you fine gentlemen again any time, and any where. And to my gallant foes, I should be willing to fight a rematch (on reasonable terms of course, ha ha!) any time. In this spirit, I would welcome any other recent tales, and if any of my fellows from the battle see this and wish to add their accounts I would most heartily like to hear them.
  20. I thought I'd bring some fun PvP to the PvP2 server by creating a Player Bounty system. Read the rules below... Updated 06/02/16 To post a bounty: click "Post" with the following information to which I will update the image above... REWARD: Your IGN: Bounty's Nation: Bounty's [ClanTag] IGN: Last Known Port: Reason: Any Additional Info: To collect a Bounty: click "Quote" on the Posted Bounty and include a screenshot, then message the Bounty Poster in game... *****I,personally, will pay out a bonus 50k to anyone collecting on any Bounty on this list that someone else has placed provided it is: 1) PvP and not a Port Battle; and 2) a screenshot is posted on this Topic. ***This forum (nor myself) is not held responsible for bounties not being paid out. Contact the poster in game to collect. ***These Bounties are for PvP only and do not include Port Battles, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ***It is generally understood that these are ONE-TIME bounties, and not continuous, unless otherwise stated by the poster. ​***Bounty Names with lines thru them have already been collected. List of Bounties and Collectors: Poster, Bounty, Collector, Amount Cpt Blackthorne, any BLACK member, [CBR]Yankyaeger, 100k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Mike the mongol, [ASP]Keez, 300k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Ashcanibics, STILL OPEN, 500k Cpt Blackthorne, [bLACK]Sneaky Uncle, STILL OPEN, 200k Cpt BLackthorne, Storm Crow, STILL OPEN, 300k captain jsb, [FEAR]oldcrankyman, **TBD**, 10k-350k Ashcanibics/Doomed/Loco Bandito, [CBP] Captain Lord Tridex, STILL OPEN, 300k
  21. I propose this topic as a Spy List for anyone to contribute about Spies on the PvP 2 server. Please list the player's primary and alt names and nations with some sort of proof, i.e. chat log, multiple confirmations from other players, etc. This is not to be a name-calling/targeting post, but rather a sharing of information. I will keep this list updated from any comments made below. Post in the following format: IGN / Nation - Alt IGN / Nation - proof or suspicion Known Spies - Valid proof supported Suspected Spies - Speculative proof Note: if you have no valid/speculative proof, your submission will not make the updated list. Also, if your name is listed, please quote your accuser and make your case.
  22. Hola Captains! Spain has been a hollow nation for a great while, and the time has come to bring her back to life! Myself and two other friends have decided to make the move, and this is a formal call to arms for all those who wish to aid in the rebuilding of our proud nation! We will do our best to supply ships, gold and resources to any who should join, and assist any who wish to bring over their vessels. As the leader of USE - The United Shipwrights of España I humbly ask that diplomatic channels be opened once again to our nation, to help and indeed allow us to restore our proud nation. Good Winds and Fair Weather to you fellow captains, Juan Alfonso de Castella
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