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  1. Calling all TOTC members interested in coming to Dutch nation, please feel free to contact me in game as Hendrick van der Decken. I have plenty of ships to rebuild your fleets with. See you soon.
  2. Brits I presume? And what do the initials BCS stand for?
  3. Last weeks action map is up. See what happened during the weekend.
  4. Thanks mate, and yes, I created this post so I can get updates from all nations. If you have some good news with some good pix or vids, please post. Blow this topic up!
  5. Week 3 map is up. This week we see the Colonials and Outlaws continue their age old battle for the Bahamas. While Spain continues to lose their empire, the Redcoats push France out of Haiti and the French Liberators free Dominica from the Brits. The Dutch continue to expand their resource markets in the south. Sweden holds firm. And those Danes...uhoh Dominico, they're ready to butt heads with the real Redcoats.
  6. Check out the action for the previous week on the OP. Also, much thanks to navalactioncraft.com for their API work on the map and correcting the ports and even adding the secret island (WITH the new port out there, hehe); great job! So, week two of the new patch system shows a status quo from all nations attempting to grad up fine resources and regional bonus counties. The Colonials find a stalemate pushing south around FL. Pirates and Redcoats bump into each other as they continue to push the French out of Haiti. The Danes go inactive, which scares all nations, save their buddy pirates. The
  7. This week's map has been uploaded. All nations continue to advance into the dwindling Spanish Empire. US continues its march south along the Florida coast. Pirates reclaim La Tortue and southern Bahamas. Swedes gain Southern Antilles. Dutch spread along the coast of S. America. And the Danes expand from their home outward. What will this weekend have in store for the Caribbean PvP2 world? Nobody knows, but I sense some major fights of important regions. One can only hope!
  8. Don't worry, you validate the worth of TO's Dutch heredity. Continue on your ways.
  9. OP map is updated. After the first weekend of the new patch, we see nearly every nation expanding their borders into the vast Spanish empire. The US spreads south. GB secures some islands to help prevent short hops into KPR. Danes head west toward Dominica. The Dutch collect part of S. America. The French and Swedes seem content with their regions and stay home. Pirates invade Cuba and begin their quest to own the Gulf and C. America by infesting the Yucatan. I expect this coming week will be a massive storm as nations begin their resource grabs, might even be some major fights over regions
  10. OP is updated with the new map. Until the API is figured out with all the port changes, this will have to do for now.
  11. I see what you're looking for. This list of clans on the OP are mostly collected from my own observations in game. The ones that have links are ones people have messaged me their info. If you click on them, most go to their recruitment thread here on the forum that will give you their mission and what they are looking for in players. Some links go to their clan website where they usually have that info and more. But that's the best I have as an answer.
  12. On behalf of the entire Total Oblivion gaming community, we wish you well in your adventures!
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