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  1. age of snorefest more like. i see why the trope of sailers being gay exist now(i mean who wouldn't want to pass the time ), i played for 2 hours and got nothing to show for it due to sailing about looking for ships to attack and didn't find jack shit. if the devs are so sure they want a real "experience" of the age of sail maybe they'll add diseases so i can hurry up and die
  2. that was me, no fireship mods on my inger just exec toolbox and hammocks. turned all my guns off so the crew went into survival AFTER blowing up, surprised they put that fire out.
  3. Player Vykorie Server PvP One Drill master - Crew instantly goes into survival Experienced Captain - allows hiring of larger AI ships Master at Arms - increase the effectiveness of Muskets and Gernades in boarding Master Baiter - slight moral increase + fish get added to hold after sailing awhile Old privateer - increase chance of finding loot in OW Shallow water Navigator - can sail in shallow waters Sharp eye Pete - bell ring when ship gets spotted in OW Old trader - any port you sail past you get info on what it produces Godspeed - Captured ships travel faster to port Make do - Captured ships are repaired by 40%
  4. circle remains green no matter what grade of marines
  5. pirate alt in a cutter joining battle to tip the BR so no one can join to help, cutter just sat there and when i got close he sailed away report NAB-39955 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/268338039141450523/9B5C252BF09D2BCB7E63BE4FEB99D6B44A2A3D36/
  6. i feel the time for the mortars to land is just a little too long, and can we please get single fire!
  7. just dont get rammed? use planking and pump?
  8. the good thing about no attacks next to capital ports is if someone get that nasty bug where they end up at another nations capital
  9. a solution on free ports is only let pirates dock deepwater ships at them. removing a "feature" isn't breaking the game, they need to come up with something better. 1. there might not be AI around 2.def tagging is a symptom of awful battletimers
  10. operating in enemy waters should be dangerous, that why pvp should reward more.
  11. but the time in battles is tied to OW time, i've been in battles that has lasted days in OW but time have only been 40ish minutes IRL just timed it, 2min IRL= 2 hours OW. clearly not enough time.
  12. so the game turns into a gank fest with the gankers having everything going for them....nice
  13. would a ship of the same nation sail by while a another ship of the same nation is engaged in combat? no
  14. the current 2 min timer of battles are killing pvp, gank squads are loving this short time battle timer. remove the battle timers on PVP battles only and always show battle markers
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