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  1. Maybe creating PvE nation on PvP server, after merge could help?
  2. But if in PvP server and sailing around one is always in pvp mode - meaning you are accepting the risk & rewards. That's the theory and you're right. In theory. In practice there are many players on PVP server who for some reason are still there, not moving to PVE server and don't like or want pvp. Maybe creating pve faction or pvp zones, could help. On the other hand its hard to understand why PVP players complaining about the lack of pvp fights; why not use a global chatbox and find someone with playstyle like yours?
  3. If there is on one who wants to fight, as you said; certainly they have something to do in game, just something different than constant shooting each other.
  4. Honestly, I can't understand why PVPers players want to force into pvp people who doing there best to avoid pvp.
  5. Longshot

    Shipbuilding woods 2.0

    I cannot open it; need a permission?
  6. Longshot

    Rare books DLC

    There is, practically no chance for a casual player to even see those rare books, so why not to allow them to buy and enjoy? This game should be open and friendly for players with real life duties, families etc. What happens when a casual player with 100 hours in game and a full set of books on board of his shiny ship, meets in open world a veteran/fanatic with thousand hours of experience? Poor guy will be sunk, with books or without.
  7. Longshot

    Patrol Mission/Order

    Today, 7/10/2018 during Tumbado Patrol I found 1(one) Belle Poulle after 45 minutes of cruising around. Then Essex, again after about half an hour. Please share your experience, my fellow captains. And a brief question to devs: Do you guys, developers want to discourage people from playing on PvE server?
  8. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    OK, jutro zakladam nowy topic; POLONIA prosze was wszystkich o wsparcie w zalozeniu i prowadzeniu klanu POLONIA
  9. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    A jak myslisz; nie daloby sie reaktywowac polskiej spolecznosci na Naval Action pod polska bandera? Skoro gram jako US Navy to nie ma powodu zebym schodzil na prusaka. ale ... gdybysmy zalozyli klan POLONIA moze znalozlo by sie wiecej chetnych zeby reaktywowac narodowa dume?
  10. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    Dlaczego tak jest?
  11. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    Szukalem jakiejs patriotycnej nuty, zaczalem grac lata temu pod amerykanska bandera i pomyslalem, ze byloby fajnie dolaczyc do rodakow. Moze nawet uzyc forget papers i zmienic bandere na polska
  12. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    co stalo sie z Polakami na karaibskim serverze?
  13. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    To pod jaka bandera plywacie?
  14. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    Myslalem, ze PFK zyje?
  15. Longshot

    PvP - opisy walk

    To nie ma Polakow na Carrabean server?