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  1. So I clicked on "hard" difficulty in the mission settings and I cannot seem to change it. What button does the trick? I've tried everything 😬
  2. Quality of live improvements aren't essential to the gameplay but will usually make the player's life easier and make the gameplay feel more smooth. I think of things once in a while but since I don't write them down I've decided to make a list and add to it as I think of things. Would like to hear your own quality of life changes you would like to see in the game. Autosave when entering battle Given crashes and other things that can happen, once the player is ready to enter a battle quite a lot of time has been spent already. I'd like to see autosave trigger once t
  3. So basically whatever floats your boat (pun intended) It's working for me so far, got 6 3rd rates and a trophy lined up along with 3 full troops ships and some smaller vessels going in to the beta branch now. I'll try another way perhaps to see the change. I quite like the "free" ships since you get the option of either selling them for reputation or spending some reputation for money if you need extra.
  4. I've played through both of the campaigns now using mostly brute force to capture all enemy ships in every battle. I've sunk maybe 1 or 2 ships in each campaign and lost 1 or 2 as well to the enemy. Once I started facing bigger ships than my own, it's possible to gank up on them with two ships and so on using grape shot only. It seems a bit too easy to just board enemy ships and capture them. More men is pretty much a guaranteed win It also meant I experienced very little naval combat shooting broadsides since it turns in to a chasing game instead. What's your experience wi
  5. My grand vision for the is sailing on the open seas with aircraft carriers scouting for the enemy. Imagine Midway style battle or battles of the Coral Sea. MP obviously..
  6. This. Being able to stop the ship faster would be great.
  7. In the campaign, you won't be restricted by weight and cost limits - except what your empire can afford. Other than that, sounds like a fun challenge
  8. You need to create an account. There is an option for it below the login
  9. I can't even find the launcher in the task managed :)... Edit: I just found it lol.. called "launcher" only with no icon. Still shouldn't work this way though.
  10. I think I closed the game with alt + f4 and now the launcher insists the game is running. And I can't close the launcher.. because the game is running :).
  11. I had this problem too and I think i just clicked cancel and it started installing
  12. Hello! So while the game is being developed I've been reading and watching videos of this time period. I've found that there is a big gap in my knowledge about ships from this particular time period and I wanted to share a few videos that have been helpful to me as a tester for the game to have at least some understanding of what I was dealing with: These two videos give a good overview of the technology behind them and the thoughts that went in to naval strategy at the time. Anyone else got something good to share?
  13. Do you mean specific targets on a ship? Like the front fx?
  14. I agree with this. The ship look like toy ships because they are oversized. Perhaps playing the game will be different.
  15. I woul try not inviting and just joining a match through the mp lobby
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