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  1. I agree with this. The ship look like toy ships because they are oversized. Perhaps playing the game will be different.
  2. I woul try not inviting and just joining a match through the mp lobby
  3. So there isn't a bug.. and OP is playing on hard, expecting what? Not hard? It's hilarious.. Will you at least acknowledge they arrive since your post says they dont.
  4. Koro

    Huge Fan

    Dont forget to leave a review :). There is a new game in the works but little info on the nature of it.
  5. I can send you one from easy actually before cold harbor. Send me your email address in a private file
  6. No one does but they asked on Facebook if people would prefer Napoleon or Revolutionary war, so either of those seem likely.
  7. This truly. If one day they work out how melee should work, anything Rome related would be amazing
  8. We will deliver amazing results. You won't even believe how much you will win. You will be tired of winning!
  9. Are those in game pictures or art work? It looks amazing - I hope it will live up to the high expectations you've already established here :).
  10. I'm quite sure :). I rarely bring any cavalry at all and the union still has lots of cavalry at stones river. It's just coincidence here that you happened to enlarge your cav force going in to a battle with lots of union cav.
  11. Something like that :). Their purpose is not always clear, I'll grant you that and some of them do quite literally nothing. I could imagine being used as a sort of tally to keep score throughout the phases. So if you hold it you get 1 point in your advantage and whoever holds the most points at the end of the battle, wins. This would require almost complete revision of the game's battles though and likely won't happen though I find the idea interesting as it would give more purpose to these locations.
  12. The ones that are critical are either in the victory conditions or described in the text. The noncritical ones are there for tactical guidance mostly as many players likely need help in knowing which points are useful to hold on the battlefield. Other than that, they serve no purpose really and can be ignored at your discretion.
  13. The game tells you this in the introduction to the battle, quite clearly
  14. I think you have it a little bit confused OP. You having cavalry doesn't give the AI more cavalry. Stones River is set with a lot of Union cavalry already. The armies of the AI are predetermined based on the historical battle and scale up and down in numbers and weapons according to your army.
  15. This doesn't make sense to me, Andre. There is no score system or different types of victories in the game. It's complete binary. Win or lose. Well draw too I suppose. Meet the criteria of win or draw or you lose. The initial bridge objectives for the CSA must all be held in order to not lose the battle.
  16. Not sure why you'd expect attacking head on to be any less than a bloody affair. The whole point of doing flank attacks Irl and in the game is to reduce casualties and punch through the enemy line more easily. This isn't a bug, it's a feature :).
  17. You realize the victory conditions are in the top right corner?
  18. Not right off the bat, no. Perhaps is the answer I remember.
  19. Why didn't the Union arrest all southern officers instead of "honorably" let them join the rebel forces. It seems that would have saved a lot of trouble. Once Lee decided not to lead the Union army f.x., have the man arrested on the spot.
  20. Jonny is the one fiddling around with supply wagons
  21. No, you can lose any battle and still continue unless your reputation drops below 0. That's probably op's problem, having spent his reputation and then lost more than he had in storage and was fired from command.
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