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  1. Don't add in a "new" mode, just throw it in port with the rest of the battles. My problem is Open World KILLS immersion for me, I had a lot more fun in sea trials not sailing around at 50mph. Plus you were guaranteed to fight with players and with no consequences (although a lot of people still ran from the fights for some reason...) which made for some pretty fun fights.
  2. I like the idea of bringing back sea trials but I don't think you should earn anything from it, nor should you lose anything from it (as you do currently in the "battles").
  3. I want to have some piraty/naval sounding harpsichord music to add to my sailing soundtrack. If anybody knows of any I'd be glad to add it
  4. I'm not sure it's being fully understood what DW is experiencing. -He hasn't redeemed his ships yet. -They only show up in the redeemables tab on the EU server. -Nothing shows up on the US server. It was to my understanding that the redeemables were available on any server until redeemed, correct?
  5. Is it possible to fix this problem? I got my redeemables across all the servers until I redeemed them.
  6. Maybe to get around the conquest people you could make it so anyone from any server can join a port battle and conquests on both servers are linked.
  7. I was ignoring this problem but since I'm forced to play on PVP 2 (due to an 11 hour wait on PVP1) I'm back to being a bit frustrated with it. What if you only allow people to swap servers once a week? Similar to how teleport to capitol works. Playing with friends will still be a pain in the butt, but much less of one. I don't like taking steps backwards and I feel many of the newcomers might be discouraged when they are unable to join the server they spent hours working on over the past few days only to have to start over again to-day.
  8. And unfortunately we can't have our progress saved to join other servers. I have to choose starting completely over or waiting 11.5 hours to play
  9. Oh. Well, thanks for the nice comments everyone
  10. I started doodling the Victory last night and the picture turned out looking pretty good. So I did another to-day of the Belle, figured I could share them with you guys
  11. OW is pretty much all 3rd person, unless you use the free cam.
  12. Red Orchestra 2, War Thunder, I don't play a lot of games requiring you to buy things or gain XP but I'm sure it's just about every game that includes XP and unlockable/buyable items.
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