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  1. Well hello there Mr. WC/Prussian

  2. well you may be in luck, i could start a clan. i am in adelaide, also what nation are you?
  3. if i post it here well. what i like about the game is how it has progressed with graphics, historic resemblance and physics, the community you have created and the diversity in ships. what i dislike is only one thing, the things i have to do to even be able to purchase the game. what could be improved i would say nothing at the moment because i have not been able to play the game to see any faults.
  4. i have sent the email got a email back, and they told me to read the rules, done so then to reply on the forums what i like, dislike and think should be approved but i dont know where to reply to D:
  5. ive got my reply back, apparently i have to reply on a forum what i like, dislike and think could be changed for a link to the store. i dont know where to reply tho D:
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