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  1. Die Trinco soll freigeschaltet werden, wenn das Spiel zu einem dauerhaft niedrigen Preis angeboten wird. Soweit ist mein aktueller Stand. Mag sein,dass sich auch wieder was daran geändert hat. Alles möglich. SOON!
  2. Sagte er und wechselte mit seinem Clan nach Russland! Auch wenn er persönlich ja „aufgehört“ hat zu spielen!
  3. D..... L..... C..... R..... E... o.... G.... P.... o... P.... C.... C...
  4. Sounds like you were too far away from them or you had a bad angle! Try to use the hold fire buttons, till you reached a good position!
  5. I played the mission few min ago. I had a Hermione vs. 3 Suprises. I demasted almost every ship to 1 Mast left. So they couldn’t do anything agsinst my transportship, I managed to capture two of the surprises before transport reached the escape zone!
  6. Grape is pretty strong after last patch. Ship will sometimes surrender when they are under fire from tow ships at same time with balls. Most important thing is, to have a good officers and boarding weapons, to fight against biger ships with more crew. You can board 1 ship with 2 smaller ships at same time.
  7. 2. Reworked grapeshot damage. It affected other things related to crew damage: boarding and musket shooting on ships. We are going to continue to balance based on your feedback. Okay, here my personal feedback. Imo, grapshot damage is a bit to high atm, especially when ship had full amor. I m an old NA Veteran, so maybe thats why i think it needs some balance. My suggestion: actual Grapedamage can stay when amor is down to 50% half of actual crewdamage when ship has full amor and double of actual damage when ships has no amor left/ or when structure is
  8. It’s the mission after you captured the 3rd arrogante! But i can send a f11 report If i can find the savegame later.
  9. Check opening post! @sterner Check pls british campaign the bonus mission: treasure fleet! Both indiamans are too fast imo! And had too much crew with boarding mods?!
  10. Is that bug for both missions? Brit and US Campaign? Thx! 👍 We know and we will! ✌️
  11. Thx for checking! Maybe balance the speed, Crew (Numbers) or postion in battle from traders. Both battles are not much fun atm. These kind of battles must be like the mission from UGCW, where you have to capture 3 supply wagons. It’s not easy to take them, but it’s possible without a fight against the US Army! You have decide if you want to fight the enemy troops or not after the captured wagons! o7
  12. Not really, i think it depends on crew numbers, crew xp, officer skills, cannons and upgrades.
  13. In the britsih campaign, if you were able to board the 3rd rate, you have access to a boni mission called treasure fleet, there you have to hutn and capture 2 trader ships. My problem is: 1. im not able to catch them because of slow ships(with cannons) in my fleet. 2. if i unmount cannons to be very fast, i dont have the numbers of crew to board them. biggest ship is diana class for me. Not sure, what boarding mods they use, its makes no sense to try a fight against over 400 men on the traderships. And this is on easy mod. Or am i missing anything in the campaign to fi
  14. No, check spam folder or search manual for xsolla mails! For me it took only few seconds.
  15. U got 2 emails? install launcher / login with xsolla account, type key to install game in launcher. Its not a steam key.
  16. I think, it was 60 points Reputation to keep her!
  17. I tried that mission few times, but i was never able to capture the Arrogate. Any Ideas, if its possible? And what would be the best tactic to take her. In my Case i had 2 Hermiones.
  18. Und woher bekommt man die Reals um die Books überhaupt kaufen zu können? Es gibt immer den Einen... 😜
  19. Join a Clan in your Nation, don’t sail alone. If you have any DLC Ships, Hercules, Requin, Hermione, use them, easy to replace! There are 2 different PVP Patrolzones every few days, try them. Otherwise use Shallow area to sink some players in traders or small ships! Dont grind your ranks only with sinking bots! They are stupid and it will be boring after you get how bots are working(sailing/shooting). Good luck! o7
  20. Thx for shared information! After many problems with xsolla and an other ea game, I will wait for steam release. Not in mood to work again with Xsolla!
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