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  1. November 2019 HMS Leopard is coming to Naval Action Steam Store this month. Class - Portland class 4th rateNominal guns - 50Max Caliber - 24lb long guns/42lb carronadesCrew - up to 400
  2. To be honest, I don’t know how many players are online on PVE Server at primetime. Its not a question about any promises who made years ago, it’s a question of money! If both servers will be low for longer time in future, I guess there is no other solution to keep the game alive. Ask the US, Aussie guys, when Global and EU Server were merged! Now they are playing with a damn high ping, but they still play this game. Map is too big for 300-400 players! Ow is empty, but Devs will probably find a way, to keep game alive.
  3. If only PVP Server gets the Loki Runes in future! Why not giving NPC Aggressions only to PVE Server! If the whole PVE Server want only to fight against them, give them a feeling to get hunted by AIs! P.S. if you press TAB in battle, you can see if it’s a Loki Player or AI! But don’t forget, it’s sometimes easier to sink a player instead of an AI who will snipe your stern from far far away with single shots!
  4. LOL Choose your targets wise, take enough repairs! What’s the problem? Loki Rune users cant repair, don’t have marines! Play smart and you never lose a valuable ship! What ships are not valuable??
  5. Why are the LGVs overloaded? And still so fast? If the port get a raid, game raise the BR from 2500 to 3000. WTF... Why? And the Raiderfleet BR ist still higher than Fake Port BR. Surprises and LGVs with 440 men? bug? or feature?
  6. https://tenor.com/view/minionslol-gif-4519855
  7. Shipmodels and damage on ships looks great! I like the big map and hunting players on open world. Best DLCs for me, Painter and Flags! For now, I only play NA, because I haven’t found a new game, where I can spend 1000‘s of hours! List with disliked Things would be much longer! I miss the good old NA in 2016 , with a full sever, trading, crafting and my old crew!
  8. Falsche Behauptungen? Das sind Tatsachen... aber wahrscheinlich warst du zu diesem Zeitpunkt wo Cid davon erzählt hat, ausgeschlossen aus dem Council, wegen deinem Benehmen... was wahrscheinlich dem Alter geschuldet ist.
  9. Ich weiß, ich war dabei... Keine Ahnung, ich weiß nix von Drama bei bl4ck oder Piraten.
  10. Hast du etwa schon wieder Ferien oder was? Irgendeinem Mist... ja nee is klar... das nennt man heutzutage Aufklärung. Beeinflussen, ich habe nur das Recht zur freien Meinungsäußerung genutzt, was die einzelnen Lamas machen, die euren Clanführunstil nicht kennen, ist ihr Ding. So und nun mach deine Hausaufgaben... Schocktroopi
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