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  1. Salty Sails


    Where did the players know, that their opponents do have better upgrades or ships? Are their trading screenshots or talking about in pm about things, like poods, upgrades, shipbuild? You only see, enemy player in ow, rest will be surprise for everyone, and its fine.
  2. Salty Sails


    Where is the longtime motivation for new players? if a beginner captured a trader brig with (random) doubloon drop,can buy all the fancy stuff(upgrades, Skillbooks), and all old veterans tried over months to collect books, like 5 rings? Why not give all new players max rank, so they can sail biggest ships from beginning??? For me, your suggestions sounds more like a joke. Tell me, what should players do ingame for next weeks, months, years? I think, players need motivations like super rare things ingame for longtime fun. BTW. Atm they can do few traderuns and buy super upgrades, i cant see problems to get upgrades, ships etc.!!
  3. Da steht doch PVE Server!!! Beruhigt euch mal wieder.
  4. Salty Sails

    Neuster Stand vom Spiel

    Früher gabs mal deutsche Moderatoren, die regelmäßig Patchnotes und Neuigkeiten der Devs übersetzt haben. Von denen lässt sich niemand mehr blicken, außer um Verwarnungen zu verpassen!😂
  5. Salty Sails

    blame prussia

    Prussia created the first safezone for 1 of the 3 „hardcore“ nations!
  6. English German Aim Zielen Fire Feuer Ready Fertig/Bereit Charge Angriff Retreat Rückzug Die Stirb Kill them all Tötet sie alle Double Quick (Run) Rennen March Marschieren Forward Vorwärts Halt Stopp Form line Linie bilden In column In Kolonne Hold position Haltet die Position Form square Bildet ein Quadrat Reload Nachladen Save yourselves Passt auf euch auf Deploy(deploy cannons) Macht die Kanonen bereit Now We will all die Jetzt werden wir alle sterben Something like this...
  7. Salty Sails

    Port Quests

    There are so many ow fleets, you don’t need to hide in mission. The rewards are not worth it atm, but this will be changed till final game. Till today, i finished only 2 of my 10 missions. All in pvp. A mission should not be the main target, it’s more a boni for doing something in open world.
  8. Salty Sails

    Bot fighting safety guide

    Don’t forget, learn to read the combat news! 😂 If players would learn to read the combat news, they would know, where it is dangerous. But most players sailing brainless/afk with their consti classic or Christian. So it’s not my fault when they are crying in forums or nation chat, when they lose their best ships. BTW. I don’t care about if the enemies it’s a new player or an old player. Since you can’t see the rank and name. Sink them all, or try it at least. Playerbase is down, so you will be happy about every enemy or fight in ow where u can join.
  9. Du meinst also wenn ein Rentner sich das Spiel kauft, deine Übersetzung nimmt und weiß was Crew bedeutet??? Mmmhhh okay.👍
  10. Salty Sails

    Crafting question/discussion

    you Don’t like to sink 2-3 ai Trader each day? You don’t have time in battles to loot enemy ships?? You don’t have time to sail to ports and buy wood? And you don’t have time to loot your shipwrecks from sealed bottles? BTW. What exactly are you doing in your 2 or 3 hours playtime?
  11. 1. Vorschlag Serverauswahlbilfschirm. Eingenommen??? Echt jetzt? Wie wäre es mit gekapert oder erobert?? Aus Crew würde ich auch Mannschaft oder Besatzung machen beim letzten Bild. Ansonsten sieht’s doch aufn ersten Blick ganz gut aus.
  12. Salty Sails

    Crafting question/discussion

    You can also get good woods from sealed bottles(teak, live oak, White oak). You don’t have to build pvp ships, sometimes its easier to capture a good pvp ship from other players, than craft it by yourself. You get alot of doubloons from ai Trader and from sunken ships in pvp. If you have enough doubloons, you can find good pvp ships in admirality store. Better waste 7000 doubloons for a bellona, than craft it by yourself, if you are not in a Clan. Lineships should be very hard to craft. BTW. Alot of ports are Open for all, so set sail and buy the woods, you need for crafting ships.
  13. Salty Sails

    Free ports must drop repairs

    Upppps... sorry!😂