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  1. Sogar mich dulden sie da ab und zu!
  2. You know, that you can get now naval clocks In admiralty???
  3. Explain what is outnumbered? Are you trying to tell me, 25 noobs should win against 10 veterans? Because they bring more numbers to PB? 😂
  4. So, why should it an automactly win in a PB, only when you bring numbers 1/3 or 1/2? I don’t get it! If you think PBs are timesink, don’t join! There were a lot of battles won with lower numbers in PBs.
  5. Because its hard enough to find enemies in open world, if you are in an alliance, its much more harder to find them, because you cant attack allies?! Another example: you are playing in french nation, you a sourrounded by enemies, dutch, sverige and denmark, and your allies usa and spain are too lazy to come and help. thats a fact.
  6. The problem is, its called a War Server, not carebear alliance Server.
  7. You are a Tester, so why not test without any compensations. LOL
  8. You can find them in open world or in patrol zones. You don’t need allies for good battles. They can join now on your side if they want.
  9. What RVR? Almost every port is now the same without rare resources or refits! You can put every damn forrest in every port! So, tell me, what are your goals now in RVR?
  10. It’s called War Server, so a big NO to Alliances. You took so many content away, with a alliances system, you can attack less players. So, Whats the point in playing NA in long Terme. No rare Reaources, no trading, no Important regions, no special trims Or Woods. With alliances sytem you will have xx % less enemies on a War Server!
  11. Upgrades? I thought, the new upgrades from admirality, should close the gap, between players with best upgrades? Aren´t the new upgrades not the same like, ellite french or cartagena refit?
  12. You will find frustration in every game, you will die or lose something, but you dont stop playing right, its part of a learning process, to get a better player. Btw. i captured my art of cargo distribution book from an enemy in his basic cutter. You dont need first rates to capture shallow ports and you can win PBs without first rates, with mixed fleets and capping circles. RVR in a clan to capture deep water ports is part of end game content for now.
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