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  1. Is it possible, that every player gets a Leopard Note for free? Just for testing before wasting money?
  2. Soweit ich weiß gibt’s auf dem PVE Server einen großen deutschen Clan bei Spanien. Hast schonmal im Nation Chat nach Hilfe gefragt oder nach Mitspielern?
  3. Frag nicht was dein Land für dich tun kann, frag lieber, was du für dein Land tun kannst.
  4. In few years we had so many good suggestion to save new players in their first weeks. We had the newbie region in bahamas, we had an oversized reinforcement zone with magic 15 Knts 1st rates! We had ideas to make the whole gulf of mexico a PVE only area. It’s not in our hands to save new players. It’s up to devs decissions if they are able to code some usefull mechanics! Btw. You cant see on open world, if the player is a new one, an alt account or a veteran. Every PVP Player is happy to find other players in an almost empty open world.
  5. Same thing should be done to help the US guys against the rats nightcrew. But shame to Devs, not every region have a freetown.... So, happy hunting poor us guys... sometimes are you the hunter, sometimes you are the target. Nothing new...
  6. The Brits owns so many ports! No need to sit in front of KPR. So many shallow ports, where no enemies are passing by. Learn to read the combat news, never sail afk! Just 2 simple lessons.
  7. They can learn the Basics on the PVE Server. Or they can join a Clan with some Veterans who can teach them. No need to make a War Server safe for new players.
  8. https://imgur.com/HA9KQoz
  9. You should tell us, wich server and what Nation. Would be very helpfull... o7
  10. If you start a new game, try the character name: Ferio, you will get a decent boni for an easier start. 9-10 tribe members, 3000 skillpoints for what i heard. Try to kill your enemies very quiet, like in assassins creed, if you know that game, its not like RDR or call of juarez.
  11. Maybe, it would be good, to get an option to call your horse, so it will show up nearby your player or in a close area. In RDR2, you can whistle, to call your horse. So maybe, if its possible, give players an option to call it.
  12. I watched a video from a german guy, he had a problem with horses too. Everytime he logged in, there were more and more horses in his camp. Check the start and first minute on this video. Dont know, if its a known issue. Just for info.
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