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  1. wtf, why is it possible to capture 1st rates and lower in missions or from OW fleets on pvp server? @admin
  2. Salty Sails

    Probleme mit AI-Kampftaktik aber 5rd

    So mache ich das immer beim PVP?! Wusste garnicht dass diese Taktik auch beim PVE funktioniert!😂
  3. Salty Sails

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Trying to find players for fair PVP fights on open world in Naval Action!
  4. Salty Sails

    Finding PVP

    1. Learn to read combat news. 2. PBs are a good place to find pvp. 3. Use Freeport’s for your outposts. 4. Read the map, find ports with high taxes. 5. If you found ports with high taxes, watch out for trading routes between this port and other important ports or capitals. 6. You can ask peoples in global chat if you want a 1 vs 1! With sinking or without, depends on both players. 7. Sail to capitals from enemies, you will find battles, enemies and maybe some new friends.
  5. Salty Sails

    [pictures] the complete guide to ship-skins [Update 9.97]

    Outlaw Paint for Pirate Frigate! ❤️
  6. Salty Sails

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Hey Elric, explain me pls, how can I see in ow, if the enemy is curse or a marauder? If I see an ow battle, I can only see the BR! Sure, sometimes there is only a low rank pirate in my battles, but I don’t care. It’s an enemy player. I also attack players in basic cutter( best smugglership ever), doesn’t matter if recently killed or not! PVE Pirates are ganking trader brigs with bellona and other big ship, when I jump in this battle, they called me ganker!😂 so, what is wrong with you guys around MT? Sometimes, I think, I m more pirate in Prussian nation, then I was in pirate nation. It’s kind of economic warfare, if you are on the hunt at trading routes. It’s not a problem from new or low rank players, most of them are fighting brave till the end, without crying in chats. It’s a problem from old players or high rank players, sometimes they sailing afk, sometimes indiamanfleet without cannons, sometimes undercrewed or without any repairs or rum. After they lost their ships and cargo, start crying in nation or global chat.🤔 But again, it’s not my fault!
  7. Salty Sails

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    After a Shoppingtour in Gustavia, sverige coastguards tried to hunt us down... but too slow or not enough skill to catch us, same like in the good old days, when island harbor or hat island was a freetown.
  8. Salty Sails


    Try it with pvp!
  9. Salty Sails

    Possible Alt tagging in the Safe Zone

    An now, you will go tribunal everytime, when you join a battle in Reinforcementszone and the pirate did not call the Reinforcements??? I had alot of fights in this zone, and not every players calls it, not only new members. I know the british player, he would never use an alt account, if you ever had one. We all know, you have to attack a player, that the big carebear pirates leaves their capitalzone. Malkiro always wants fights, he dont care about losing ships. Its clear, you from 5X have some kind of paranoia. case closed for me
  10. Salty Sails

    Selling Fine German Technology

    don’t buy ships from traitors!!! Jonas will always be with you if you sail this ship!
  11. Salty Sails

    Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Salty Sails

    Kurländer Kaper

    Worin besteht jetzt genau die Veränderung bei euch? Ihr bleibt Schweden, seid auf dem selben TS? Clantag immernoch HREKK???
  13. Salty Sails


    Wenn du deine Fähigkeiten erstmal wieder in Ruhe mit PVE auffrischen willst und du eine deutsche Community haben willst, geh zu den Schweden.
  14. Salty Sails

    [KINGS] formieren sich wieder

    Bis jetzt niemand gesehen ausser diesen Fireshiptroll MD... irgendwas!