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  1. thanks i'll try some of these ideas.
  2. Since the last update my troops cannot capture the chapel in the Snatch mission. No matter how many men i have on it (and the total absence of any spanish) the flag won't turn red Is anyone else noticing this? Could it be a bug with the latest update?
  3. Can anyone share how they are winning in the above mission? I'm going in with three frigates and a third rate with full crews, upgrades and the best cannon they can carry. a) I can't seem to deal with the sheer number of enemy ships b) the two SOL seem unbeatable to my puny fleet! My guns don't penetrate their hulls but if I go close their broadsides blow me away. I also can't board them as their crews are bigger and better. After five or six goes i'm just skipping the mission Any advice would be appreciated
  4. Thanks that's good to know. Is there anything in the game that explains which ships are suitable for each battle?
  5. Hello, Apologies if I've just missed something obvious, but I was able to capture the Arrogante 3rd rate SOL and add her to my fleet but cannot deploy her for any of the subsequent missions. The ship is greyed out from the rest of the fleet on the mission map screen. Is there anything I need to do in order to actually use the ship? Am wishing I hadn't spend the prestige points to get it!
  6. Hello, I've noticed that once I've equipped boarding tools my ship takes no casualties from boarding (except from enemy musket fire) and causes either very slow casualties or no casualties at all to the enemy (except when my men hit them with musket fire), making boarding very slow or totally ineffective. Does anyone know if this is a bug?
  7. No problem, thanks for the reply. Loving the game.
  8. Hello, I can't move infantry over either of the bridges in the mission Crossfire, meaning I can't complete it. The troops get about one third of the way over the bridge then stop. I can order them back off the way they came but they will not pass over the bridges. Has happened the last three times i've played the mission. Has this happened to anyone else?
  9. Excellent, really looking forward to seeing where this game goes
  10. Thanks for the reply. That's a shame but not unexpected! It's actually running ok now on medium settings with my computer's boost function running.
  11. Hello, I was a huge fan of UG Gettysburg and Civil War so I've bought this game too. It really looks great and I'm sure it'll be an excellent game. I checked the requirements and thought Ultimate Admiral would run ok on my computer and took the risk. Unfortunately I've encountered two problems: the sound in and out of battles is frequently "tearing" quite severely and framerate is so bad that the game is almost unplayable at times. My computer has Intel Core i5-6300HQ, an Nvidia geforce 940mx card and 8GB RAM. Would be grateful if someone with better knoweldge than me could expl
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