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    Steam Local Content deleted

    Hello, I'm playing Naval action via Steam like a lots of ppl. I had a huge PC issue, so I format my c:/ and because some data was corrupted I uninstalled and reinstalled some steam game. After launching back the game, no trace of my nickname. I created a new one, on the same server&nickname and of course nation. I have my experience&ranks but empty gold&ships&outpost and upgrade. WTF is that ?!? Any chance to get back my stuff ? Regards D.L.R
  2. De La Rose

    Steam Local Content deleted

    Heya ! A friend of mine patch and correct the Steam Local integrity game cache and it's OK !!! All my stuff is here ! Thanks dev for your time&advice. \o/ (PS : Guess we can lock the topics)
  3. De La Rose

    Steam Local Content deleted

    Hello Ink, Report done. Best regards DLR
  4. De La Rose

    Steam Local Content deleted

    Yep positive, no sign of any begining of stuff in all servers...
  5. De La Rose

    Steam Local Content deleted

    Yeah Ink exactly... When I log back, no more Character... So I created the same : De La Rose and ofc course no more stuff Btw I have my rank&craft level. I just check my integrity game cache it seems ok.
  6. De La Rose

    National Territories after the Map wipe

    wow huge change incoming
  7. De La Rose

    WAR PHOTOS! French v Dutch

    Nice battle ^^ o7
  8. De La Rose

    Atmosphère atmosphère...

    J'espère juste que DesMoines va s'éclater coté Pirate car finalement c'est le principal. Après je ne suis pas spécialement d'accord avec PYR, perso je trouve l'ambiance fun et correct sur le TS&jeux. Après clairement en soirée RVR il faut des leaders et une certaine discipline pour être efficace. Et parfois en effet ca "rale" et "naise". Je peux comprendre qu'après une journée de work tu n'es pas envie de cela ^^ Cheers
  9. De La Rose

    Official declaration of alliance between GB and the US

    Nothing new here Cheers !
  10. De La Rose

    Suggestion about navigation instrument (with example)

    Sound good for me
  11. De La Rose

    Spanish Language interface, imagine how may be.

    Not so bad indeed !!!
  12. De La Rose


    Good fight indeed mate
  13. De La Rose

    Danmark-Norge National Teamspeak

    Great news thx for sharing
  14. De La Rose

    Pirate faction change

    Hello, One of my teamate, CastelConan on Naval Action PVP EU One - Nation France, attacked a friend under the smuggler flag and it changed his faction to Pirates. I just read it's happen to Nial a UK player.... Any chance to fix that ? Any help would be much appreciated. Best regards, D.L.R
  15. De La Rose

    Pirate faction change

    Thanks for the answers mates ^^ Cheers D.L.R
  16. Nice presentation Cheers D.L.R
  17. De La Rose

    Oh Woe is Me!

    Pirate are so sneaky.... Cheers D.L.R
  18. Bonjour Barberouge, Que de bonnes nouvelles que voila. L'expérience des Trader me parait sympa. Un peu de diversité avec un système de Carrière me semble une riche idée ^^ Santé ! D.L.R
  19. De La Rose

    Enemy AI Ships in Missions

    Nice guide thx mate