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  1. I logged out and back into the game and the Conquest Marks re-appeared. However i am very certain i was at 197 and if i earned 4 i should be at 201 not 200. But hey close enough. The main thing was that they disappeared in the first place.
  2. Prior to the patch yesterday i had 197 PVE Marks. Today i downloaded the patch and when i logged in it had converted to the new Combat Marks. (So 197 Combat Marks.) I took a 2nd Lieutenant Mission and went out and killed two "Rookie Snows" and earned 4 more Combat Marks and upon returning to port i now have 0 Combat marks. Instead if 197 + 4 = 201 Combat marks i now have 0, they all have disappeared.
  3. For new and returning players out there who are looking to join a clan in the US Faction, TDA is certainly among the best to join. I would advise working together from the very beginning and the best way to do this is by becoming a clan affiliate.
  4. Hey there Tac, At 1000 hours and crafting in the high 40's i'm sure any clan would be happy to accommodate you. As far as English-Speaking clans yes of course there's the British Nation, but the US Faction and Dutch have been hospitable for English Speakers as well. Pirates, although you may find a US playerbase it doesn't appear to fit the playstyle you described. Spanish, French, and Danish from my experience have seemed to be more European-based clans and the Swedish i've often seen as acting as a small-gang pvp entity. If you're looking to stay in the British Faction we would love to have you in the SLRN. We are established on both the Global and EU servers and would enjoy someone of your aptitude. We, the SLRN have been a clan in long standing with the Naval Action community with many of our members originating back to Sea Trials.
  5. I was away from the game for a few months busy with a career change and getting settled at a new job. During this time i wasn't keeping up to date with the forums and i did not catch the news and announcements for me to create characters on all the servers so that i may be able to start anew on the other servers. I have been a long time player of Naval Action and have seen the game through some of the busiest and slowest times. I'm an advocate of the game and a participating clan member. I would really like to rejoin my fellow players in the game without being severely disadvantaged to start from the beginning as this would be a great deturrent from the amount of time and effort that i have put into the game thus far. Is there any possible way to have my PVP EU Server account information copied or mirrored onto the PVP Global Server? I wish to have the option to play on both servers, yes but i intend to start anew on the Global Server. Woody051 - Great Britain Current Global Server Current EU Server
  6. Since this new segregation of servers is undoubtedly going to cause some more "solo" time in game perhaps it's time we revisit ideas for mission content for both PVP and PVE. If players have a more difficult time finding or interacting with other players then the game content and fun must be found elsewhere.
  7. The dedicated players are going to be where the highest population is. People have consistently complained for lack of content and lack of engagement. Fewer players = fewer content. This means more empty ocean. Who will be compelled to play a game that takes even longer to find other players? A server where it is even harder to field a full fleet to attack or defend ports with? Fewer clans, crafters, supportive players..? This game thrives on activity because it's essentially a giant sandbox. Interaction between people is a greater portion of what this game needs to be fun rather than doing things solo. What do the devs plan to do when their game takes another player hit and goes down another 100-200 players? Raise the price to buy the game in order to stay afloat? I hope somebody in this company takes this seriously. http://steamcharts.com/app/311310#7d As a player apart of clan leadership which emphasizes on Naval Action it is already an uphill battle to keep our members interested even in a role of a casual player. My hands are already partially tied here as i try to support and advocate your game. My role becomes more difficult as i try and hold a clan together which loses interest in playing daily. As clan leadership we try to promote Naval Action gameplay and content. But if you, the developers keep changing game content like mood-swings it makes our role more difficult. I'm sure i'm not speaking alone here regardless of nation or server when we are trying to make your game thrive and grow and in return we are bombarded by tempered comments and drastic content changes. We want the game to succeed. This is why most of us are still here. This is also why some of us feel compelled to comment on your forums in our hopes that we can give feedback to assist you. But lately we are feeling like we're being let down and that our opinions don't matter or somehow offend you. Give us the tools, support, and game mechanics we desire and you will see this community progress. Give us a reason to continue to fight and advocate for you and your product.
  8. Labor Contracts - What will happen to these in this patch?
  9. I agree The only way i see this "1 Durability" game mechanic to work properly it would mean that the game economy would have to be adjusted in some way, shape, or form. The NPC ship market would need to adjust the ship prices. The item materials costs should be considered. Or the PVP/PVE rewards need to be greater. In my opinion this would be required in order to prevent deterring players from A.) Playing the game and B.) doing PVP. If X Ship costs 2 Million currently and it has 5 Duras then the player gets the security of "durabilities" in their investment prior to either needing or wanting another ship of the same type. 5-4=1 So when that player is on their final durability then he/she would be considering buying or crafting a replacement. Now if we take that same X ship and put 1 durability on it then we are in a different psychology and economy. An active player wants security that if they lose one ship they will have another to replace it in order to continue to play the game. When they had multiple durabilities it wasn't as much an issue as it added value in their investment. With 1 durability ships it would make sense that the player would want more of them "stocked up" in order to feel comfortable in risking them in the game (PVP/PVE) otherwise we would not be as likely to risk doing anything. With a lower durability ship, "ship X" in this example the price value would have to decrease if the durability went from 5 to 1. It would also go very far if the docking space on our player was increased to help with this compensation. From a psychological standpoint a player will feel reserved or deterred from risky actions such as PVP if he/she only has 1 ship of 1 durability. That being said you would expect most players would want 2-3, or 4 of that same ship type in stock if they were to enjoy the game. TLDR: The economy must be changed to fall in line with the ship durability changes. I fear that if the economy is not calibrated for the new ship durability it will result in deterring players from playing and/or preventing them from wanting to PVP.
  10. Will the crafting resources still be valid if we were to start breaking down ships and modules? How will redeemable ships be effected? Will the ships on our accounts that are not redeemed still be there? Will clan warehouses be effected? Will the admiralty store and flag/banner system be included in this patch? When you say "after a lot of months at sea in x ship you gain experience for that vessel" what perks/advantages do we gain? "Can sail it well" doesn't make sense to me. Are these like the current officer perk's system? Do you intend to give us a larger dock space? If all ships are 1 durability it would logically mean that players would wish to "stock up" on more ships in their inventory. However with the current docking space available it is already difficult to maintain a full variety of ships on your player. If ships go to 1 durability then i would hope that we can receive additional ship slots to dock them with.
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