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  1. Whatever; you weren't 'protestesting' when things where going your way, you are 'protestesting' when they don't. It's all semantics.
  2. Thank you Niko. Brits and Spaniards should stop bitching and moaning. It's a wargame sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The emotional crap is what it is .... bs. Rather energize the fights which happen instead of crying over the ones that don't.
  3. Abuse of numbers and timezone capability.... We could ridicule this but we won't, there is no need.
  4. 16 Pages of emotions and all this about a wargame. Spain attacked the allied Dutch, Spain chose to declare war to the Brits. Brits hit back. End of story.
  5. You call it easy, we call it neutralizing an opponent in a well played campaing. Our playerbase is not representative for our RvR fleet size. According to the number of votes casted in the first voting round, the GB playerbase populates the PvP1 server for about 35%. This percentage is for a large part active outside the EU primetime. Using a timer is not an exploit, attacking an undefended port is not our fault but your own. We acknowledge the courage of many Spanish Captains, the isolation of your position and the lack of allied assistance. Peoples choice to stay or leave based is often based on many motivations. Sure enough for some losing a game can be one of them, but surely these are not are the brave. A game can't be balanced in any other way than equal opportunity. A major improvement is equal opportunity. This could possibly achieved by blocking flagpulls against a nation when that nation is already in a PB fight with another nation (for example: 1 fight per nation at the same moment. We do not pretend anything - we just do it. Thats not arrogance its perceverance and the will to win.
  6. And again your memory is selective - Bani defended 3x, Azua defended 5x etc etc etc.. After Jacmel western Hispania was abandoned for tactical reasons. If you don't like to take undefended ports than leave em alone.
  7. 1: Yep just like 90% of your timers are not reachable to players from all other continents other than Europe. 3: No players ruin this game - this game is still in its test phase, Some mechanics work for the better some don't. The very reason gamemechanics change overtime, including porttimers.
  8. This graphic shows that the most players (all nations) are on between 18:00 to 24:00 and the most porttimers are set right after server maintenance. I don't understand what the challenge is but your timers stats do confirm the porttimer setting percentages I already mentioned. So whats the challenge?
  9. You can believe all you want but Brit timers are divided the clock round and set to what the British nation believes to be a tactical setting, taking our USA/AU playerbase in account. By setting the timers 24/7 we facilitate players,regardles of there timezone. 25% of timers are set between 24:00 and 08:00 (USA time - many timers set on this time involve the Mexican Gulf) 50% of timers are set between 08:00 and 18:00 (EU/AU time - many timers set on this time involve the Mexican Gulf) 20% of timers are set between 18:00 and 24:00 (EU/USA time) 5% of timers are not set. Approx 35 to 40% of our playerbase is USA/AU the exact numbers are unknown The British Nation, according to the voting grid, populates about 35% the PvP1 server. The above percentages are aproximates, based on simple derivations. If anyone can argue different numbers based on known stats I would welcome that. Afterall I can be wrong but sofar nobody showed up. As for the choice of your words; I realise that sticking ones neck out when representing a nation may trigger personal attacks and insults because of the choices made by the playergroup of that nation. However there are limits to what is acceptable and you crossed a line for the second time here. Whatever you may think of me personally, many of us lost loved ones due to this terrible decease. Try to realise this before making such incredible heartless remarks or making a threat to physcally attack a person. This is just a game played with some roleplay,on a forum. Nothing more and nothing less.
  10. More than 26 portstimers are on open on Spanish prime time out of which 5 don't even have a timer and at least 15 of them are in reach of a Spanish fleet. Another 25 ports have been set on American timers so the South American players have something to do and can enjoy the opposition of the US/AUS based players. Take a look here. As you can see the British nation is open for business 24/7. The only nation which actually facilitates all players from Indonesia to Greenland to South Africa to Japan to Buenos Aires. We provide every player with a chance to start RvR. When do you get it? We don't want to fight a Spanish fleet - we are done with the kiting and shootin sailz.
  11. I resent the above as I do some of the other posts in this forum. I'm confident, knowing the players who are active as the British Council, they also reject this level of toxism. Our Spanish opponents are players like us and everybody else. We want to fight them in game and a bit of roleplay/sarcasm is fine but should have his limits. I visited Spain over a dosen times and have always been impressed by their history, culture and their passionate character. Having that said; We are on on our nations TS every night (the TS is known to your diplo and if not he can PM me), I encourage the Spanish diplos to visit our TS to renegotiate the Spanish position. You are welcome as always in your embassy,
  12. It's about the reality of Brits being attacked on 3 fronts by 5 nations and formulating a strategic answer. We resolved it with the perceverance and game mechanics to our disposal, You may not like it but thats how it is. We offered a very resonable solution but your nations major clans decided not to accept a simple peaceful solution which would have prevented all this. Knock on their door, not ours. We gave you 13 ports, peace and quiet in the past. Your major clans decided to declare a war. All the rest is drama. You can't declare a war and expect nothing to happen (besides the fact that this a wargame). Threats are dealt with. Again, your major clans decided to decline an oppertunity and to opt for a war instead. The rules of war are simple: you fight and end up winning or loosing.
  13. Over the last 6 weeks the Brits have: 1: Proclaimed a unilateral declaration limiting actions against Spanish ports. All Brit RvR players showed great restraint to not attack Spanish ports. 2: This unilateral declaration was, after 3 weeks of relative peace, changed into a the 'Three Admirals treaty' extending our own declaration in a bilateral peace, all parties involved followed that treaty to the letter. 3: When the 'Three Admirals treaty' ended, multiple attempts where made to extend the treaty, initially by the Spaniards and later on by the Brits. Spanish council refused to continue despite our warnings we no longer would hold back due to the changed political situation of 5 v 3 nations 4: Spain declared war, Britain reacted. As far as I'm concerned the Brits have presented a courtagous and an empathatic stance during the duration of their own unilateral declaration and the 'three admirals treaty'. These actions, asking a lot of restraint from the GB playerbase, was for the benifit of the Spanish players, the game itself itself and sure enough to appease our diplomatic relations with our allies. I'm sorry you and other players with you find it difiicult to play the game you like to play, due to the British territorial offense. But keep in mind that it has been your own council which chose a path they knew in advance, would lead to a British reaction. We truly hope the next patch will include new mechanisms with makes life for the starters a bit easier. A correct Spanish translation of this post would be appreciated so all Spanish players understand what lead to this and for what reasons.
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