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  1. Ive really noticed that if you want to try and make historically inspired designs of say Nevada, Cavour, or KGV you are penalized for no logical reason. Several cruisers, battleships, and even a few destroyer models had this practice of a few of their main gun turrets had a different number of rifles and I've found nothing really that says this barrel arrangement was detrimental. As it stands in the game, if you try and replicate such ships you are penalized even though each gun is the same caliber and size. This really kills ladder aiming for some reason and the ammo pool is for some reason all not one thing. I believe this also hurts you if you have Wing and Centerline guns. Even though we know full well the German BCs at Jutland suffered no accuracy difficulties at Jutland due to wing mounted turrets. As a side note Id very much like if the battleships volleyed and not just fired the guns off as soon as they reloaded. Here's some historical examples. USS Nevada herself, B and I believe Y turret are both doubles while A and X are triples. Her Italian counterparts Andrea Doria and Cavour actually had an exact similar layout. They did suffer accuracy issues but not from the gun arrangement. http://i.imgur.com/YbL8z9V.jpg And maybe the most famous example is KGV. From everything I've read and watched about the class is the unreliability of the Quad turrets, which are mostly just a quirk of Quad guns, but her accuracy as a ship seemed more than adequate.
  2. Does anyone else find it jarring to see some of the names used in the 1890s? I know now we can rename ships ourselves, but really we just need some better name lists to start with. It's not a difficult fix and shouldn't be too laborious. The Germans have it worse than the British in my opinion, but I'm sure there are examples on both sides. Admiral Scheer made his name at Jutland in WWI, and yet we have 1890s and 1900s ships called that. The worst is transports having battleship names. I'm sure there any many people on here who would be happy to contribute historically accurate or at least ambiguously plausible ones. Why don't we work on some lists and hand them off to the devs for an update? Would anyone be interested? Are there any name list updates planned @Nick Thomadis?
  3. Hi smoll forumites! I have created this thread for the sole purpose for allowing peeps to showcase any designs for ships NOT related to UA:D directly (so as in no ships made in UA:D) but ship designs that you may have created from various eras (for example from 1650-2020). These can be in the form of 3d models, line drawings, shipbucket style ships, hand drawings etc. They don't have to be real designs, but based off various warships that did and didn't exist or never made it (yes you can use wows and warthunder as points of reference if you want to). Also this thread doubles as a little chat area, we have the forum bar on wurld of danks so makes sense to have something similar here! Ill post an example of a ship i made earlier. Loyal Class Battleship Full load: 22,500 Normal load: 19,500 Primary Armament: 345mm 2x2 13.5inch. Secondary Armament: 178mm 6x2 7inch. (Both sides). 152mm 24x1 6inch casemates. (Both sides) Tetritary Armament: 40mm Hotchkiss Naval Enhanced 14x1 1.5inch. (Both sides). 35mm Maxim-Vickers Autocannon Naval 8x1 1.35inch. Engine Power: 23,500 IHP, 22 Vertical Boilers, 2 Vertical Triple-Expansion Engines, 2 Screws. Armour: Belt: 335mm's. Upper Deck: 223mm's. Deck Extended: 50mm's. Barbettes Main guns: 335mm's. Main Gun armour front: 350mm's. Main gun top armour: 85mm's. Secondary gun turret armour: 203mm's. Belt extended: 105mm's. Upper Belt: 203mm's. Conning tower: 335mm's. Bulkheads: 229mm's. Range: 20-22,000 km or 12427-13670 (Depending on Speed, consumables, condition and route). Complement: 800 Peacetime or 925 Wartime. And images below. Remember the ships don't have to be exact to real life standards and you can mix it up a bit. Also please be noice to each other, makes it easier to apply constructive critism and helps with a happier atmosphere (Which is needed with how things are going in the world and all). Enjoy! 'w'/
  4. UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF POST: Hoi lads. With April fools rapidly approaching i was wondering what the community would like too see ship-wise for the event (Assuming there will be one). I figure it would be a good excuse to add in some of the more unusual ships that existed and potentially see them in game. Going off the theme of the previous fools event i decided to focus on ships from 1870-1905. The ships i want too see are the following: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Texas_(1892) USS Texas. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colossus-class_ironclad Colossus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Inflexible_(1876) Inflexible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ottoman_ironclad_Asar-i_Tevfik Would be a very unique ship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Re_Umberto-class_ironclad Very good looker. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Arminius Again a very unusual ship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiser-class_ironclad Armoured frigate lol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italia-class_ironclad goodin. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ironclad_Redoutable The first all steel ship, historically important https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMS_Kronprinz_Erzherzog_Rudolf Very unusual ship again. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_battleship_Riachuelo Historically important. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARA_Almirante_Brown_(1880) why not lol. Feel free to post what you like too see in this event or future fool events and if it isn't coming this year, then we can use these suggestions for the next or maybe future patches as well. Even if they don't add them into the campaign, playing with them in customs and academy would be fine for me too be honest. Have a noice day! 'w'/ EDIT: Some grammar checks and extra info. 02/12/2021: So since, the devs have announced they will focus more on pre-dreads and similar, i thought it would make sense to update this thread and simply allow people to use this as a place to talk about ships between 1860-1922, of all classes (yes even cv's and soobs). Cheers.
  5. good work first I have a few questions and suggestions, I have been wondering for a long time, as I mentioned in the title, the Scharnhorst class is a ship that I expect to come completely and of course king george V class towers , However, the rudder, propeller and rangefindher animations I mentioned will be added, of course, not in the short term.And I would like to mention that the sinking of the ships is probably a situation that delights all of us so I guess , It would be nice if the ships had more than one animation when they sink, for example if any battery ammunition explodes while sinking, an effect like in the atlantic fleet or if the main ammunition bed explodes and split into two don't you think it's nice By the way, I'm really sorry I don't understand much about this stuff. 😔
  6. The dry docks available in the game is not very good, frankly , Wouldn't it be more logical to have a dry dock model with no water like the reality? something totally like in the picture I know maybe it is an unnecessary thought for now but I think it can definitely be considered for the future this is my opinion
  7. i would love if we could get more british battleship/battlecruiser hull design from the 1940 britain only have 1 battlecruiser hull in 1940 era and it a shame since the british empire have some of the best design in the game Renown-class battlecruiser Courageous-class battlecruiser Queen Elizabeth-class battleship Revenge-class battleship Nelson-class battleship King George V-class battleship
  8. With the wiki and many of our guides becoming outdated, I've put up a new one (Posted over on Steam) which will hopefully answer many of the questions facing new players. I will be adding more content but for now it includes sections on: Nation Selection First Steps Basic Guidance on Port/Sea screens and the Map Combat and Sailing Levelling Making Money Evaluating Ships and sample recommended builds for current meta Equipping ships Solo vs Clan play DLC content guide [Note - Steam has been experiencing issues the past week on its servers that have not been resolved, and new content is taking a long time to load up. If you have problems, they should be resolved shortly, just let it take a minute to load in the meantime]. Edit: The lag/loading issue on community hub content on steam right now is caused by a new text filtering tool they began to implement two days ago. You may be able to fix this problem by disabling the text filter options. To do this click "View" in the top left corner of your steam client, click Settings, click "Account Details," go to "preferences," scroll to text filtering, click "join experiment," disable all the options. If the issue isn't resolved this week I'll put together an alternative form of distributing it. Picture below. Cheers.
  9. @admin This isn't a bitch or complaint post, this is a "hey this would be a nice feature" post. So recently I got myself and some like minded individuals to do a parking job outside a port. We were thinking that maybe if the dev team had some spare time that they might be able to put the top 4ish ships in port as models along the pier? Something like what we have in the pictures I've attached. That would give some idea that the port is inhabited by more than just 1 ship. If the dev team is feeling REALLY ambitious they could take the rest of the ships in the persons docks and park them out further out to sea like what they used to do in the past.
  10. I had the chance to play the game several times today and I will say that it is very nice and satisfies me , I have a few suggestions about the game and these are the things that other players probably want First of all, the ships we know from the world of warships should come to the French tree, I think they are quite aesthetic and beautiful bkz jean bart or alsace.... During the few games I played, I realized that there was only stagnant air, maybe atlantic fleet was playing there are all kinds of weather and we could choose it UAD may be nice to arrive also talking about the ships can be very nice if it comes in odin and scharnhorst ships of russia ... naval flags of countries should change in 1939, as in actual date the sinking animations of the ships should increase, such as turning around or an explosion and the ship breaking up and there really is a topic that I have been obsessed with and been constantly talking about, maybe someone is already angry now the range finders and propellers of the ships do not have animations in my opinion should be at least the range finders I also noticed a strangeness in the intake mechanics when the nose or the stern of the ship got water, neither the nose nor the back was sinking it just lies to the right or to the left, I think this should be corrected thank you if you take the time to read it, i know the game is in early access, i just want to gain something
  11. Hello Guys, I was just playing the custom-battle Gamemode and i thought it would be nice if u can save ur ships so u can use them later oder recontruct them at an other date. I think this would be a good new feature, idk if someone though of this before or even the developer planed on this before. Greetings Mofaya
  12. I was recently wondering how exactly the process of spotting and identifying an unknown ship on the high seas worked during and prior to WW1. I imagine lookouts were stationed on the masts, reporting smoke pillars on the horizon etc. However, how would a crew go about identifying a sighted unknown vessel? Especially in poor conditions or long range, where identification / national flags would be hard to see? Did ships carry something akin to an encyclopedia, like Jane's Warships at a glance? Were they general issue?
  13. ok here is something dreadnought need 4 of each hull types like 4 destroyers 4 destroyers leaders 4 light cruiser 4 heavy cruisers 4 battlecruisers 4 battleships 2 older destroyer and 2 modern destroyer and 2 older destroyer leader 2 modern destroyer leader 2 and older light cruiser 2 modern light cruiser 2 and 2 older battlecruiser 2 modern battlecruiser and 2 older battleships 2 modern battleships for each nation in 1930 to 1940
  14. NOTE: table is only current as of 5/30/2020 NOTE: If you find an error please let me know. Also, if you are looking for a specific ship try using ctrl-F. UA:AOS Stock ship loadouts and Gun stats: Stock ship loadouts: 1st Rate Santisima Trinidad-class (144 gun): Crew: 900 Top gun deck: 40 X 9lber Upper Middle: 36 X 12lber Lower Middle: 34 X 24lber Bottom: 34 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 7.6 Acceleration: 6.8 Turn: 3.1 Bow: 31” Broadside: 39” Rear: 15” 1st Rate Ocean-class (126 gun): Crew: 800 Top gun deck: 26 X 9lber Upper Middle: 34 X 12lber Lower Middle: 34 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 9.4 Acceleration: 7.1 Turn: 3.5 Bow: 25” Broadside: 31” Rear: 12” 1st Rate Victory-class (112 gun): Crew: 800 Top gun deck: 20 X 9lber Upper Middle: 30 X 12lber Lower Middle: 30 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 8.9 Acceleration: 7.2 Turn: 3.7 Bow: 27” Broadside: 35” Rear: 15” 2nd Rate Berfleur-class (90 gun): Crew: 700 Top gun deck: 26 X 18lber Middle: 32 X 24lber Bottom: 32 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 9.6 Acceleration: 7.1 Turn: 4.2 Bow: 25” Broadside: 31” Rear: 12” 3rd Rate Bellona-class (78 gun): Crew: 650 Top gun deck: 22 X 6lber Middle: 28 X 18lber Bottom: 28 X Long 32lber Max Speed: 8.4 Acceleration: 4.5 Turn: 4.9 Bow: 22” Broadside: 28” Rear: 11” 3rd Rate Ardent-class (68 gun): Crew: 500 Top gun deck: 16 X 9lber Middle: 26 X 18lber Bottom: 26 X Long 24lber Max Speed: 8.1 Acceleration: 4.5 Turn: 5.2 Bow: 20” Broadside: 25” Rear: 10” 4th Rate SoL (68 gun): Crew: 500 Top gun deck: 20 X 9lber Middle: 24 X 9lber Bottom: 24X 24lber Max Speed: 8.5 Acceleration: 5.3 Turn: 6.2 Bow: 18” Broadside: 23” Rear: 9” 4th Rate Constitution-class (60 gun): Crew: 450 Top gun deck: 30 X 6lber Bottom: 30 X 24lber Max Speed: 10.4 Acceleration: 6.6 Turn: 6.4 Bow: 22” Broadside: 27” Rear: 11” 4th Rate 1794 Razee-class (48 gun): Crew: 350 Top gun deck: 22 X 6lber Bottom: 26 X 24lber Max Speed: 9.6 Acceleration: 5.8 Turn: 6.6 Bow: 20” Broadside: 25” Rear: 10” 5th Rate Leda-class (54 gun): Crew: 260 Top gun deck: 26 X 9lber Bottom: 28 X 18lber Max Speed: 9.8 Acceleration: 8.0 Turn: 6.4 Bow: 16” Broadside: 20” Rear: 8” 5th Rate Endymion-class (52 gun): Crew: 340 Top gun deck: 24 X 6lber Bottom: 28 X 18lber Max Speed: 13.0 Acceleration: 7.0 Turn: 6.7 Bow: 17” Broadside: 22” Rear: 8” 5th Rate Dedaigneuse-class (40 gun): Crew: 280 Top gun deck: 12 X 6lber Bottom: 28 X 12lber Max Speed: 10.2 Acceleration: 8.8 Turn: 6.0 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Daina-class (40 gun): Crew: 280 Top gun deck: 14 X 9lber Bottom: 26 X 18lber Max Speed: 7.4 Acceleration: 6.6 Turn: 6.3 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Hermione-class (46 gun): Crew: 200 Top gun deck: 20 X 6lber Bottom: 26 X 12lber Max Speed: 9.9 Acceleration: 7.4 Turn: 6.5 Bow: 14” Broadside: 18” Rear: 7” 5th Rate Unity-class (44 gun): Crew: 240 Top gun deck: 20 X 6lber Bottom: 24 X 9lber Max Speed: 8.1 Acceleration: 7.3 Turn: 6.5 Bow: 15” Broadside: 19” Rear: 7” 6th Rate Porcupine-class (30 gun): Crew: 140 Top gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 20 X 9lber Max Speed: 9.3 Acceleration: 7.3 Turn: 7.0 Bow: 10” Broadside: 12” Rear: 5” 6th Rate Sloop-of-War (28 gun): Crew: 130 Top gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 18 X 9lber Max Speed: 9.5 Acceleration: 8.6 Turn: 7.7 Bow: 8” Broadside: 10” Rear: 4” 6th Rate Cerberus-class (30 gun): Crew: 195 Gun deck: 28 X 9lber Max Speed: 7.4 Acceleration: 6.1 Turn: 6.6 Bow: 9” Broadside: 11” Rear: 4” 7th Rate Snow-class (26 gun): Crew: 120 Top Gun deck: 10 X 6lber Bottom: 16 X 6lber Max Speed: 10.7 Acceleration: 7.6 Turn: 7.9 Bow: 7” Broadside: 9” Rear: 3” 7th Rate Armed Sloop (20 gun): Crew: 120 Gun deck: 20 X 9lber Max Speed: 8.7 Acceleration: 7.5 Turn: 7.0 Bow: 8” Broadside: 10” Rear: 4” 7th Rate Brig (18 gun): Crew: 110 Gun deck: 18 X 6lber Max Speed: 11.9 Acceleration: 6.9 Turn: 8.2 Bow: 7” Broadside: 8” Rear: 3” 7th Rate Brig (14 gun): Crew: 120 Gun deck: 14 X 6lber Max Speed: 9.0 Acceleration: 5.7 Turn: 6.9 Bow: 7” Broadside: 8” Rear: 3” Unrated Cutter (12 gun): Crew: 50 Gun deck: 12 X 6lber Max Speed: 13.1 Acceleration: 8.0 Turn: 8.5 Bow: 5” Broadside: 6” Rear: 2” 7th Rate Sloop (12 gun): Crew: 55 Gun deck: 12 X 4lber Max Speed: 12.4 Acceleration: 8.3 Turn: 8.7 Bow: 5” Broadside: 7” Rear: 3” Rough gun stats table: Legend: (B)=Brass; (L)=Long barrel; (S)=Short Barrel; (C,S)=Carrone Carronade; (C,L)=Congreve Carronade; (C,M)=EIC Carronade; lber=pounder All penetration numbers are eyeballed estimates of in-game penetration graphs, Armstrong cannons used for iron cannon values, for accuracy the lower the number the tighter the base shot dispersion Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 4lber 3 86 950 3 24 20 14.5 8 3 1.65 4lber (B,S) 3 72 700 2 22.5 15 4 3 2 2.25 4lber (B) 3 80 950 2 24 20 14.5 8 3 2.6 4lber (B,L) 3 94 1300 3 28.5 26.5 23 16.5 10 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 6lber 5 107 950 7 28 24 15 9.8 5 2.6 6lber (S) 5 89 700 5 25 15.5 5 3.5 2 3.35 6lber (L) 5 133 1150 9 29.5 27.5 22 16 9 1.35 6lber (B) 5 86 950 3 28 24 15 9.8 5 1.65 6lber (B,S) 5 75 700 3 25 15.5 5 3.5 2 2.25 6lber (B,L) 5 100 1300 4 29.5 27.5 22 16 5 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 9lber 7 129 1050 11 29.5 25 19 11.5 5.5 2.6 9lber (S) 7 99 800 7 28 20 8.5 5 2 3.35 9lber (L) 7 145 1250 11 34 32 28.5 20 12 1.35 9lber (B) 7 122 1050 8 29.5 25 19 11.5 5.5 1.65 9lber (B,S) 7 97 800 7 28 20 8.5 5 2 2.25 9lber (B,L) 7 142 1250 11 34 32 28.5 20 12 1 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 12lber 10 150 1050 15 34 29 21 14 6.5 2.6 12lber (S) 10 129 800 13 29 21 8.5 5 2 3.35 12lber (L) 10 175 1250 16 38 37 32 23.5 13 1.35 12lber (C,S) 10 70 700 3 29 19 5 3.5 2 3.7 12lber (C,M) 10 75 800 4 34 27 15 10 5 2.95 12lber (B) 10 129 1050 11 34 29 21 14 6.5 1.65 12lber (B,S) 10 106 800 9 29 21 8.5 5 2 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 18lber 12 172 1150 19 38 27 25.5 17 10 2.6 18lber (S) 12 149 950 17 32 26 14 8.5 3 3.35 18lber (L) 12 200 1400 20 44 40 37 27 20 1.35 18lber (C,S) 12 79 700 5 32 23 6 5 4 3.7 18lber (C,M) 12 92 800 8 38 32 16 12 6 2.95 18lber (C,L) 12 106 950 11 44 40 28 20 11 1.7 18lber (B) 12 150 1150 15 38 27 25.5 17 10 1.65 18lber (B,S) 12 122 950 13 32 26 14 8.5 3 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 24lber 14 193 1150 23 44 37.5 30 20 11 2.6 24lber (S) 14 168 950 21 38 30 14 10 4 3.35 24lber (L) 14 224 1400 24 47 45 40 30 20 1.35 24lber (C,S) 14 106 700 11 38 25 8 6 4 3.7 24lber (C,M) 14 110 800 12 44 35 19 12.5 7 2.95 24lber (C,L) 14 131 950 14 46 44 31 21 12 1.7 24lber (B) 14 172 1150 19 44 37.5 30 20 11 1.65 24lber (B,S) 14 141 950 17 38 30 14 10 4 2.25 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 32lber 17 215 1400 27 47 43 37 25 15 2.6 32lber (S) 17 188 1150 25 44 37 23.5 13 6 3.35 32lber (L) 17 248 1600 28 54 52.5 49 37.5 32 1.35 32lber (C,S) 17 119 700 14 44 27 9 6 3 3.7 32lber (C,L) 17 150 950 18 54 52 36 26 15.5 1.7 32lber (B) 17 193 1400 23 47 43 37 25 15 1.65 32lber (B,L) 17 213 1600 24 54 52.5 49 37.5 32 0.95 Gun Damage Reload (s) Range (yds) Weight Pen@0yd (in) @250yd @500yd @750yd @1000yd Accuracy 42lber 20 236 1400 31 54 50 42 30 17.5 2.6 42lber (S) 20 208 1150 29 46 40 26 15 8 3.35 42lber (C,S) 20 136 800 18 46 33.5 14 9 4 3.7 42lber (B) 20 215 1400 27 54 50 42 30 17.5 1.65 42lber (B,L) 20 213 1600 24 62 58 54 47 36 0.95 68lber (C,S) 24 154 800 22 54 38 16.5 12 7 3.7
  15. So i read a bit about they way that your ship classes work and what are they composed of. I have question however. Will there be any possibility of designing or playing with predesigned auxiliary vessels like minelayers and support cruisers? Also will we be able to give roles of those vessels to our ships. For example could i create destroyer-cargo transport hybrid (like destroyer usage during WW2 Pacific by Japan) or give cruiser/destroyer ability to put minefield (something like what orp Gryf was) I assume that tender ships both as a repair ship and as a support seaplane tenders are very hard to implement not to mention make them designable - and therefore will not be the case, am i correct? I also asume that we will be able to create cruiser that has some asw capabilities?
  16. I was going to suggest opening the game to a bit of workshop magic, aka letting some of the modder/technically savee players help build out some of the different ships from history. Soleil Royal, Sovereign of the Seas, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese ships all come to mind as nice, pretty ships that would add depth to the game. Obviously these would have to get flushed out by the development team but how it sails and how the moving parts work together could be built by the community to help streamline the introduction of more ships to the franchise.
  17. Since we cannot create own scenarios we have to improvise a bit. Hope people find this little design challenge interesting to participate in. Might be interesting to see what kind of designs we come up when it needs to face multiple challenges. Setting of the scenario (very hypothetical): Russo-Japanese war, July 1904 As part of Weltpolitik policy and deep racial prejudices against Asians, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who had encouraged Tsar Nicholas II towards the expansion in East, become worried whether Russian would succeed in their war with Japanese. War itself, according to Wilhelm II, was also an opportunity to drive further a wedge between Britain (ally, although a passive one, of Japan) and Russia, convincing the later to join the alliance with German Empire. As an attempt to give the Nicolas II a practical support in the ongoing war and also convince Russia that Germany is a reliable partner, Kaiser decides to send one his newest armored cruisers, lunched year ago in 1903, under captain Stresser to aid Russian naval force. Japanese are well aware of the approaching German cruiser and plan an ambush, planning on using a destroyer to lure the heavy cruiser in waiting trap consisting of part of Admiral Togo's fleet in Yellow Sea. However, the destroyer fails to find the german cruiser and instead the german cruiser chances upon a Japanese pre-drednought battleship and two armored cruisers, both part of Japanese 1894 purchase from Britain shipyards. Convinced on the superiority of his crew, officers and ship instead of disengaging Captain Stresser orders fire. Unbeknown to both sides the battle interacts the path of 4 Japanese torpedo boats. The task: Post your heavy cruiser design, with ship details section visible, according to the limitations outlined in this post. Limitations: 1902 CA design (heavy cruiser, I am setting design year 1902 since the ship was launched in 1903) Range must be set to very long Max cost : 5,300,000 $ You will be fighting two battles 1: vs 1 BB and 2x CL of 1894 (battle distance 5000 meters) 2: vs 4 TB of 1903 design (battle distance 4000 meters). In other words ship must be somewhat multi functional and able to face different kind of enemies.
  18. Hello everyone I was wondering if the shiptype availability at the docks of the admirality is pure coincidental or if the level of available ships rize according to your rank or level of mission? As always thank you for your information.
  19. I know folks have said a Xebec trader would be nice in game. I was thinking a DLC trade ship that can be redeem pretty much any where would be great. Maybe just have it with 2lbs on front and side decks and no other guns and half the crews (125 still high) so that it won't be easy to just rage board, like other shallow trade ships. Being able to just redeem one a day will keep folks from having fleets of them too.
  20. Hi, I recently bought into the EA, following the release of the british campaign, skimming through most of it, but I did play the first mission to the death trying to get the feel for naval combat. As for the experience I am basing this feedback on, I played both UG games, but more importantly I played Naval Action going all the way back to the Sea Trials. Also, unsurprisingly, I am a military history nerd. But to the point. 1) Sailing I find the current implementation of sailing more than servicable. So much so that I do in fact have only major issue with it and that's the ships inertia, changing sail is nearly instant, on which point alright, fine, but the change feels far too quick to affect the ship. Shortening sail from full to almost none will make the ship stop on a dime, and that just doesn't sit right with me. That is, however, a debate on arcade vs sim and I don't know how far you intend to go in either direction, so I am simply gving feedback, hoping to hear back for future reference. Minor annoyances include lack of control over which sails are actually being set (I would at the very least love to see a dedicated option for combat sail and an option to shorten all topsail to reduce list due to wind effects) and the inexplicable enthusiasm of the AI to get itself stranded in the wind. 2) Combat Now I am regrettably not a happy camper in regards to this one. I am impressed by the mechanics regarding ranges and pentration, little can be done to improve that, accuracy of the gunners gets the job done, though at times I find them perhaps too good at their job. Particularly at range. Using Richmond as measure, at a range of 5 or more ships length, absolute majority of the 18 pounders will remain dead on target, which I don't find particularly realistic, considering the size of the ships involved and the level of experience of their crews. My main concern though, lies with the damage model. Like I said, I played the first mission to the death, I tested every angle, every range, every type of shot. First of all what kind of mythical heroes am I playing against here? I have the enemy sloop to my leeward, he's stranded in the wind, armour stripped, I am raking him bow to stern, he lost his mizzenmast, most of his guns, is taking on water and yet he will not strike. While I certainly applaud his bravery, it just seems a little too much. Is this an intentional mechanic to force players into aggressive boarding actions rather than playing it safe with a ranged engagement as a tactic for capturing enemy ships? If so I am certainly no fan of it. If not, it needs significant adjustment. If a ship takes a broadside that shaves away over a quarter of her armour hitpoints, I certainly don't want to see her just sit there and take 8 more like it. More work on the morale meter perhaps, reflecting the overall state of the ship, her crew, her sails and her armamament, as well as the time period in which this damage was dealt to her. Perhaps not to make her outright strike, but to make her susceptible to do so, ie. half-hearted defence of a boarding action, striking after suffering another artillery shock, or striking when suffering further critical damage (losing a mast, taking on water, rudder etc.) In any case, I shouldn't feel like the more predictable result of a gunnery duel is blowing the enemy up rather then surrendering him. Which gets me to, i suppose hitboxes? Or more accurately on hit effects? Now the first hits simply stripping planking I understand, a game mechanic, a good one, it works, I like it. But when the armour chips away there follows a mess. The effect of round shot on ships components is somewhat satisfactory. The damage reflects the angles of impact well and I can say that when I did feel like I've managed a good broadside, I also felt like I was adequately rewarded with good damage. To the ship. The crews, on the other hand, appear to be bulletproof. I'm not expecting to be killing dozens here, but when I pull of a very steeply angled shot, all but raking the enemy ship, with the shot actually going out the other side, so clearly fully penetrating, well when such a broadside takes 5 guns and only 4 enemy crewmembers... something ain't right. When another broadside smashes into the enemy on his uproll, below the waterline, blows a water pump, hits ammo stores, hits a mast, takes out two guns and takes out one crewman, that's just plain wrong. I can take my ship yardarm to yardarm with the battered and now unarmoured AI, load canister, and blast it in from so close his men might as well lean over to try and snuff the fuse, and when that barrage kills a grand total of 0-3 men, something clearly needs to change. This was not a one off. I did this multiple times, tested out different ranges and angles too, different states of armour. The results were always identical. No more than 6 men killed, quite often none. Canister is in fact so ineffective, that the musket fire from the on-board marines does multiple times more damage to crews, and not just over time, but per volley. At point blank ranges, being blasted through with 12 pounders, I would expect the men on those sloops to drop in double digit numbers. Perhaps this is something you deem too extreme for the purpose of the game, in which case I would have to disaggree, perhaps this is something that plays out far smoother on larger ships I have yet to test. At any rate, during my tests in the first battle, these mechanics felt entirely out of tune. 3) Land Combat I haven't done enough of it to comment on mechanics, but one thing I will say is, can we please have more music? Meaning pipes sounding orders, drums for marching, more marching songs... and so on and so forth. I know you already have it present to a degree, but I would like to see it more pronounced over the sound effects ie. the sound of footsteps feels far too loud in comparison to the drum etc. That's about all I have now. I suppose I'll be making more posts as I progress.
  21. Hey devs! Since having personal flags or banners, other than those provided by the DLC, might be impossible, cause the difficulty to implement the high variety of choices by players wanting personal stendarts, wouldnt it be possible to simply add personal names on the stern space of the ship? With maybe a coupe of fonts to choose from and a limited number of charachters.
  22. would be nice if we in age of sails could have a drydock where we could look at ships of all types in a 360 views
  23. So I've noticed that Cruisers, destroyers, and etc. are faaaaar too weak. Their guns dont nearly deal the damage or have the accuracy they should. I feel Cruisers and Destoyers need a massive buff, because a battleship of practically any kind is worth almost a fleet of smaller vessels, where in reality it wasn't this severe. Advanced battleships also are a bit too extreme compared to dreadnoughts. It makes sense for Dreadnought vs Pre-dreadnaught but I feel it's a little bit extreme with Dreadnought vs WW2 era Battleship.
  24. Ahoy there! After much studying of the ships' various speed profiles, I realised that I could use these, together with their default speed values, to calculate how best to escape enemy ships attempting to pursue you. It turns out that almost all ships can escape almost all others, or at least outrun them rather competently on at least one point of sail. Here is a link to the Escapomatrix; my attempt at illustrating these points, unfortunately only going so far as to include the ships available at Master and Commander. I will add more as I progress.
  25. It's simple. Wasa it's actually slower than a Bellona, that makes no sense. At least it should have the same speed as a Bellona.
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