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  1. Yeah, I love the graphs he produced. I also worked a little on sailing profiles and included a discussion on them for each ship in my ship guide ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=640575000 ). I started gathering them in a page for comparison at the wiki ( http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Sailing_Profile ) but never got round to adding the ships of the line. Re your comments on guns, I will play round with the numbers a bit and maybe produce some new metrics detailing different setups on different ships at various distances, etc. It will be a fun challenge to work out a
  2. You make entirely correct points! And it is indeed the case that the armour effectively "immunizes" the larger ships to some extent from the smaller. And as you state for this reason comparisons between far distant ships (multiples of one and one of the other) becomes troublesome. Perhaps the graph is more useful for comparing similarly rated vessels among each other. So yes, very true points, old chap - perhaps the way forward with regards to penetration and armour would be to do some series of bar charts superimposed illustrating their penetrative capacity at various ranges and with various
  3. Indeed, penetration is a central aspect of gunnery and I too reflected on this and mentioned in the introduction. The problem is translating penetration in a quantifiable manner. How do you translate this to an axis? One could take the average of penetration over a distance but this misses the qualitative aspect of carronades. One could pick a certain range but this again reduces the complexity of the matter. For this reason, if one's aim is to produce an objective foundation upon which to base a discussion it is necessary to provide quantitative data first. Hence my electing to use the values
  4. Missed this one sorry, the damage is just from the game statistics, and the gunnery score is calculated in the method mentioned in my post.
  5. Thanks for the feedback! The mediums were just used as a point of comparison. Using longs would give the same spread just with different values because longs caliber always equals mediums. When it comes to carronades, I state in the introduction that this is a potential limitation, albeit one I discuss somewhat in the text beneath. However, in this particular instance I do not believe the example of carronades provides much help to your argument as Trincomalee has the highest DPS of all frigates armed with carronades and is only slightly beaten by Constitution (which isn't really a fifth r
  6. Ahoy fellow Captains, I've been away for a while but recently come back in a more time-limited capacity. I see there's a few new ships and there have been a number of tweaks to previous ships, etc. For this reason I've knocked together a broad comparison of ships in Naval Action looking at some fundamental statistics for each ship. Here is a link to the actual comparison chart. And here is a link to the discussion on reddit, such that it is at present. For the sake of those of you who don't use reddit so much I'll copy my comments from the above post below the following (hopefu
  7. Indeed so, perhaps for this reason it would make sense to have smaller differences between the tiers' efficiency? Even as it stands, however, this same problem exists. Instead of having the option to recruit a weaker crew, however, you are stuck with essentially no crew until you can afford them. This means that you need to PvE or in some other way gain funds to afford more PvP. At least with the method outlined above, the task of gaining more money is possible, just that your ship will be slightly less efficient while you do it. In other words, the aim is to make the option to have
  8. Yes, and this system could of course remain, the suggestion outlined above is intended to address the issue of crew cost limiting Captains perhaps too harshly. Personally I also think it is fun for the historical reasons as well!
  9. Ahoy, Just a brief suggestion regarding the current crew mechanics. It strikes me as odd that they should be quite as expensive as they are. Of course I can see the point in making crew member valuable and to stop them being a magically replenishable resource like they were before. However, the cost of crew now does raise some issues which have been mentioned elsewhere; namely that it can sometimes be prohibitively expensive to engage in battle - many Captains are saying that they must PvE to fund their PvP, which is presumably not a desired effect of the change. For this reason my sug
  10. So which areas of the map correspond to each body? And which areas of which body correspond to each biome? Are reefs the shallows around islands? Bays the openings to harbours, shore the shoreline and offshore deep sea?
  11. Good to see the old Squadron at sea in the Caribbean once more! Not sure how many of you fellows remember me from PotBS, just wanted to let you know that I'm in the region also. To be fair, however, current situations ashore mean I spend a lot of my time in port and much of my active time is spent overseeing the construction of vessels to be sold from my yard as well as testing a number of ships and compiling data and statistics on them. So, in short, although I'm not as active as I was in PotBS, I'm still here and am very happy to see SGS in Naval Action! Will Collister is my na
  12. Some of my graphs from my Guides.
  13. These are very nice! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Continually update this guide, but today have significantly added a few ships. 07
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