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  1. My advice, find another game that is newbie friendly. "NA is made for hardcore gamers only." Thats what admin has written.
  2. I bet some of them are the backers and stoc kowners so they get to change the game to their like. In before timers removed again. Honestly im just waitign that we are one ported again. Or Trux is farm fest. Oh joy so much fun game mechanics. ^^
  3. Pay the NPC to sail your ship to a port. And the actual ship would sail the sea. Thats what i want.
  4. Still my only wish is AI ships felt like they were the stats they are shown. And i dont like that AI is put up whit all the mods either. Sure we players can have the mods, but we need to resupply them quite often and most of the time are forced to grind AI to get dubloons and marks to buy them... So we need fight them whitout mods. Fighting super annoying AIs whit bad loot fitted with buffs and mods... > Quit game or sail whitout mods anyway. OR Do shit ton of econ > Sail pixel ships hours and hours for eco missions and possibly just get ganked > Quit game.
  5. Any day if they just sail the hello kittying ships they are in (fir/fir) whitout bonuses and buffs. Have same realods ect ect... Fir ships are like ironclads whit turrets atm.
  6. Personally i cant even fight AI whitout getting ganked. FYI
  7. I count using such measures as exploiting, they clearly know its bug and are using it. If REDS have discovered thing like this they should report it to DEVS not use it.
  8. Yeah same action is also used on if you try to tag along with friendly NPC to safe port. Enemies attack the NPC then leave and it will not respawn. Then they attack you when you are kicked out the instance.
  9. Yep. Been ganked like this few times and never seen the AI before im tagged again.
  10. That is easily removed, just attack once and leave. *boof* NPC escort is gone. But having more of allied ship spawn around could help in that yes.
  11. Just let the AI spawn everywhere for god damn it. Realism is already broke with russians and other nations not belongin in here. Just do it for the sake of fun and gameplay!!!
  12. Well. I have now sailed around Aves patrol zone for hour, NPC ships at coast never venture in it. So i cant get any compat marks. At this time it seems no players were here either, thats why im scanning all around for NPC. Is it really necessary "hardcore" gameplay to make players wait hours for targets? @admin Its enough hard allready to find NPC targets at OW and now at PZ too...
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