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  1. It has been asked thousands of times. They wont even fix the clan message of the day problems. Why would they fix ranks?
  2. My advice, find another game that is newbie friendly. "NA is made for hardcore gamers only." Thats what admin has written.
  3. I bet some of them are the backers and stoc kowners so they get to change the game to their like. In before timers removed again. Honestly im just waitign that we are one ported again. Or Trux is farm fest. Oh joy so much fun game mechanics. ^^
  4. Pay the NPC to sail your ship to a port. And the actual ship would sail the sea. Thats what i want.
  5. Yeah same action is also used on if you try to tag along with friendly NPC to safe port. Enemies attack the NPC then leave and it will not respawn. Then they attack you when you are kicked out the instance.
  6. Or that yes, but im not saying you would not be able to still loot the regular way by sail for the wreck. Just adding few new ways to loot at least partly the far away wrecks that otherwise would be gone. And if the devs were cool assing loot spread acording to damage done. So you will only see your part of the loot.
  7. You would still be able to loot normally, but right now alot of loot just sinks because we cant get to them. So if end battle report window would be back you would be able to loot some of that sinken loot again, like generic loot items. Ofcourse the longboat could carry out the reparis too. But you would make yourself stationary for 30sec while performing this, and if you take enough damage the pick up would be interrupted. You would need ally to shield you while performing the pick up if there still was combat. Ofcourse you would still be able to loot normally saili
  8. Yeah i dont even care of the fleet spawns anymore (i don't have alts) i know its always farmed by because its static locations. I first thought its great mechanic but when i learned its not moving in place i totally pushed away the whole thing. Seeing it pop in the game just annoyes me alot.
  9. Everyone knows how frustraitig it is when AI keeps doing its turning cycle to your stern making him usually die to upwind. And if you are in group there is many enemies around, you just dont have time to loot any enemies before they go too deep. I suggest you can "Retrieve" loot in battle by button sending "longboats" to the shipwreck (add drop down menu to choose shipwreck). This would lock your ship at place for lets say 30 Seconds? And after that loot from the ship you have selected, it will open in trade window for you. You would need to send the "longboat" to all the wrecks inviduall
  10. Hi Devs, i want you to know i love the game. But im also quite harsh on giving criticism. I will turn the knife in wounds if i feel something is broken and be sarcastic about it too.

    But i do it because i love the game so much. I want that you notice that these things need attention. So i go all out on them to make you notice them.

    But its quite hard after 5 years still seeing same bugs and problems around. And great suggestions not beign noted or commented at all by you.

    That is currently the biggest problem for most of us, information.

    Patches, forum posts, UPDATED WEBPAGE, official guides and rules, video logs, tooltips ingame, conversations, ANYTHING!

    If you are doing this all alone, then you really need hire someone to do this all. But current secrecy is hurting your community alot. That is why it is toxic and even the good guys start to be sarcastic and doubtful. But i also think if you have done all this alone to the current point, that is amazing!

    Please! We want to get known of you who greated such a great game for us to enjoy, not to feel like some firm behind is using single account to just dictate the flow of thing like i think most feel right now.

    I love the game, i have 1500hours in it, i bought DLCs, and i have alot of friends here. Even if some things irritate me ALOT!

    Love Naval Action ❤️

  11. Ask the @admin why they dont write tooltips, guides or update their site... Many things are incomplete and making people frustrated because they loose invested time to try and learn these things by testing these things out while they cost insane ammount of effort in ingame currency and time...
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