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  1. You dont say wich nation you want to play, but if you are Brittish and dont mind small clan. We are trying to recruit more people so we can have our own port at some point.
  2. i can fit 2x mission items on my Tbrig that can net me 300k and 2k dubs. I cant fit trade items that ever make such win in to my ships. So its not worth doing trade item hunt. Also you need to have some start cash to buy the trade items usually to make these winnings. Also i have noticed no players are selling stuf at ports. Seems like im only one selling raw materials. I find it odd.
  3. Hi Manuel. Yes this is quite possible everything wil lbe wiped. You have joined in Early Acces game that is not released yet. I know you are quite new to the game, so dont burn yourself yet. If the wipe and release this summer is true then relax and only play for the time you really wan't. Test thing and post feedback to forums so they can release the game sooner. Happy sailing!
  4. Maybe ships should have repairs slot like upgrades to a certrain limit that are towable?
  5. Fight side to side whit NPC? No way. Unless there is bug that if you are very close they dont hit, havent tried. I just tried normal good ol realistic chain shot other and side to side 100m and no go. NPC too stronk. Lost will to try any different tactics anymore.
  6. Yes we used to be unable to tow, game had stil laction then but like stated its horrendous sail if you need sail to the other end for PB. But it didnt kill the action in NA. I would suggest that Towed ship will have timer. Lets say towing frigates takes 1 hour? 3rd rate 5hours 2nd 10hours and 1st 24h? All small ships would have instant tow. Dont take the timers as must but i think adding timer to the tow would make it more stratetic and still have the comfort factor for relocation.
  7. Well if they are not balancing out the opponents then i wish they did change it, i was testing out the missions on low tier ships. Like when you get your first 5th rate, Cerberus for example the game puts me against Essex. Thats already hard with current NPC buffs, and seems they are to stay... So i took Rattlesnake i had in my docks to the fleet (6th rate) and game added to my next mission another Essex... Ummm.... for 1 Star missio i think thats a bit too harsh for new comers. And i dont enjoy myself fighting the NPC always demast > rake > Board either. Its so booring.
  8. Yep i can see that be done, but i find it quite dificult on the mid ranks when facing NPC ships bigger than my own. Might be a bit harsh when you are alone. But this is great if you have friend however!
  9. I wonder if it is inteded on Kill mission that NPC fleet increases if you bring a fleet ship? Its insane and makes things super hard.
  10. Isnt it so already? Mass production in clans is old news. I don't think devs want to lose majority of steam customer revenue to advertise that game has no solo player content. They are those who dont have 8hrs a day to grind port. They can do little econ and maybe one good combat mission at evening. They have work and families. If that is the case i bet most currently playing are to be burnt out quite soon aswell.
  11. Hmm those newplayer shipbuilders are still in awkward position to start their trade if they dont have access to build ships that are competitive. I mean not all have time and interest to do politics or interaction with people to get access to the bonuses. Standard ships still aint worth selling. How would you balance that out?
  12. If clan is let set the requirements to buy the permit to use the port as my 2nd suggestion included what stops the clan asking for more than pennies hmm? You could set it to be 1m of creds,100CM whatever clan wants. Or in the option 1 all open, the upgrading of port is open to all and more you upgrade it more you get marks or other valuable currency. This way everyone after port is capped will want to come and invest on it. I'm suggesting new things here, giving my idea out for further development. Not saying it should be implemented exactly right this to the current game world. Of course worked and balanced to be fit. But if current ship bonus system is to stay, it will render standard shipwrights useless. And only clans in specific ports will be building ships usefull. Then we have just lost major part of players as i know many love only to build the ships in these games. Im just suggesting here a mechanism to the game so any player can pay the damn price whitout being locked out by toxic attitudes of human players. And in future the port costs might be way different, thats why im saying references to the current gameplay are invalid and not needed. All things are still to be balanced. Here is one more idea how to implement this. When you are building the ship, you can select wich port bonus you take and it will cost more the higher it is and higher the tier of the ship is. The cost for this is for devs to balance.
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