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  1. Definitely a cool idea. Definitely think that 0 physical rewards should be given. Maybe they get a flag or icon next to their name just to signify their leet'ness. Any physical reward will guarantee abuse to win. So would this idea cause people are people but then they can just have their notoriety as assholes and not with actual benefits/advantages.
  2. They're on carriages which were designed to allow the cannons to handle recoil and then be "easily" pushed back into place. Not for movement around the decks. That typically required them being lifted off the carriage. Even the field cannons used in the Civil War which were considerably smaller than their ship based cousins needed horses, mules or horse drawn carriages to move around. So, yes, to answer your question they most certainly were on wheels. But no, they were never moved around the ship.
  3. How many zombie crew would it take to move a 12-pound cannon that weighs 1,745kg (3,847lbs)? Or a 24-pounder @ 2,970kg (6,548lbs)? Anyway, I'm on the less repairs/longer timers/no zombie crew side of the fence. [edit] just for comparison sake a 1995 Honda Civic weighs in at 1,143kg (2520lbs)
  4. Your playstyle sounds almost identical to my own. =) And here's where our opinions differ. When you try to dictate the way others should play a game based on how you think they should play it. The point of playing a game is to have fun, period. If some douchebag considers using an ALT for spying like the OPs complaint, which is totally legitimate as far as the rules go, as fun then so be it. They're still a douchebag but so are most folks in my experience thus far on this planet. They're also still a genuine player as they paid full price just like you and I, in fact, they paid full price twice (or more!) No, I really can't cause there isn't. Since two different players working together can accomplish this exact same thing it really isn't different. While it's likely that this person in the OPs complaint is in fact an ALT it totally could just be a super bored person who is playing Clicker Heroes on his other screen and calling out targets when he notices them. I don't get how if it's an ALT it's cheating but if it's a friend or maybe someone's kid then it's okay? I'd argue that if it's an ALT the person behind it is putting more effort into the game than you or I are without ALTs. I don't have an ALT not because I can't afford one but because I can't be bothered to put that much effort into my gaming. That's not fun for me. But I'm not going to hold it against someone who does find that fun even if I do think using an ALT like that is pretty douchey. It's still 100% legit according to the current game mechanics and what the Devs have said, ALT or not. There are also legitimate ways to counter this douchey behavior as I, and @Sir Texas Sir pointed out above. Or ask the Dev's to turn on Green on Green for all Nations? I'm sure that won't cause any other problems... In fact, I'm surprised that one of the larger clans on Global hasn't gone Pirate yet JUST to Green on Green the Pirates they don't like... /shrug At the end of the day gaming is about fun and everyone finds different things fun. There will always be douchebags and there will always be ALTs. That's the reality. Trust me, I'd love to live in a world where everyone behaved the way I think they should. GL HF SailSafe!
  5. It hasn't done any good yet? These complaints have been going on since release. In fact the Devs have stated that spies are a thing and acceptable. At this point it's more whining than anything but I suppose post what you want? Please ban IPs. That bans entire households full of gamers or a dorm full of people. Good call! Pretty sure at this point the Devs no longer care about reviews so do your worst? Using an ALT is not cheating. Sorry that you're jealous that other people can multitask and have more money than you? Sure, you can ALSO recruit people in other nations to be spies. So in this scenario that the OP (who has been complaining about ALTs now for quite some time to no avail) if I, as a non-British Nation member, recruit (pay) a British Nation member to do the same thing that this "ALT" is doing that would be okay? Mmm, hmm... Riiight.... I have approximately 0 ALTs in this game, sorry. And ALTs don't bother me cause I'm not the one who think's they're bad. It's not trolling it's stating facts. ALTs aren't going anywhere. Your issue is with the shitty game mechanics that allow the actions that you don't like. Using your logic two people playing separate accounts but both in the same room are also cheating?
  6. You don't have to. Just like you don't have to buy an alt yourself. Just like you don't have to do nothing. I'm not arguing that it's shitty that this game mechanic exists, it totally is. Lame as fk. Complaining about it here in the General section of the forums is kinda lame as well. Post a Suggestion in the Suggestion section for how the Devs can resolve their currently shitty design that allows for this. Otherwise post here potential work-arounds like buying your own ALT or paying a privateer to do the job. If the spy is running around in an instance at 15 knots from a regular Cutter or Lynx then he's not out spying, problem solved. If he's continuously docked up, same deal.
  7. Enough for you to make a complaint on the forums about it? This is why you'd have to pay someone to do it. No one will hunt a Basic Cutter for free. It's an actual option vs. your proposals of Nothing and Nothing. /shrug
  8. Hey, look! It's the ALT complaint yet again! smh... Anyway, how bout you pay a Privateer from another nation to kill them? And please don't think I'm disagreeing with you about the realism aspect of Spies. There totally should be a mechanic that allows for retribution... Well, there is - I just mentioned it - but maybe something else you can do from within your own nation? I dunno. But my point that I, and others, have been trying to make is that ALTs are NEVER going away. Think outside the box until the Devs change the mechanics or suck it up and deal.
  9. I figured that. My point more being that if you wanted to you could get out there in a store bought and do some hunting and come out on top.
  10. Truth! I'm mostly playing devil's advocate here. The complaint was ship cost reduces PVP but I believe it's more to do with mod cost/rarity. And sure, as long as you pick your targets you can take any store bought Lynx and go kill traders. Just ask @Hodo. In a game like this there is very very rarely ever going to be a "fair" fight. It's just not how its designed. The vast majority of folks will not engage if they don't think they can win and that is compounded by mod cost, imo. Make mods as cheap and easy to obtain as ships and, I believe, more folks will engage - not all - mind you but more than what we have now. Maybe even just some crappy store purchasable 0.5% or 1.0% mods while we retain the (truly horribad) RNG good mods as they are. I dunno.
  11. Hmm, seems to me that my friend and I could kill each-other on the hour every hour as well. How do you know the difference? Regardless, leaderboards always lead to epeen waving and folks willing to find whatever means necessary to be on top. I don't care for them. Throw in rewards and there will always be someone trying to game the system. Not even counting ALTs. Clans and individuals will make deals with each-other just to farm each-other to exchange said rewards and to show how big their epeens are cause they are on the top of some arbitrary list. Although, that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.
  12. As it's been said elsewhere around the forums: PVP'ing without mods vs someone with mods is almost always a losing scenario but it's the mods that make losing a ship so expensive. I can get a new ship no problem. Replacing the mods is where it gets super expensive and risky.
  13. So when a small ship "tagged" a larger ship back in the day said larger ship disappeared from the world and was stuck in an instance completely removed from the rest of their fleet? This already exists, yeah? I'm not saying screening is bad. Just saying the current mechanics kinda make it lame just a bit. At least that seems to be the complaint.
  14. ALT "farming" bad. You and your friend farming each-other, okay? /curious
  15. Hmm. No? Just making an observation really. I miss his posts, they were entertaining!
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