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  1. a player Grimli Balinson has fun tagging the elite AI, before the players, to make the AI disappear without the fight, so that people who want to attack the AI elite can not do them. and the AI do not reappear in the Open-World after the Non-Combat. it's a shame to do anti-games like this He deliberately uses DLC ship for that, and his only goal is to make people lose time: he was very well aware that he couldn't fight an elite Pavel + a christian and a wasa. The French christian was following closely, the wasa close behind, and he knew very well we wanted to kill it This guy has been grie
  2. The Port Battle of Bridgetown has crashed within a couple of minutes after starting. We got a popup saying "Server disconnected" and we'll be forced to login screen after 60 seconds. The players in battle have been thrown out and for those outside swords have disappeared nobody can enter to continu the PB .....
  3. Hello, a friend and me, fight a Surprise, in Pvp, we sank it. He did not surrender, when we left the fight, the game bug and took a long time to get out of the fight, in the end we had nothing (xp, money Pvp point) ! And there are no pvp points ! This is quite boring after a battle ! We tried to make an F11 but that was not displaying ! Will we still receive our pvp points ? plz :'( :'(
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