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  1. I thought we were already at war after you turned on an allied fleet off La Navasse and stabbed it in the back..........
  2. This is probably a totally off the wall suggestion, but is there any possibility of a NA App where we could log in and complete port operations from a smartphone or similar. for us saddos with jobs and families it would ensure we could harvest and craft daily and use computer time for combat and sailing! Thoughts I’d happily pay a DLC for the App
  3. Dear Admin Can we please have crafting experience back for making things other than ships, my Clan have many boatyards and I wish to make repairs and rum however the lack of hours is frustrating to say the least. Really the last thing we need is another yard but I believe this is now the only way to level up and get more hours. what is the rational behind removing crafting xp for other activities? Other than that great game well done!
  4. Is it not a designed mechanic? The Elite ships carry the chance of a note to acquire the ship, if you board and capture you get the captured ship and possibly the note. surely it is nonsensical to be able to acquire 2 of the ships?
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