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  1. Sorry guys, the bill had gotten large and I didn't realize it and it went unpaid. It should be ok now.
  2. I posted this to the map forum:

    I did some digging in the page source. Since controls show up, but the map does not, I think the problem is with MapBox, the provider of the base map. It could also be that Domox's API key to MapBox has expired.

  3. Domox


  4. I'm not sure, I've updated the mapping library today. Try it out, and if your browser is up to date message me again and we can try and figure it out. Thanks!
  5. (3/14/16) - Disabled online/afk status indicators to reduce costs. - Added teeshirt links to help cover costs.
  6. I've noticed some shenanigans with alerts now, this may be what you were talking about. I've disabled them until it's fixed. Thanks again for the heads up!
  7. Alerts look like they're working. If you see anything when you post an alert it means all of it is working. It isn't the most popular feature so don't be surprised if there aren't any on the map. You do not have the ability to erase them. Filtering by server is done (rather un-intuitively) by selecting the server you wish to post to. Right now to see alerts without posting one you should open the menu, select the server to post to, hit the X on the left to back out. You should now be seeing the ones for that server.
  8. I'm using EPSG 3785 but it's scaled down and centered on africa or there abouts to prevent the projection from distorting the graphics perceptibly since the game is flat and the world is a sphere. Updated: - Fixed rendering issue where large search results broke search altogether. - Changed activity indicators to only show people active in the last 24h
  9. 2d plane from what I can tell, but my map uses a small section of a Mercator projection.
  10. Updated, Added realtime spotting indicators. Click the pin, choose what you're spotting, click a place on the map and everyone else who's using pins on the same server choice will see them!
  11. Yes I'm trying to not rely on anything like that. Updated, you can now adjust your speed and have the time estimates update along with it.
  12. Updated, now you search for ports by depth, free, or capital in addition to it's name.
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