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  1. Sorry guys, the bill had gotten large and I didn't realize it and it went unpaid. It should be ok now.
  2. I posted this to the map forum:

    I did some digging in the page source. Since controls show up, but the map does not, I think the problem is with MapBox, the provider of the base map. It could also be that Domox's API key to MapBox has expired.

  3. The open world is not as fun as it could be due to the lack of valuable traffic/variety. If people's deliveries & captured goods were shipped in the open world there'd be more targets to accost/defend/raise hostility, and the world would seem more vibrant. Being a pirate is not fun, see above, and since pirate's can't attack pirates, but we have a home port, we're like a bad nation, not an individual sneaking about, using our wits and fame to turn a fortune. I'd like to see more of a privateer role, false flags, pirate ports done away with forcing us into free ports only, and let pirates attack pirates. If you want to be a pirate you better get used to the entire world being against you. The process of joining a battle is not fun, right now it feels like you're locked in an imaginary room with someone. No dramatic rescues, no helping a friend who was just in sight a second ago, no one joining late forcing you to leave your prey. If we figured out a way to make battles less obvious in the open world (only play cannon sounds, show smoke or something when you're close, or only show the icon when you're really close) but leave the battles open, the open world and battles will seem more tightly coupled and less like you're jumping into a locked session that can't be tampered with. DO NOT underestimate the effects of feeling like all is lost because no one will save you OR OMG my friend is here, so glad you showed up.
  4. I agree but I'd like to see ship deliveries and even resources be done in OW via NPC fleets with insurance payout if you lose it. We need more OW traffic besides the current traders/fleets milling around.
  5. I'm enjoying the handling, the ships feel very much like actual sailing now and reading the sails is now possible rather than watching the compass. Huzzah to that! re: Customization: Something as simple as changing the trim color would go a long way. Also different flags would be nice, imagine a national ensign, and a battle ensign, based on approved symbology/color selection? Pirates could just fly the battle ensign. (Personally I'd like to see all ensigns capturable and false flags become a thing but...)
  6. I would love to see more 6-7 rates for commerce, fishing, patrol, raiding. But until there is more reason to sail them besides PB and novelty, I'm afraid we won't see it. :[
  7. I think what happens is sometimes guns fire simultaneously and the cannon fire pops because the gain is so high having multiple sounds played at once. At least thats what I was hearing at one point, but it hasn't stood out lately. Do you guys run the audio through a compressor or does unity do it automatically?
  8. That video is awesome. I'm really looking forward to hearing it in my headphones. One thing, having had the pleasure of hearing cannon fire across water and in vast open spaces, please don't forget one crucial thing, in reality you can hear the cannon fire ripple/echo off of distant trees, waves, buildings. If you're near shore at the very least have a second shot be heard as the sound ricochets off the land and comes back. I've yet to see a game get this right. EDIT: One more note, if you're near the shot, you hear it, then there's a delay (based on how far away the bounces occur), and then you hear your shot distinctly with a slow decay into the distance. If you're next to the shot, you hear the pop and then you hear it progress onwards away from the origin. If you're facing the shot and near what it bounces off of you mostly just hear the shot and maybe a subtle rumble as it travels but the initial sound is the most distinct. I hope all of that makes sense lol.
  9. I'd like to see a mechanic whereby action/repairs makes the ship more fragile/less performant over time, and eventually you can pay a % of it's material cost to regain the core resilience/dura and maybe improve/change a base attribute if you use crafting notes while you do it? For one this could provide another means to drive the economy on top of ship crafting, this will also incur a bit more cost for the people who use exceptionals perpetually paying only for crew and repairs, but it could allow their ship to change over time, giving them a bit of 'personality' as they age or potentially improve. If you couple this with dates of refits etc. in a log it could make old/second hand ships a more valuable and interesting mechanic. Thoughts?
  10. It seems food supplies, tobacco, rum, and sugar are now selling for 1 at ports? Has something happened to drop the bottom out?
  11. I'll be able to spend more time on this soon, and while poking around f360 I came across the live 3d viewer. This will allow you guys to see the latest version of the model as I complete it. I thought it was pretty awesome so I thought I'd share. http://a360.co/29zJyp7
  12. Deliveries should be open world ships, and they should have insurance costs in case they're intercepted.
  13. Head to port and tell people you're willing to sell them. 150k+ is reasonable.
  14. I just had this happen to me, chasing a trade lynx in the OW, I start to gain on them, they tag me, now they're at the edge of range, they disappear after 2m, nowhere to be found in the OW after. -__-
  15. I live in Saint Augustine, FL and have access to two spanish fortifications as well as a civil war era one. Let me know if you guys need any photos/info as I have lots of both. - Castillo de San Marcos (https://www.nps.gov/casa/index.htm) - Fort Matanzas (https://www.nps.gov/foma/index.htm)
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