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  1. Looks like you completely missed what I said here, Admin:
  2. I agree with this. Suppose you're sailing along some stretch of land, look across a narrow point, and see a huge set of masts sticking up over the land on the other side. It might be better for gameplay and immersion if your reaction isn't to turn your telescope on him, read the pop-up info box that appears, and say "Oh, a slow Santisima. No worries, I can outrun him without a problem;" but to see the size and rig of those sails (and have no other means of identifying him except to go around the point and sail right up to him) and go "Holy shit, there's an SoL over there! Run!"
  3. It'd be nice if your OP had the slightest bit of information to go with the picture, too...
  4. Wait, you can pull/tow other ships now?
  5. And I agree with you, Jeremiah. Not being able to identify another ship's escorts sounds like a really bad idea. Why would anyone engage in combat with an escorted ship, then, if they couldn't tell what they were going up against? If you attacked an Amsterdam (merchantman) who you could see had a single escort ship, but you didn't know what the escort was because the game wouldn't let you know (because... reasons), you wouldn't know if you were going up against an Amsterdam and a cutter or an Amsterdam and a Santisima Trinidad. Why would anybody take that chance?
  6. Ooh, I don't think I've ever heard of Turumas before. Here are some images that I found, though (they're too big to post here, I'm afraid): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3d/Turuma_Lodbrok-frontview.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7c/Turuma_Lodbrok-forecastle1.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5b/Turuma_Lodbrok-midship.jpg/1280px-Turuma_Lodbrok-midship.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/70/Turuma_Lodbrok-quarterdeck2.JPG http://koti.mbnet.fi/felipe/assets/images/turuma.jpg
  7. Thonar just mentioned another concern I have, which I only skimmed the surface of in my first post: That is, what if your commander isn't very good? A commander like that could doom a bunch of the team when they try to follow his orders, and the players that realize in time that they have to ignore his orders won't get rewarded, even if they manage to win the battle when the commander would've lost it.
  8. So, visually, it is (at least to some extent) a tribute to the ship from the movie. Which means that it can bugger right off for all I care, and a more fitting ship can take its place. I dunno, the idea of a movie-tribute-ship kinda rubs me the wrong way in a game like this. Maybe it could be a special premium ship in the final game, or something like that. I know, I know, there are a lot of Master and Commander fans here, and I'm probably making them all mad, but I only saw that movie once, a long time ago, and before I was very interested in that time period, so I don't have the love for that movie that many others here do. I'm not saying I disliked it or hated it, mind you, nothing like that, I'm just saying that I have a viewpoint that's different from that of many other people here.
  9. Hell, maybe they can get rid of the Surprise (since its history is confusing (where is that "Fifty Shades of Frigate" thread?) and a lot of the reason it exists is just as a nod to Master and Commander) and put this frigate in instead.
  10. Fair enough. Btw, I just noticed that if you scroll down to the "Beautiful ships" section of the main webpage, there's a nice profile picture of this ship. She's got 13 gun ports per side on her gun deck, and 6 more gun positions per side in the forecastle and quarterdeck, so presumably she's a 38-gunner. Like the Surprise, then, but maybe a bit prettier. Nifty.
  11. So, I noticed this ship on the website: Any idea what it is? It isn't the Surprise, Trincomalee, or Constitution. I presume it's from a very old build, but I'm curious.
  12. So, sorry for replying to an old thread that might be out of date, but this is the first time I'd read this. Anyway, I can't say I'm overly thrilled with some of what I read in the OP. 1.) "Every battle (depending on size) will have 1-4 squadrons commanders. Commanders will be automatically assigned based on their win/loss ratios, battle rating and rank. All players will be allocated to commanders (unless they are already in a group)." Does this apply to random battles, too? Because if that's the case, what happens if I get a commander who's a complete moron? I'm sure anybody who's played WoT a bit can tell you that sometimes the people with the best stats are actually the biggest jerks. And another thing, won't clans/guilds want to appoint their own commanders? 2.) Orders will provide bonuses. Of course players will be able to take initiative, but fulfilling the order would be ideal course of action. Following a path drawn by admiral will provide a speed boost, firing at a marked ship will increase your damage and accuracy if you are in range from the command ship. Losing commanders in battle will be devastating. What the actual fuck. Well, goodbye to realism, if that's the case. -- Perhaps you (Admin) have addressed these points already; I'll have to read the whole thread to find out. I just wanted to say this now.
  13. I'm afraid I missed out on the first round of testing. However, with a little luck, it'll be my pleasure to join you all for the next round.
  14. I think I'll be a French naval officer. Get myself some frigates, and then hopefully move on to 3rd and 2nd Rate SoLs. I don't plan on going for the biggest ships, or even some of the best ones (for instance, I have very limited interest in sailing the Trincomalee, Constitution, Surprise, or Santisima) but I'll try to get some of the good ones that appeal to me.
  15. I had an idea for in-battle repairs: Instead of the arcade-y 3-repair-kit system we have now, why not have the ship's hull slowly regenerate whenever you're in survival mode? That'd make more sense and be more realistic, as things like plugging holes, reinforcing weak spots, etc (aka repairing damage to the hull) are part of seeing to the survival of the ship. Perhaps knocked-out cannons could also have a chance to be put back into action when the crew is in survival mode.
  16. Well, I'm all for limiting artificial mechanics and just allowing the players the leeway to take care of things for themselves, so +1.
  17. What Mazarredo said. When I get my new PC, I think (and hope) that its GTX 970 should be able to handle a fair enough amount of crew members on my ship and the ships near me (a lot of crew don't need to be rendered on ships that are too far away for me to see their crew anyway, so that should save on a lot of CPU/GPU load), so I'd like to see them. Although, I do like the idea of a "visible crew" slider that can be lowered for people with less powerful PCs. The same goes for guns being animated (running out before firing, and rolling back after firing). If I have a powerful enough PC to be able to see that sort of thing, and hopefully I will soon, I'd like to be able to. However, I think that's another thing that could come with an option to disable it for lower-end PCs.
  18. Because it would be odd to have muskets being fired without anyone firing them?
  19. That Kronan is one ugly ship. And people were saying that in the San Felipe thread that San Felipe looked ugly. Kronan there makes San Felipe look downright graceful by comparison.
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