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  1. Check out this old video of the HMS Implacable and being scuttled... Kinda sad, but understandable given the time (right after WWII nobody could spend money keeping her).
  2. I'm starting the Revell USS Constitution 1/96 (again, third time for this build). But researching it, I joined this web site and saw this build log. Wow, just wow! This guys attention to detail and skill in this build is wonderful! You might have to join the site to see the images (some build logs you can, others not). Here is the site if you can't see the images on the build log: http://www.alexshipmodels.com/BuildLogs/HMSVictory/HMSVictory.htm It also shows our (I mean... Game-Labs) wonderful Victory's details. She really is beautiful. The build log: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/570-hms-victory-by-alexandru-scale-148-plank-on-frames/page-1 Here's a sample! Sorry if this is in the wrong forum group... it might go in the History section.
  3. I've done it too! Looking, I'm like what the heck is chain loaded! (Rare, but I've done it)
  4. How about Trafalgar yesterday? I was concentrating on firing (called target was Prater) and saw a chat post with my name. Of course it disappeared. Something about Megiddo pay attention...you dope! (they didn't say that, but I was a dope) Pretty soon I see I'm by-myself in a Santi with enemy 5+ SOL's staring me down. Literally took 1 minute to sink me. Previous Trafalgar, highest score, most kills... and on winning team. Next Trafalar... lowest damage with 3k in a Santi!!!!
  5. I turn off the circle... 'N' turns it off/on. I turn it off for the view, but turn it on once-in-a-while to see where we are. But to the OP... I would love a misty map.
  6. I think I dueled Mr Doran the other day. I was in a pretty bad funk on how badly I was beat. (I feel better knowing I was crushed by one of the best) That being said this treatise has been what I've been looking for. I hope to spend many-a-hour pouring over this (already have). Thank you, this took a great amount of work. But I bet you loved every minute.
  7. This video popped up in my facebook... pretty neat. Showing how some of the timbers on these ships where worked. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=615189995238261
  8. Chromey... are you sure about this? (the part about battle sails and turning...yes manual is the way to go for turning)
  9. It's in this same thread (page 3 I believe... here's a link to it): http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1964-keyboard-shortcuts-list-keybinding-suggestions/?p=50408
  10. Yeah, I've been thinking the same thing. I hope these people are safe!!! (Important things first and this game is not important)
  11. I said I'd like to see it, but I should really know it. Was it common for ships to know the casualty rate during a battle or the status of the opponents cannon? Was someone hollering across the waves with that kind of information? This isn't killin' me, I'd just like to see what it's like and how it affects play for a while.
  12. I tend to agree... like how would I ever know the number of crew or their demise. The number of cannon and their status... Really? At least those two items shouldn't be seen. Desired, but I really shouldn't know it.
  13. I agree with Dagann that thing is a monster! Another one of the things I love about this game is all the great info being discussed... one of my hobbies as a kid, I've learned more in these weeks than I did in years. (albeit no internet back in ye ol-yester century)
  14. Yes, but I found others more interesting namely: Aubrey/Maturin series. http://www.goodreads.com/book/similar/3144740-mr-midshipman-hornblower I even like the Alexander Kent series better than Hornblower, but you really can't go wrong. Oh, the link Ensign Obiquiet gave is a great place to start!
  15. Exactly what I did!!! It was funny. I was like, what the heck! My cannons shot floppy after that. Like throwing left-handed.
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