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  1. i have never liked teleporting of any kind. i believe when you have a large play area like we have, with decently long travel times and no teleporting, you end up with concentrations of players in different areas. strategic control of areas go to the ones that can muster the most players in areas over different times spans as opposed to having the best layout of teleport outpost's and zoom across the map. battles become whack-a-mole with teleporting.
  2. with missions there is no incentive to interact or go anywhere. you go out and find a place to run missions in safety so you can make combat,gold,and experience as fast as possible. by simply turning off combat missions you would make everyone sail around looking for things to attack, there would not be near as much money flowing like there is now. there would also be more people venturing into enemy waters looking for targets, PvP encounters would go up, every ship would have value, and trade would have more value. they already have it where you have to go look for AI fleets to raise hostility instead of running missions, they need to apply that to all ship interaction, no combat missions.
  3. i have used the freecam to stand at head level on the deck. it works somewhat because it is not connected to the deck of the ship. with the time compression the way it is, the decks pitch up and down too quickly to have the camera moving with the deck, you would not be able to see anything and a lot of people would get motion sickness. with the decks moving the way they do, you can only stand at the pivot point like the camera is now. if anything, lowering the camera from the current position and maybe adding a left and right position would add a lot of effect.
  4. its ok, i learned what i wanted from my hard mode play. i decided today to go back to the SLRN so everyone would stop calling me a spy. now i just have to make my way back up the ranks. now if i could only stop getting midshipman missions with 3 brigs and 3 snows,lol. they need to squash that bug soon.
  5. I play hard mode by doing no cash for damage, no missions, and no turbo speed in open world. it means that after 3 weeks of play i am still a 1st LT sailing in a Privateer. tonight in the nation chat everyone started accusing me of being a spy because i am all over the place and not ranking up as fast as everyone else and not in a clan. so much mistrust around here
  6. the only thing wrong with the economy is too much easy money. it boggles my mind that everyone thinks the proper way to make money is to take missions that are 5 minutes away and blast your way to vast fortunes. the bigger the ships the more money you make. if you don't want to do repetative missions you can choose from any number of enemy AI sailing past friendly ports with no other purpose than presenting themselves to be sunk (for cash). devs make that easy too by making ships with turbo speed to make catching AI easy. with all this easy cash a short distance away, there is no reason to go anywhere so everyone stays in one place which of course makes it easy to gank people. ganking would not be a problem if everyone was spread out all over the map trying to make money trading and raiding. this is the way I think it should go. the first thing is to take all the AI ships and put them back in friendly waters. take the county capitols and give them AI shipyards to spawn AI ships. the AI trade ships then move ship building materials from whatever friendly ports producing the needed materials to whatever shipyard needs the materials. this gives the AI traders a place to go and something to haul. next thing is to give the various counties a strategic value so the Admiralty can assign AI warships to patrol them and protect the trade ships from players that raid them. when a player starts a battle, you put a radius of 2-5 minutes that will direct any AI warship fleets to come to the rescue. AI warship patrols should also attack any players that come into range, without regard to BR. the same AI warship patrols will respond to players being attacked in friendly waters (PvP). as enemy activity (hostility) levels go up in a region, missions are generated to patrol the region and protect AI shipping, with Admiralty rewards for enemy's sunk (and time spent patrolling the region). generated missions are put on a timer for players and if not taken in a certain time, the mission is handed over to AI. as players concentrate raids in an area the number of AI / player warships increases making raiding more dangerous. player crafted / purchased ships are valuable and players don't like risking them. for this reason Admiralty missions should provide a warship for you to sail based on your rank (and availability). Admiralty ships should all be basic quality with default load out. this takes away the need for individual players to risk valuable ships and puts crafted / purchased ships in the hands of clans that can afford them. individual players should only be able to afford to build / purchase 6th or 7th rate ships. 5th rates and higher are obtainable to individuals, but at a very high cost making 5th rates and up mainly clan based. delivery missions are generated the same as combat missions. the AI shipyards requesting materials generate missions for players to take, with an expiration timer similar to combat missions. generated delivery missions provide the materials to the mission taker (player or AI) so purchase of materials is not needed. delivery's give cash rewards like they are now. with this type of setup, port battles can be changed.i can see port battles being triggered in two ways. first is hostility level triggered port battles. they are based on the total BR of patrolling warships (both AI and player). when a clan wants to start a port battle, they start attacking the AI warships in the area.when the patrol BR of the area drops to a certain level indicating sunk warships, a port battle is triggered and resolved the current way. the second method of starting a port battle is by surprise. a clan that wants to conduct a surprise attack shows up at the region capitol with a fleet and starts the battle with no warning. inside the battle a victory timer is introduced along with standard victory conditions by an amount that reflects the size of a county allowing AI / player warship fleets in the region to respond to the battle. the attacking force then has to deal with the responding AI and players as they enter the battle. the attackers have to kill all the BR in a region in one big battle as opposed to raising hostility levels and waiting for a day. a surprise attack port battle has no closing timer, it stays open until the region has no BR left, player or AI, with both sides able to reinforce the battle. this the way i think things should be played
  7. 257k in a single battle cash-for-damage is the biggest crutch i have ever seen in a game. it needs to go.
  8. yes sir, that is so true. they did an asset wipe because everyone had entirely too much money. the cash-for-damage system is going to ensure most people will be rolling in cash a week after the wipe. nothing will change. i play in super hard mode where i dont give in to cash for damage. i have made my way up to a Privateer so far, with an outpost in Belize, along with a coal mine and oak forest. all is paid for with trader loot and fishing. i have not made a single bit of gold by cannon generators. there is going to be a 1200+ player scream of agony when the devs stop spoon feeding massive amounts of cash to us. 1100 will rage quit.
  9. i was in a basic cutter and saw a Trincomallee and Surprise jump a friendly Surprise. for the lulz i jumped in and went banzai on them. i watched as the Trincomallee sailed and on the first salvo dropped the Surprise mainmast. it took about 5 salvos to drop all three. that is too easy.
  10. if they fix the alliance part of the game, maybe they can make a mechanic for allies to swap port ownership through the game and not need to employ any exploit.
  11. its not bad, i managed a work around using the event log tab in the chat window. it lets me keep track of how much i get from damage each encounter. when i get to port, i buy goods close to that amount, then leave port and lose them, then re-enter the port and sell my loot. ive managed about 35k so far, but lost 10 of it by buying cannon and keeping them onboard. i got boarded when i got too slow too close to a trader Snow and lost 10k worth of 6 pounders. turning off the cash generator is not silly. some people actually thrive on difficulty and dont give in to anything that resembles easy mode.
  12. you all play the way you want, i am not trying to change your game. i want to play my way, and that way is to not have a cannon cash generator. i want to loot a ship and sell the loot. of course it means i wont be in a Surprise in 2 days, but then i am not an instant-gratification kind of player. at least give me a console command or something. i just dont want to shoot my way to riches anymore
  13. i took a break from the game for a time, came back just as the wipe was coming. i decided to start a new character so i could see how long it takes to make money. as i expected, the cash-for-damage crutch is still a thing, and there is still entirely too much money in the game because of it. i understand the need for it for testing, i am not looking to get rid of it for testing, but i do wish you would at least make an option to turn it off. i want to make all my money from raiding and trading, i dont want any rewards for shooting my cannon, they should cost me, not be a source of income. please please, i have been waiting for over a year to play without this crutch
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