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  1. Post battle port TP and two minute timers were removed over a year ago; two very obvious features to make OW fair. I guess the geniuses have finally realized again that invisibility is not enough to prevent you from getting curb-stomped post battle. The cyclical irony of Naval Action.
  2. Mr. Doran

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    You lie to yourself or do not understand the full extent of the disparity between the lowest and highest caliber guns. For the stock player to have a chance you are gambling on him consistently running into the most ass backwards incompetent players possible to have any chance in hell. Imagine a world in which you are forced to fight me and me only in a Con; you have 12s I have 24s. Every time you launch NAL I am waiting for you and every time you que I am the only person you fight. You crunch the numbers for yourself of how long you are going to be able to tolerate that. Imagine an alternative situation where you are qued against the best three players in the game every time all the time; your team is all stock while your opposition is grinded out. If you say the following situations of encountering the cream of the crop on such a regular basis is too statistically unlikely for such situations to ever be relevant then you acknowledge the fact you have to be fighting complete idiots to stand any legitimate chance with stock cannon.
  3. Mr. Doran

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Masochism is not a substitute for balance; Cons with 24s will still be able to demast Cons with 12s while Cons with 12s cannot touch Cons with 24s. I am sure touting the cannon grind in the name of improvement is going to get pretty old very quickly when the fully grinded players boot is continuously crushing the skulls of the newcomers. Hopefully many Cerbs with 32s will roll up on their stock six-pound counterparts regularly.
  4. Mr. Doran

    Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    "I was stuck getting ganked by 14 player groups regularly in OW. Thanks to this master forger I am now only grinding with 12 pounder cannons on my Consitutions against Bucentaures regularly in Legends!"
  5. Mr. Doran

    Alternative to Cannon Grind

    You do not; it is suicide to use 12 pound longs on your Constitution when you have 24 pound longs. The differentiation in choice is mediums, longs, carro at their highest poundages for that ship. The differentiation is not do I pick good guns, shittier guns, shittiest guns.
  6. Instead of just dooming players to almost certain failure for the required amount of games to obtain decent cannon to stand a chance against anything other than the most incompetent of opponents why not just allow us access to all gun poundage from the get go and increase the grind proportionally in the amount of total xp required to advance to the next ship. The cannon grind does not scale well; it makes little sense why when you get the next ship in the line you should have comically smaller cannons than what previously came. Advancing and then not being able to do anything in terms of damage does not make for enthralling game play. It is especially a hellish situation when a stock poundage team gets matched against a team made up of almost exclusively fully upgraded ships.
  7. Mr. Doran

    Remove SOLs Interacting With Frigates

    He was in the Bucc.
  8. Mr. Doran

    Remove SOLs Interacting With Frigates

    This was a Bucc and a 3rd rate upwind of a Con has no chance in hell of winning in the right hands.
  9. Mr. Doran

    Remove SOLs Interacting With Frigates

    Should be fixed now.
  10. Yes it can create situations like this: But I think most sane players who would prefer to play frigates will instead play larger ships to avoid staring down 42 pound guns. Yes I know you want people to purchase premium and feel endorphins as they melt away half of a Constitution's broadside but consider the former. A Constitution has no chance against a third rate in the right hands let a lone a second rate.
  11. Mr. Doran

    1 vs 1?

    Not duel tournaments a duel room.
  12. Has anyone noticed a complete lack of mast hit markers or splinters from mast hits? Out of what was probably near a thousand shots fired to confirm if a mast hit would render I have seen zero. I have played around with the graphics settings switching around various settings to no avail. In what may be a related issue whenever I look through the spyglass all hit decals on all ships disappear.
  13. Will brigs fight frigate class ships in the final MM because they have no business doing so. Only maybe in the case of a WOT/WOWS tiering of ships but even then they are incredibly outclassed.
  14. Mr. Doran

    [BUG] Ship stuck "in battle"

    Same here except I think it has been about 10-13 hours at this point.
  15. Mr. Doran

    Combat feedback topic

    It appears little (probably nothing bar repairs) about the combat model since the hull integrity patch months ago. For light ships: -Hulls are pitifully weak even with cutter on cutter combat; angle of impact does not really matter at all -Raking hulls/crew is basically out of the question with the exception of grape shot -The damage of grape shot is also ridiculous but is the only contrast to how quickly you can sink some thing but equally as broken The current characteristics of light ship combat solely revolving around hull bashing may not be a bad thing but I suspect the same chronic problems still exist for 5th rates and higher and will be incredibly problematic to proper game balance. Edit: Crew repairs would be a travesty