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  1. I was talking to some other old-fag recently, Puchu. His analogy is a pretty concise summary to my usual explanation that I use to debunk your mentality. "Admin" rolls around asking if anyone wants ice-cream. Then he smears dog-shit onto it and asks "why doesn't anyone want ice cream; this doesn't make any sense". He concludes that no one must like ice cream and moves on.
  2. Shit post away, lads. I'll go first
  3. Is it Poe's Law at work? No, probably not this time. It is not a coincidence in late January-February 2015 that it was probably the fastest ROE turn-around we have ever had. But, a part of me wants to see that shit-show too one last time.
  4. Hey genuis, what you are forgetting is that the Bellona cannot get reinforced anyways due to the BR preventing any joining on the Bellona anyways. Unless, as you already mentioned, you have some abomination tier ROE where battles are open for what may as well be indefinitely. Even "Admin" who used to go around ganking in rat Bellona ganking groups has acknowledged how utterly retarded an indefinite join window is. We may never see a sensible ROE again. But I can assure you, that you will never get your wish for indefinitely open battles.
  5. Is this supposed to be a joke? Which one is it? Are the fake pvp gank-zones the same as arenas or are they different? A bit too far-fetched of a conspiracy don't you think? What is* the latter part even supposed to mean? You need to elaborate on what you are trying to actually say here. Are you saying it is a BAD thing that people could enjoy lobbies on and off whenever they felt like it?
  6. The failure to acknowledge the overlap between the two and how they can be mutually beneficial is pure lunacy. How having an additional source of players that can be picked from is a bad thing is beyond me. Could you possibly explain to me why having the option to play a lobby based experience in the OW module would hurt OW?
  7. You are telling me that they are incapable of putting an optional lobby based system inside the current game? Right. You wouldn't even need to try to "split" the player base at that point. It could only ever serve as a net positive to get people into NA to begin with.
  8. You are going to seriously try to compare the gank-zone and 1v1 zone inside the gank-zone to no loss on demand PVP? This is why I stay away from the Flemish Painter.
  9. All facts I have outlined to why NAL did not work have been stated repeatedly and will continue to be. It is up to "Admin" to begrudgingly acknowledge it. As to why it is being spoken about here? Some people like to speak of NAL and ST as examples to why OW must rise from flames; that OW is a fail-proof concept. The deepest of ironies exist in the fact of how many players are being alienated that could otherwise add to the server population if there was simply an arena outlet available in the current game. What exactly is the downside to having such a feature available?
  10. If you need evidence that people of my ilk were PVPers go look up "Rakers" on the forum search and that should provide you with at least the minimal level of credibility you so desire. I spent probably 90% of my time in OW solo-pvp hunting much like most of the people I played with. Out of my 2,000 hours playing I can say that most were not spent in Sea-Trials... though I really wish I could say they were. When you want to talk about how grindy and absent of updates NAL was then we can talk about why it failed. It was even publicly stated by GL that it was nothing more than a grind-test to see how long progression would take. You have to realize that NAL existed at the same time lee-way was being introduced and they did not even bother to implement it into NAL. Do you think it is any coincidence that the Exams allow you to skip all the way to MC on OW? Even some of the most ardent PVP arena players I knew threw up in their mouth when they learned that they would have to play through 7th-6th rates again.
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