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  1. If we get an arena without the stipulation of OW grinding involved (f-u-c-k-t-h-a-t) I would be more than happy to create more illustrations and commentary. It is admin's fault that we do not have more of these to look at. What I will say it still does well is put's players in the type of mindset that you should be thinking in for figuring out what the best way of fighting is. It gives players an introduction to the type of intuition you need to develop to think of NA in a mathematical model means of thinking. A better more updated version of an "NA Combat Manual" to say could have been written by me just a week after it was originally published with better new-found ways of thinking. But alas, I decided to never update because of my insistence on the inclusion of hard-numbers that could not be provided with the CM being changed on a constant basis. If we got an arena again, just even a duel room, with a no-grinding stipulation I would write again. Everything that needs to be known about the way combat works in this game scales from the duel. A point that people mocked me about for saying all those years ago but a point that at least some people have come to accept as reality.
  2. I wouldn't unless you put a disclaimer that it was written in February of 2015 on it.
  3. e37ba416967862c041ce96e2822b1f5d.thumb.png.2468914d6a6c0a097a57adcac0dfcc92.png


    My win rate in for duels in ST was closer to 98% and likely about the same number for OW. In ST a duel counted as a null resulted but still carried into your total amount of battles lowering your win ratio. 

    1. Tenet


      Perhaps you misunderstood the logic of the comment: I didn't question your ability, I reinforced it by claiming you would never want to replace player skill with an RPG dice roll. I referenced your reputation to make a point: the reason the game is great is because systems are in place to test player skill. Navigation should be such a skill, and so the proper implementation is a Solar/Star reading, not an automated perk to know map location. 

      I loved reading your guide and trying to apply it in battles. Cheers! 

  4. Social: leaves battle open for 30 minutes regardless of BR
  5. You seriously underestimate how far people would be willing to sail in an instance if it meant even a remote possibility of pulling off the usual gank. Not the mention the tackling tags that would happen just to stop someones ship and immediately disengage in order to give their quarry the lowest possible invisibility timer and then dog-pile in afterwards with their always open instance.
  6. We can have both. The artificial scarcity is created by the higher powers to drive us into a state of perpetual war in order to satiate their lust of violence and destruction of our other man.
  7. Sign me up for any true lobby-based content and while we are at it bring back the other lobbies that were already formerly available to us.
  8. Their lack capacity to upkeep something as simple as it was in Sea-Trials with bare-bone features would be highly suspect at his point. Most who actually even knew NAL was a thing to begin with logged-in, saw that you started in a cutter, and logged out. Add in the gun-grind and blatant admission it was nothing but a grind-test to see how long it would take to grind and it is not surprising the retention rate was poor. If the WarGamming grind/payment economy is and was their ideal profit making model of course turning the game into a retarded grind fest may be the ideal model. Next time, inspiration should be taken from MOBAs such as LoL and Dota along with competitive games that fall in line with the general philosophy of them such as CS:GO instead of the standard vehicle grinder that NAL was designed to be. In the meantime, it is basically nonsense that there is no lobby-based alternative in the game where instant entertainment with no loss could be had. It would not be too far-fetched at this point to assume that such features were removed out of no other reason than spite. What non-malicious purpose did removing the duel-room or the other battle rooms have?
  9. No one is asking for scorched earth to be committed. The biggest point that has been raised now and then is that there is practically no reason why we cannot have both.
  10. wE USe STraTegIC orGANiZaTion PLaNNinG AnD lOGisTiCS It was the catch all mantra in 2015 and it still is now; may it never die.
  11. Attacker gave up the gauge. Disliked video.
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