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  1. I noticed something puzzling whilst looking at the stats for the superstructures of the various nations' BBs the other day; For some reason the Japanese & US BB superstructures provide a higher Long Range Accuracy bonus than that of Germany & Britains. I find this a bit strange as for example the FCS on Japanese ships definitely weren't as complex as those on German BBs, which in turn were atleast on par with that on the US Iowa class. Infact AFAIK the Japanese FCS was based on British designs. Thus if anything it seems it would make more sense that the highest tier German &a
  2. Sounds like some really great changes Regarding raking fire, the damage this does should primarily be to the crew and cannons, but it should also be devastating in this regard, i.e. captains should want to avoid exposing esp. their stern. The bow is the strongest part of the ship and thus should not be as vulnerable.
  3. Just my opinion Loved when I could just log on, pick the ship I wanted and sail in small or larges battles alike Good times
  4. Wanted to bring this topic back to life as I feel this is really missing from the game atm and its disappearance has sadly caused a lot of players to eventually stop playing, esp. people who don't have a lot of time to invest in roleplaying several hours a day to earn their way up to the bigger ships that they actually purchased this game to sail. Furthermore I believe that in addition to adding new players and luring back old ones, a reinstatement of an arena mode as we had in the Sea Trials will also serve as a very efficient training ground for new sailors - eventually making open world
  5. The British std. during the Napoleonic wars: Difference between the longest and the shortest 24-42 pdr gun = 0.4 to 1 ft. All defined as long guns and all featuring similar muzzle velocities. The std. length of a 18 to 42 pdr long gun made in accordance with the Bloomfield design was 9 ft 6 in, which was standardized within the Royal Navy. The French standardized the size of their naval iron long guns even further, usually having just one type of each caliber/poundage gun, and arrived at roughly the same std. lengths = 9.5 to 10 ft By comparison the famous Congreve guns were noti
  6. There certainly isn't, and that was never my intention to either prove & disprove either What I'm trying to get across here is that a full broadside was fired in about as ragged a manner as the random broadside mode we have ingame atm, partly because of human reaction time and the firing mechanisms in use, but first and foremost as each gun captain would hold his fire until the target lined up with his gun to ensure the highest chances of a hit - and every gun didn't feature the same relative elevation despite using the same size elevation Quion, due mainly to differences in location on t
  7. Sorry but I know my history here. The very firing systems in use back then (first linestock, later gun locks), plus the natural delay in reactions between officers and crew, made firing off all guns simultaneously without any delay completely impossible = Just the same as it was impossible for a regiment of line infantry to fire off all their muskets at exactly the same time during volley fire, there was always a noticable delay between the first and last gun to be fired for the same reasons stated above, and on a ship firing much bigger guns it would be even worse. Furthermore on most 18t
  8. I will very soon, I just returned home from a trip to Copenhagen where my dad underwent surgery - had to drive him over there, stay for the night and then drive him back today. Before that I was busy on a building project which had occupied me for about 2 weeks. So been a busy 2-3 weeks for me.
  9. Cited as a reference is the old book "A Treatise on Naval Gunnery", but it only touches on the subject of Short vs Long Guns, specifically citing the difference between a 24 pdr of 9 ft 6 inches in length VS one of 6 ft 6 inches in length, i.e. a short gun (even shorter than a Congreve gun) vs a standard navy Long gun. So there's no discrepency with what I've said in there really, eventhough one must remember this was a book written in the early 1800's. As for the other book "Frigates of Napoleonic Wars", I do not own it but I'm sure it's the same, i.e. a matter of short and long guns
  10. Aaah but you've misunderstood me, this was never about Long vs Short guns, it was about long (ingame medium) vs extra long Long guns, as I assume you will be bringing actual short guns to the game as well as pr. an earlier statement What I've been trying to get across is that the length of the longest and the shortest guns refered to as "Long guns" was usually less than half a foot - i.e. a minimal difference that had zero impact on the muzzle velocity. I am well aware that there existed extra short versions of certain gun designs, but these were not refered to as long guns but rat
  11. Full broadside? We are already firing full broadsides ^^ If you mean all guns firing at the exact same time then I have to disagree though, seeing as that was practically impossible to achieve in reality.
  12. Actually I'd like a seperate option enabling me to choose from where my ranging shots start irrespective of what fire mode I'm in. This is esp. useful if your ship only features two guns on the front castle which atm means you only get two ranging shots until the remaining shots start from much further back on the ship and messing up your aim. PS: Remember that if you've got problems with constantly hitting the "V" button (which is the default for changing fire more) by mistake during combat, simply use another key for that action. (I use a button on the side of my mouse)
  13. I'll be on tomorrow at around 19:00 hours, so if you're online there just give me a shout Either that or see if our other fine Admirals Niels Terkildsen, Lynx, Izatopia or Neutral are on, they can also enroll you
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