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  1. I noticed something puzzling whilst looking at the stats for the superstructures of the various nations' BBs the other day; For some reason the Japanese & US BB superstructures provide a higher Long Range Accuracy bonus than that of Germany & Britains. I find this a bit strange as for example the FCS on Japanese ships definitely weren't as complex as those on German BBs, which in turn were atleast on par with that on the US Iowa class. Infact AFAIK the Japanese FCS was based on British designs. Thus if anything it seems it would make more sense that the highest tier German &a
  2. IMO all BPs should drop from crafting, some more rarely than others, which in itself is enough to make some ships a rarer sight than others. The whole event thing is silly IMHO.
  3. Also make ALL blueprints drop during crafting (some rarer than others ofc), no more special event BPs - I think 90% of the playerbase agrees there.
  4. Make sure to make the proper hull thickness so the long guns don't stick out too much Excellent work btw guys, loving it!
  5. As long as you get rewarded this new PvP currency wether you win or lose a PvP engagement (more if you win naturally) then I think it's a brilliant idea that will make people come out of their shells and do more PvP - which honestly is 100 times more fun and rewarding than chewing up AI ships anyway, so you really you should welcome it with open arms. If in addition to this crafting is made easier again by removing the fine wood requirement, then people won't be so hesitant to risk their ships either as acquiring a new one then won't be such a boring time sink that people gruel having to
  6. Take a look at the barrel toward the muzzle, there's quite a difference, esp. in girth - not to mention the shape of the muzzle. Also notice the placement of the trunnion and position on the carriage, on the ingame model the trunnion is too far back on the barrel for the proper CoG required for a naval cannon - Infact because of how thick the ingame barrel is toward the muzzle I'd suspect it was front heavy and the barrel would have to be kept from depressing
  7. Here's the two pictures side by side for easy distinction in shape & size (I scaled the below photo so that the real gun is exactly the same height as the ingame one): The excessive thickness of the barrel, lack of taper toward the muzzle and odd muzzle shape are especially apparent.
  8. Talking mostly the thickness of the barrel and shape of the muzzle The guns ingame nearly don't taper toward the muzzle For some reason the trunnion isn't in the middle on the ingame model either :hmmm:
  9. They weren't, but the scale still seems to be off by quite a bit But the most apparent otherwise is the thickness and shape of the barrel, esp. the last 50% toward the muzzle.
  10. I'd suggest a new 3D model for the cannons ingame as the current ones just don't quite look right in either scale or shape. Esp. the thickness of the barrel & shape of the muzzle looks stretched, als as the last picture illustrates the scale seems to be off with the ingame guns being extremely large for their poundage? : Ingame 18 pdrs Real life 18 pdrs and some men for scale:
  11. Noticed the same today, hope it gets fixed soon
  12. If there's one thing this game really needs atm then it's differing sea states between instances, as sailing around in the same moderate sea everytime gets pretty annoying and dull in the end. I'd suggest at least 4 different sea states to be randomly generated for instances, such as: 1. Calm (No waves, just ripples) 2. Moderate (1.5 to 2 m waves) 3. Rough (2 to 4 m waves) 4. High (Storm, 6 to 9 m waves) Would add a lot to the immersion and fun of the game.
  13. Just came back to the game and I'm really loving a lot of the changes, however one thing annoys me abit and that is the change in time of day in an instance, it just doesn't look right with the stars wizzing across the sky etc.. wouldn't it be better that the weather & time of day in an instance be determined by what it was when you entered from the OW? That's a change I'd definitely like to see Other than that keep up the great work Game Labs, the game really has come a long way since I last played and the forthcoming changes sound splendid
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