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  1. Thanks, dude. She's a nice-looking ship. Is she an historical design, or she just a generic frigate? Either way, I'm impressed. It looks like we're going to have some really nice frigates in this game.
  2. So that frigate's in the game again? Can someone post a new screenshot of it from another angle (instead of just that stern picture)?
  3. Something I've learned from other forums: If the moderators are getting high and mighty, they're still going to believe their actions to be justified and/or they'll think themselves too high and mighty to listen to you, so you could just be playing with fire by bringing it up.
  4. A little two-decker frigate? That's something different.
  5. Also, Brigand, don't forget to add Bucentaure to your list.
  6. When did Essex get added to this list? I can't seem to recall seeing her there before.
  7. That would make sense, because if they were shooting at each others' hulls, I'd assume that there would've been more casualties. And the British crew must've been aiming enough to do some damage to the frigate, or else the frigate captain might not have had a reason to surrender (unless his ship ran aground or something...).
  8. "Majestic was able to catch up with and engage the stern-most of the French vessels. After an engagement lasting two and a half hours, the frigate struck. She turned out to be the Terpsichore, of 44 guns and 320 men, under the command of "capitaine de frigate Breton Francois de Sire". In the action, Terpsichore lost three men killed, six wounded, and two drowned as the prisoners were being transported to Majestic; British casualties were nil." How is it that two ships with that kind of firepower can blaze away at each other for two and a half hours and have so few casualties??
  9. No it isn't; 1719 is well within the time limit, as far as I know. edit: Quoting Brigand here: "1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred." So yeah, 1719 is fine.
  10. So, you created a thread (or at least a post within a thread) about a specific 1st Rate, but then the picture you included was not of said 1st Rate, but merely of just some random 1st Rate (as if all 1st Rates are the same)? And not only that, but you also made no effort to clarify that originally, and just let people assume that the picture was of the ship you were talking about? No offence, but that is really stupid.
  11. Very interesting. Thank you. Interesting armament, especially. She seems like a big ship (44 guns) for a traditionally-designed frigate (as opposed to the later flush-decked frigates or super-frigates), and she's very well-armed with those 24-pounders, but then the rest of her armament is made up of 6-pounder popguns. Huh.
  12. Yeah, my feelings exactly. And I'd be quite happy to see a Spanish 74 like this in-game, especially if she was such a good sailor, as you say.
  13. Yeah, thanks for clarifying that, Mirones. The thread I linked has a list of ships that are either in the game now or are known to be in development (like the Commerce de Marseille).
  14. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3750-list-of-ships-and-other-vessels-in-the-game/ I don't know of the devs making any mention of a Tonnant/Bucentaure-class ship, though, which is unfortunate, because I'd love to see one of them ingame.
  15. Why'd they take her mizzenmast off?
  16. 1.) I'm all for Xebecs. Just saying. 2.) The Swedish Hemmema/Turuma designs might be very nice as well, especially in shallow waters.
  17. https://youtu.be/hFtnf1sSpnw?t=12m44s You can watch until about 13:00. That covers what I wanted to point out, anyway.
  18. -A ship is particularly vulnerable when attacked from astern. Try to get into a firing position behind your enemy, and make sure that he isn't able to do the same to you. (Or something like that.)
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