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  1. Do like I did. Wait until it happens again (with a thread that doesn't have a poll), and then posts screenshots along with some explanation.
  2. It feels like I might've had this happen with threads that haven't had polls, too, but I can't be sure. Also: That's a pretty crappy software design, then, if you ask me.
  3. You've got the general idea of it as far as I know, yeah. It all depends on how much integration there is between the open world and the instances (so if you do chase someone up a bay in the open world, will the instance be in a bay as well? Of that, I'm not sure).
  4. No, that's not what's happening. A thread might not get posted in for days, and I will have made sure that I read the last post in it, but the forum will (sometimes repeatedly) keep telling me that there are new posts. Sometimes I'm the last person to post in a thread, and then it might tell me later that there are unread posts, but my post will still be the last one in the thread (so there really weren't any new posts).
  5. https://youtu.be/Gg9RC9sBaS0 - Le combat de la DanaƩ / The Battle of Quebec (chansons anciennes de Nouvelle France) Also, I wish I could find the soundtrack to the Hornblower TV series... Also, how the devil do you embed videos?
  6. I've noticed that this forum sometimes seems to have trouble remembering that I've read the last post in a thread. I'll be browsing the forum, come to a thread that I've been paying attention to, notice that the thread title is dark blue (meaning there are unread posts), click on that little dot on the left that takes you to the first unread post, read through all the unread posts, and go on my way. Later, I'll come back, see that the thread I was reading earlier is dark blue again, click on the dot, and I'll get taken to the last post in the thread, which I read earlier. To put it another way
  7. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3118-hms-sovereign-of-the-seas-1637/
  8. I know that the devs were asking for info and opinions on 2nd Rates in this thread, so does anyone know if they picked one to add to the game, and which one it might be?
  9. Okay, a single line on a Wikipedia page says Ambiteux carried 96 guns. Of course, that's Wikipedia, so it could be wrong. Also, here's Le Rivoli:
  10. Some other pictures: Le Ambiteux: I presume she's got about 80 guns or so. Does anyone have any specs for her? I haven't found any yet.
  11. Sounds fine to me. Hopefully by the time this game is available for sale again, I'll have a pretty powerful PC to play it on, as well.
  12. She's alright, imo. I think I've seen worse-looking 17th century ships posted here.
  13. That stern looks like it'd be beautiful right up until somebody fired a few cannonballs at it. Then the shipbuilders in the next port she went to would be trying to figure out how the hell to put it all back together again. :lol
  14. I'd like to see animated marines to go along with this, but if the devs think adding the mechanics in now is a good idea, and the marines will get added later, I'd say go for it.
  15. Uh, are you sure you didn't mean to post this in the Ultimate General: Gettysburg end of the forum?
  16. Hmm. She might do as a merchantman in game, I suppose.
  17. Might be a nice light merchantman in-game. Something smaller than an Indiaman, but still usable for trading. Not much good in a fight, though, so you'd better have a friend with a corvette or a frigate sailing with you in case you get jumped.
  18. @Maturin: While pointing out something before it can potentially become an issue is good, I don't think there's a lot of sense in panicking right now. I mean, if the Leander's introduction into the game would prove to be truly game-breaking, perhaps the devs will have the sense not to introduce it.
  19. Less cool, once you noticed how faked it is. I mean, sure, they'd probably risk damaging the ship if they actually tried to fire one of those cannons (nevermind a whole side of them), I get that. But smoke launchers clamped on the ends of the cannon barrels combined with more launchers out of sight in the dock framework (to make the smoke cloud thicker) seems a little cheesy, if you ask me. Plus, the smoke coming from the launchers in the dock framework is unrealistic and isn't simulating anything; it's just there to make things look cooler. Plus, they didn't even bother with the lowest gun de
  20. I like it. Normally I don't like flush-deckers, but there's something about this one that I find attractive...
  21. Yeah, but the British gave their ships inspiring names like Indefatigable, Renown, Victory, etc; the French gave their ships, well, various names that sound very French ( ); the Spanish used a bunch of religion-based names afaik; and most of what the Danish could come up with for a ship name was one of two names followed by a number? lol
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