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  1. Small detail, but.. Tattered flags... the flags remain pristine throughout the battle. Would like to see them become damaged with rips, holes, chunks missing etc as the ship takes fire, like the sails do. A tattered flag is the trademark of a hard fought battle on both land and sea!
  2. If the cannons fired in order from bow to stern for each hit of the spacebar, I could see your point. But accuracy and gunnery skills are really not that important when you are passing 30' from an enemy's hull. You're not going to use "fire as she bears" on a ship much farther away than that.
  3. I think it would be great to a have an option to fire cannons as they bear on a nearby passing ship instead of having to either fire single shots at a time from random cannons, or a full broadside (which can result in some shots missing their mark completely, especially when performing a rake).
  4. Depends on the battle, really. I often see on YouTube/Twitch ships spreads out in the battle area... there may be one pocket of ships engaged in heavy combat in one spot, and a few more elsewhere while some are on the fringes of the battle area. If I wasn't under immediate threat of attack and there were survivors afloat nearby I would definitely consider stopping to pick them up en-route to the enemy.
  5. Okay I don't actually have the game yet (just bought the key today) but I have been watching it extensively on Twitch and YouTube. I was thinking it would be a nice feature if, when a ship is in danger of sinking nearby friendlies could come along side and transfer crew off the sticken ship and add them to their own compliment. Or, when a ship does sink it could leave behind some lifeboats with X amount of crew in each one, that friendly ships could intercept and rescue. This way a friendly could replenish dead crew or add extra crew members for ship duties.
  6. They should send the Constitution over to the Arabian Sea as a surprise for the Somali pirates.. would love to see their faces lol
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