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  1. Will it be a permanet redeemable like the yatch? please Happy holidays
  2. Oh Wauw Lucky Dogs. Glad too see you fellows joined the fight too keep the Kings assets safe here in the Caribbean. Fair winds ye scurvy sea dogs o7.
  3. will there be released a map of reignal bonusses insted of me having to sail around build lynx in every port?
  4. I really hope they add more older ships, as they have so much details. I really like the strens with gold and wood carvings, and the paint scheme is also very cool. The late 18th century/ early 19th century ships look so streamlined witch of course some people like, but i much perfer the old style. That also why Ingermandland is my fav ship in game atm Just look at this shit, its ridiculous (Sophia Amalia form 1650)
  5. U must have very good looking old apartment buildings in your country then lol. But consider its form 1710 so is older than any ship in game, so id say it aint that shabby at all. Also it has that sweet sweet little front mast thingy, that just looks so damn awsome.
  6. Santi with white stern ? looks really good
  7. Closed gun ports when sailing in OW. It seems weird that u are alwys sailing with your gunports open, and being in a battle ready stances when u are just out fishing or trading. Or when its stormy weather and waves are pounding the side of your ships with massive amounts of water. A auction house to sell moduls and stuff so u dont have to sit and spam chat with "WTS Gold haamocks" all the time Having players that sit in ports ships tied up out front, first all to for imersion but also too see if there are any one hiding in the ports. It such a cheeky way to just hide if u are getting
  8. Officer Perks Ideas - Focused Canoneer Very simple 5% faster reload speed - Doctor aboard Replenishing some of the fallen crew doing battle - Marine Officer adding a few mariens and making them fire at close enermy ships, damagin sails and crew. - Made for trade Officer know how to stack and optimize cargo space adding more % to cargo hold Modul Ideas - Flintlock Cannons Replacing the old matchlock stick with Flintlock on cannons making them fire quicker and less misfires giving a more focused volley 10 % to cannon volley speed - Sharp Shooters Putting rife
  9. Will we see more crew on deck in the future, its somthing i think could really make battle alot more fill with life. A few officers on main deck, some sailer pulling ropes, and some muskets / mariens taking shots at ships crew when they are close. I know the devs said that there will be no boarding animations like total war-ish style, witch is fine. But sometimes the ships feel kinda lifeless with the same cannoneers doing the same anitmation over and over. If i remember correct some people thougt it might course FPS drop adding in more crew, but if there wher an option to turn crew off for pe
  10. Dannebroge - 1710 Second Rate 2,200 Ton Length of Gundeck 164' 0" Danish Alen (Feet) 164.0000000000000 Breadth 42' 6" Danish Alen (Feet) 42.5000000000000 Draught Forward 17' 3" Danish Alen (Feet) 17.2500000000000 Draught Aft 20' 6" Danish Alen (Feet) 20.5000000000000 Broadside Weight = 694 Lower Gun Deck 24 Danish 24-Pounder Middle Gun Deck 28 Danish 18-Pounder Upper Gun Deck 28 Danish 8-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle 14 Danish 6-Pounder Crew 680 Service History Date Event Source 1710/10/04 2nd Battle of Koge Bay 
  11. Dannebroge - Danish LineShip, 1710 I all ready made a very detailed post about this ship so i will juust link to that :=) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4185-dannebroge-danish-lineship-1710/?hl=dannebroge Plz add
  12. I all rady posted this ship, so i will just link to the post Dannebroge - Danish LineShip, 1710 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4185-dannebroge-danish-lineship-1710/?hl=dannebroge plz add
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