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  1. I really hope so, just seemed like they are working on aesthetics atm as i read ui was getting an update soon.
  2. Im having trouble believing that this little more crew really have such a big impact, as i said above if they tired too optimize this such a feature a bit? I mean all the characters does not even need too move a couple sails just standing or leaning up a wall. I just think it would make the game so much for immersive and also makes you remeber how big these ships really are.
  3. Witch is why you use level of details, if the crew on little distanced ships are just a couple of polygons not even moving it, medium too far distanced being a picture on a flat model, and very distanced ships dont have crew spawned in it would even make fps better.
  4. We are now entering 2017 so i think its about time to make a new thread considering the animations and crew on deck doing battles. So here is a rundown of crew the would make the battles more cenimatic and different in gameplay with new crew characters on deck. Marines Marines should stand on the sides of the ship either "firing at will" meaning firing at any ships the comes into musket range (50-100 meters) or "volley fire" you chosing when they fire given the enermy is in range. This would help bigger ship preventing smaller ships hiding under their cannons as thats the place where the would be most exposed too muskets fire, making them lose crew relatively fast. Futhere more the game would need more varients in the marine moduls, sharpshotters marines, boarding marines and maybe defence marines. Officers Officers is already in-game and they dont really need anything new they are great as is, but if you have an officer he should be standing on the officer deck looking around with a spyglass over the battle Swivel Guns Should proberly be moduls you could add too your ship, like Cannister Swivel Guns or Ball Swivel guns that works in the same way as marines firing on enermy ships with in range. Of course cannister swivel taken out more crew with lower range and ball swivel gun with longer range also focusing on crew but does less damges too crew but a more damage too ship insted. Sailors and scurvy dogs! Sailor and crew moduls are in game, but should not be connect too sailors on board, as all ships have crew. More crew on deck in masts doing animation please, it would make the game so much more immersive and great. The main reason for not adding in crew is it may couse fps drops for some, but if there is an option too have crew and not have crew in game settings that should not be a problem. I do realize that this maybe be time consuming for devs, but i really think it would make the game so much cooler as almost no game bothers too add crew like world of warships, PotBS or any other similar games i have seen. Correct me if i am wrong but i remeber reading devs where not gonna add boarding attack animations with is fine, but i do hope too see more crew in 2017 as crew is such a big part of these kinds of ships and era in time. Please consider adding more. Looking forwards too what 2017 can bring for this mighty fine game. Cheers.
  5. tbh i did not know about tow option till i made the post witch does make me quite happy its half what i wanted, so it will do.
  6. I never said too speed things up=? Just make an option for people who may dont wonna sit doing nothing ("work") for 2 hours, too then get too what is the most fun about the game, the battles. Its even a better option than the towing in game atm because you ship can get attack while you ar not there. So i dont get what you are on about... Did you even read the OP? like honestly dude.
  7. Wtf kind of comment is that? Its feedback too bring up a discussion about traveling and is what a forum is for.
  8. I most differently will. The thing is i have already been there 20 times so the trip is so tedious and boring. But ill try tow feature too a close port i have and take it form there, still i thing an option to afk sail would be great.
  9. You are right it is a sailing GAME not a simulation. And i did not as too speed things up, just that i dont have too sit doing shiete for 2 hours. And again how would this feature hurt your game in anyway, just because i dont wonna sail for 2 hours doesn't it mean you cant.
  10. That's exactly my point, if you are going too be afk when sailing why not make it a feature.
  11. But then i cant get new BPs or paint. So i ask again, it cant hurt the game so why not?
  12. But the sailling aint fun in the game, you are doing nothing but sitting there. and every 10 min or so turning ship ever so little. Maybe if you had too do somthing like crew management, turning sails and could watch crew run around it would be mor fun. but atm you just sit, there is not even the crew doing the same old ass cannon animation over and over. I do enjoy the combat thoug, and i believe you could take out the OW part of this game and it would still be as fun, but if you took out battle form OW it would be the most unplayable game i have seen. OW really aint fun, sea trails where so much better IMO. edit - And via the "let ai take over" system you would still be able too sail if you do enjoy it, but for people who maybe dont think its that fun it would be an option. It cant hurt the game in anyway so why not? I have done a trip similar so many times, and its just too boring the 29st time.
  13. i just think its stupid thats all. I would but i take forever too sail there, its so boring i can not be brotherd. Most the time when i sail i just point the ship in generald direction and leave me pc and go do something else. what kind of game is that.
  14. Lately i find myself stuck in the capital simply because sailing take so damn long and i always get stuck in the wind. I really want too play the new pvp events but getting form danish captital too events takes 1-2 hours. Many players builds outs posts and do the cheaty teleport thingy where you board a shit small boat and teleport your big man'o'war too a far away port witch seems stupid. A new system is needed, i purpose that you can for example open the map and chose a port you want to go too and press "let crew take command" and AI will take over and sail there, and your ships actually sails in OW and can get attacked by other players. I would love this as i makes me able to play PVP events and get too far out ports and PB without dedicating 3-4 hours too just travel. Please my darling Devs consider this as travling long distances becomes rather tedious and boring, and would make players able too enjoy what makes this such an awsome game, the marvelous combat and the crafting and trade. yes,yes, i know how can i say sailing is boring in a ship game. stupid right? none the less.
  15. Will it be a permanet redeemable like the yatch? please Happy holidays
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