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  1. Lovely! The game also needs more third and second rate ships, so i cant wait till it comes
  2. When musket and mariens shooting will come into game, will we see people get shoot and and maybe crew start to fall over board and swining around in water when ship sinks, because the way they just vanish is just, kinda lame :/
  3. The Seven Provinces was a liner of the Admiralty of the Maze with 80 pieces of artillery, the name of the ship was also written as the 7 Provinces. The vessel had a length of 163 feet, a width of 43 feet and a cavity of 16.5 feet (NB: Amsterdam 1 foot = 28.3 cm). The displacement was approximately 1600 tons and the ship carried more than 2,000 sqm sail. The crew had more than 420 heads. The ship was built in 1664-1665 in the old Admiralty shipyard on the Haringvliet in Rotterdam. The architect was Salomon Janszn Temple, a scion of a famous family of Rotterdam shipbuilders. Model (scale
  4. San Felipe The first proven three-decker of the Spanish navy was the „Nuestra Señora de la Concepción y de las Ánimas“. Construction of that ship began in 1682 by the shipbuilder D. Antonio De Amas at the Colindres (Cantabria) shipyard. The displacement of the ship might have been about 1500 tons. In 1687 José Antonio de Gaztañeta (1656 – 1728) visited the shipyard to catch up on the work at the new flagship. As admiral of the Spanish Armada Gaztañeta did influence the Spanish ship building markedly, till the 18th century. His book „Arte de Fabrica Reales” of 1691 [1] contains detailed dr
  5. Le Soleil Royal (1670) Displacement: 1,630 tonnes Length: 61 m (200 ft) Beam: 15.64 m (51.3 ft) Draught: 7.64 m (25.1 ft) Complement: 836 Armament: 104 guns:
  6. I would love to see this ship in the game! First of all becuase i think it so god damn cool, secondly its a 2 rate ship witch the game aint got yet. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4185-dannebroge-danish-lineship/
  7. Its a cool ship but it looks like a cross over between the santisima and the victory, i rather see some more varia differents in the ship
  8. More Crew, not just the cannon guys with the same animation, also i would like to control the boat form the stern http://i.imgur.com/ETMyxEK.jpg. and maybe customizetion of the flag so you can show what contry you are form Great job on this game, i love very second of it
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