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  1. Honestly, I think it'd be a great touch for immersion if I could be sailing along in the open world and suddenly hear someone yell "Deck there! Saaaaaiiiil ho!" as a ship is spotted on the horizon. Perhaps it could only work when the other ship was clearly visible, like in the open sea? That way, you'd still have to spot potential ambushes along coasts and such (for example, where an enemy ship is mostly hidden behind a spit of land) yourself; the computer wouldn't do that for you.
  2. In real life, that makes sense. In game, I imagine everything goes, so it probably won't be unheard of for 3-deckers to be found escorting merchants.
  3. I'm afraid I don't know about that one, but I can imagine. And I hadn't heard about the revolver thing, either, but that doesn't surprise me. It's like the WoT types who keep asking for the M1 Abrams. Not a single damn given about historical accuracy or balance, they just want the coolest or most OP thing they can hope to get their hands on. Quite frankly, I'm surprised it's revolvers and not Gatling guns or Maxim machineguns.
  4. Well, if you ever want to chat on there, I'm Arvenski on that forum as well. It's actually the forum where I'm most active, and I do most of my hanging out on there. And about the NW playerbase being bad: Most of the time I spend on the TW forum I spend in the Off-Topic areas, which doesn't interact with the "On-Topic" areas (the boards for the different games, mods, DLCs, etc.) much, but I do recall the release of NW bringing an influx of trolls and idiots to the forum (new people who came there solely for NW, rather than the regular M&B players). :lol
  5. Huh, I'll have to look into that one. Thanks. Btw, are you on the Taleworlds forum, Jeremiah?
  6. I've played M&B for years. The original M&B was one of the first games I owned, and then I played a lot of Warband after that. I don't have Napoleonic Wars, though, but I do play the L'Aigle singleplayer mod for Warband. One thing though, the NW DLC isn't developed by Taleworlds (the devs of M&B and Warband), but by a company called Flying Squirrel. While I can't speak from first-hand experience, I've heard quite a bit on the TW forum about the immaturity (to put it politely) of the Flying Squirrel devs. Rigging Warband multiplayer tournaments, banning from the forums people who disagree with them, etc. So, just... my advice is to just keep that in mind, especially if you're about to buy NW or are thinking of becoming active on Flying Squirrel's forums.
  7. She must've been blown to pieces, what with the fore half of the ship gone and that giant pile of timber rubble. Geez.
  8. About the Neptune galleon: Holy hell, an actual 3-decker. I didn't know there of those (original or replicas) around, except for HMS Victory. Judging by the number of ports, I'm guessing she's probably a 74- to 80-gun ship?
  9. No, no, no. For the hundredth time, I am not talking about teleportation. Quoting myself here: "I'm talking about seeing a ship on the world map and seeing an info-box above it which says that it is escorted, but doesn't give a clue to the number and identity of said escorts." Okay, got it so far? Alright, in Admin's system, even though the real escort player is off "wherever they want" as you put it (and you're right), hypothetically, he's also escorting that trader. He just isn't required to do anything until the trader is attacked, and then he teleports to join the instance. My argument is, since, hypothetically, he was escorting that trader the whole time, since I approached the trader and got close enough to identify him, and hypothetically his escorts are right nearby, I should be able to identify his escorts as well. Got it?
  10. Sigh. But, since the escort will be right with the trader when you attack it and join an instance, it must've been close enough to the trader on the open world that if you were close enough to the trader to be able to identify it, the escorts couldn't've been much farther away from you. Even if they were farther away, they were close enough to come to the trader's aid, so when you closed the distance to the trader in order to attack it (before attacking it and dragging it into an instance), you should've been able to spot and identify the escorts. In-post-edit: What Jeremiah said.
  11. Well, the open world is going to have: -Ships. -Wind. -Weather (was mentioned by Admin recently). -Navigation of some kind us bound to be ingame. -Pirates. Edit: Ninja'd. But if you can get close enough to the trade ship to tell that it is a trade ship, then you should be able to tell what the escorts are (or at least whether they're SoLs, frigates, unrated light ships/boats, etc) and how many of them there are.
  12. I'm not talking about ships who have been assigned to escort someone "teleporting" from a port to a battle. Not at all. I'm talking about seeing a ship on the world map and seeing an info-box above it which says that it is escorted, but doesn't give a clue to the number and identity of said escorts. I'm saying that if can see what the first ship is, you should be able to see what the escorts are, too. Yes, actually, he did. He said it varies greatly, and that no two ships made the journey in the same amount of time.
  13. That'd make for one hell of an earthquake, if you take my meaning... :lol
  14. And how would said escort arrive? With a Klingon cloaking device so that you wouldn't see them until they were right on top of you, a la Star Trek? No. In the hypothetical situation of chasing a merchant and running into his escort, you would (depending on changing weather conditions, etc.) see the escort at the same distance away from you as the merchant ship was when you first saw him. Now, you identified the merchant, so why shouldn't you be able to identify the escort? Anyway, that's all moot because with the system Admin's talking about, the escort are right there with the merchant the whole time: you just can't see/identify them until you attack the merchant and are in the instance with him and his escort. However, my argument remains the same: if you can see the main ship and identify him, then you should be able to see his escort and identify them, too. You can't have the basic principles of physical science (light reflecting off an object and traveling to our eyes allows us to see the object, and we can see things at long distance (like in open sea) when there aren't any obstacles to block the light between the object and our eyes) apply only when you want them to.
  15. Heh, that plan you posted (of the ship similar to Sirene) looks kinda graceful, actually. That model, though. Yuck.
  16. "But now you engaged the target, come close.. scouted the fleet, know the composition. maybe you even sacrificed your ship if they had fast escorts as well, but info is very valuable. If the cargo profit allows you to pay for first rates in escort; that means you can shout in the guild chat that a fat rich trader is hauling something important and you can set up a chase. Working as intended. " Because it's realistic to sacrifice your ship and a large amount of your crew (also, with permanent ship loss, who the hell would needlessly sacrifice their ship, anyway?) to gain intel on an enemy fleet, get captured (if you survive the first fight), get instantly released/ransomed, and travel all the way back to a friendly port in time to tell your friends that there's a juicy enemy fleet out there, right? Also, in that hypothetical situation, if you had to pay for ship repairs (or a whole new ship and everything that goes with it) and at least one escort, and then had your loot from the enemy fleet divided up between you and your escorts, the enemy fleet would have to be carrying one hell of a haul for you to make a decent profit off of that, no? And I'm not even taking possible repairs costs from the second battle into account. No offence, truly, but your idea for this has flaws, and so does that example you posted.
  17. And when everyone figures out that having an escort means that you're much less likely to be attacked, simply because people shy away when they see that you have escorts (and they can't tell how powerful said escorts are, so they don't dare attack)? Then what becomes of the "lot of other targets"? Heh, from what I've see, you've seemed very concerned about trolls, griefers, people who exploit game mechanics, etc. Well, I just pointed out one hell of a exploit that has a chance of becoming very popular to use ingame.
  18. So, you're quite happy to shoot combat in the game in the foot, so to speak? This whole idea really does boggle my mind. I cannot understand why you'd want something like this.
  19. "You can completely miss it due to a multitude of factors, weather, fog patches, sun, negligence of the watch etc. You will know it is escorted, you might know the approximate number. But you won't know exact ships types cannons and distances. " Sigh. You're still not answering my question. Why would anybody attack an escorted ship, especially in a frigate or smaller ship, if they have no clue of the strength of some of the opponents they'll be facing?
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